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Itaru Shiramine (Japanese: 白峰 (しらみね) (いたる) Shiramine Itaru) is a third-year student at Sarukawa Tech High. He is the boys' volleyball club's captain and setter.


Shiramine is a young man with a tall and muscular build. He appears to have dark hair that is shaved in a buzz cut and has thick eyebrows of the same color.


Not much is known about Shiramine's personality, but as the captain of his team, Shiramine seems like someone who is reliable and can put his teammates' spirits up easily enough.


Shiramine currently attends Sarukawa Tech High, located in Ishikawa Prefecture in the region of Chūbu.


Shiramine makes his debut appearance on the second day of the Spring Tournament when Sarukawa Tech plays against Nekoma High. Like his teammates, Shiramine was determined to make Kenma run about in order to exhaust him so that his plays would start becoming sloppy and the rest of the Nekoma team would struggle as a result.

As he continues to help his team carry out their plan, Shiramine eventually notices that Kenma has managed to manipulate things to Nekoma's advantage when he notices Shiga subconsciously following Kenma as he moved to one side of the court which would allow Kuroo and Fukunaga to attack with only a single blocker trying to stop them. He quickly orders Shiga to stay where he is but this in turn signaled to Kenma that they've caught onto his plan and made him set to Kai instead, gaining the point for Nekoma.

After this, Shiramine reveals to the team that Nekoma has possibly been making poor receives on purpose which is what allowed Kenma to be able to set to Nekoma's attackers as they would be faced with little resistance since he would lure the blockers to the opposite side of where he would set. Even realizing that Nekoma has probably had control of the game from the start, Shiramine and the others are encouraged by their coach to continue playing like normal and continueing to try to wear Kenma down.

Despite their best efforts, Sarukawa Tech would eventually lose the match and were removed from the tournament.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Not much of his abilities are shown, but he seems very proficient at receiving and digging. He is calm and collected and makes sure to keep the team is stable.  


Sarukawa Tech High

As he is the captain of his team, Sarukawa Tech seems to trust him and follow his decisions without much hesitation.


  • Shiramine was likely named after Shiramine, a district of Hakusan City located in the mountains of Ishikawa Prefecture. Like many other character name inspirations, it is known as an onsen location.