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Itachiyama Institute (Japanese: 井闥山 (いたちやま) 学院 (がくいん) Itachiyama Gakuin) is a private high school in Tokyo. The school has a lot of athletic clubs along with a foreign exchange program[1].


In the manga, the Itachiyama volleyball tracksuit uniform consists of a yellow and green tracksuit, with 'Itachiyama' written on the back. The volleyball uniform itself consists of yellow shorts and a jersey with a yellow-green gradient on the upper half, a black stripe in the middle, and white on the bottom. The shirts have 'Itachiyama' written on the back alongside their number in black. Their practicing clothing consists of a yellow shirt and green shorts.

In the anime, Kuroo tells Lev and Hinata about the top three aces with Sakusa shown to be one of the aces. He's shown wearing a lilac jacket with the school name written in the back of it in white letters. The color scheme is later corrected in the anime to match that of the manga.

Volleyball Club

Itachiyama is the champion school in Tokyo. The team boasts one of the country's top three aces, Kiyoomi Sakusa, and the best high school libero in the country, Motoya Komori, as well as the winner of the best setter award at the Junior Olympic Cup, one of Japan's middle school volleyball tournaments, Tsukasa Iizuna.

Itachiyama was the Interhigh champion and first seed at the Spring High National tournament.

The team is known for their powerful offense and defense.[1]

According to their game against Inarizaki, it appears to be incredibly difficult to take a set from Itachiyama.


Name Number Position Year Status
Tsukasa Iizuna #1 Captain / Setter 3rd Year Active
? #2 ? ? Active
? #4 ? ? Active
? ? ? ? Active
Kiyoomi Sakusa #10 Wing Spiker / Outside Hitter / Ace 2nd Year Active
Motoya Komori #13 Libero 2nd Year Active
? ? ? 1st Year Active

Interhigh National Tournament (2012)

During the Interhigh, Itachiyama defeated Inarizaki in the finals, securing the championship.[2]


Spring High-Tokyo Prefecture Representative Playoffs (2012)

After placing within the top four during the preliminaries, Itachiyama was allowed to move onto the representative playoffs held in mid-November.

For the representative playoffs, Itachiyama played at Sumida City Gymnasium along with Fukurōdani, Nekoma, and Nohebi. After winning against Nohebi and Fukurōdani, they became Tokyo Prefecture's First Representative for Spring High Nationals.



Spring High National Tournament (2013)

For Nationals, Itachiyama was the first seed and did not compete in the first round.

Third Round

  • Itachiyama Institute vs Tamamime High (2:0 / 25-18, 25-17)
  • Their third match was played on Court C.


  • Itachiyama Institute vs Inubushi Higashi High [Kyoto] (1:2 / 25-22, 20-25, 27-29)
  • Their Quarterfinal match was played on Court C.

Spring High National Tournament (2014)


Spring High National Tournament (2015)



  • Itachiyama Institute vs ??? (3:? / ??)


  • Although never explicitly confirmed, it’s likely that Itachiyama's animal representation is the weasel (鼬 itachi).
  • Itachiyama's mascot can briefly be seen in Let's Go to Tokyo!!.
  • Furudate picked Itachiyama's name due to the weasel being a natural enemy of cats and crows[1].
    • Interestingly enough, no matchup between Itachiyama and Karasuno or Nekoma was showcased in the series (Excluding the 2015 Matchup mentioned in Chapter 370).
  • Itachiyama's school banner is revealed to be "Effort" (Japanese: 努力 (どりょく) Doryoku) in Volume 45 Chapter 394.
    • This differs from the Land VS Air (OVA) where the banner said "Invincible" (Japanese: 常勝 (じょうしょう) Jōshō).