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Ittetsu Takeda (Japanese: 武田 (たけだ) 一鉄 (いってつ) Takeda Ittetsu) is the faculty advisor and head coach of the Karasuno High boys' volleyball club, though the practical coaching is performed by Keishin Ukai.


Takeda has messy black hair and brown eyes along with glasses. He's often seen wearing a green track jacket over a white shirt with a black tie. In the manga, his tie is switched out for a spotted one. He is around the same height as Hinata, making him look younger than he actually is.


Takeda is persistent, a trait that's helped him secure practice matches and a coach for the team. He has an optimistic attitude and is rather modest and clumsy. He is polite and respectful of others, as shown by his constant bowing to others to show gratitude and to ask for practice matches or things of that sort. Takeda is generally cheerful but can get very intimidating once he's angered.

Despite his modesty, Takeda has demonstrated on multiple occasions that he can be firm with his students and takes his job as a teacher and club advisor seriously. He also frequently delivers uplifting speeches and pep-talks while employing a wide range of analogies and imagery in order to inspire the team; however, he occasionally becomes self-conscious and worried that the concepts behind his speeches might be too confusing for the team to understand (a notion that Daichi quickly dismisses).

He originally has very little personal experience and knowledge toward volleyball, despite being assigned as the Volleyball Club's advisor. He is keenly aware of his limitations and strives to work hard however he can for the sake of the students on the team. His persistence eventually pays dividends when he successfully recruits Keishin Ukai as Karasuno's new coach and subsequently arranges a practice match with Karasuno's previous rival Nekoma High.


Takeda teaches contemporary Japanese literature at Karasuno High. He is the faculty advisor for the boys' volleyball club and subbed as a coach for the original Coach Ukai. Although he has little experience in volleyball, he is responsible for motivating the team and arranging practice matches with other schools.


Karasuno High Team Formation Arc

Takeda s1 e5.png

Takeda is initially introduced as the club's passionate advisor with little to no experience in volleyball[1]. He appears after the 3-on-3 first years' match and meets the “problematic first years”. He reveals that through constant begging and being turned down by other schools, he has managed to arrange a practice match between Karasuno and Aoba Johsai. However, he states that there is one condition Karasuno must follow in order to have the match and that is that Kageyama has to play as the setter throughout the entire match. Afterwards, he helps arrange the time and transportation for the match. During a meeting the next day, the team goes over the starting line-up for the practice match and Takeda is informed of most of the playing positions and their specific skill sets.

Aobajohsai Practice Match

During the match, Takeda experiences watching Hinata and Kageyama’s quick attack for the first time[2]. During the second set, Sugawara helps Takeda understand how rotations work after a team has scored a point as well as understanding how certain players being in certain areas can boost Karasuno's offense or defense. Once Oikawa arrived and was subbed into the game, Takeda became one of those who began to feel unnerved at seeing the Seijoh captain's serving capabilities.

After Karasuno wins the practice match, he explains to the members that he could see something incredible happening with this team. When the problematic first years joined, Daichi remarked that they could change the team and Takeda didn’t know what he meant until he saw them play. He now knows that the two of them together will cause a chemical reaction that will continuously strengthen the team. Though the team is motivated by his words, Takeda acknowledges that he isn’t enough for the team. As they leave Aoba Johsai, he resolves to find Karasuno a proper coach.

Asahi and Nishinoya’s Return

Second year Yū Nishinoya soon returns to the club after his suspension ends. When Nishinoya agreed to help Hinata and others learn proper receives, Daichi explains to Takeda that Nishinoya plays the libero position; thus explaining Nishinoya's nickname of 'Karasuno's Guardian'. The day after Nishinoya's return, Takeda has successfully secured a practice match for Karasuno against Nekoma High. He informs the team of this arrangement and that the match will take place after the Golden Week training camp. Later that same day, Takeda once more reaches out to Keishin Ukai, the grandson of Coach Ikkei Ukai, to be the volleyball coach since his name and better knowledge of the sport would bring more improvement, attention, and allow more opportunities for practice matches. Ukai initially outright rejects Takeda, stating that while his grandfather was a good coach, he isn’t the same; however, he later reveals that his reluctance mostly stems from a sense of nostalgia for his high school days on the volleyball team. Takeda accepts his reasons but still persuades him by using the upcoming practice match with Nekoma High as leverage. Ukai agrees to participate as a temporary coach[3].

Takeda looking at Keishin expecting for his reaction

With Ukai agreeing to take on being the coach on a temporary basis and attending that evening's practice, Takeda eagerly introduces Ukai to the team; appearing to not notice how some of the players seemed on edge at hearing Ukai's relation to Ikkei Ukai. As the match against the Neighborhood Association takes place, Takeda excitedly watches Ukai's reaction to seeing Hinata and Kageyama perform their super quick attack. Throughout the match, Takeda carefully writes down any notes that Ukai points out that the team can improve on and sees Shimada perform a jump float serve. Once the match ends, Takeda helps arrange things for the Golden Week training camp.

Nekoma Practice Match

Having managed to get a practice match with Nekoma High, Takeda is visibly excited about the match and hoping to revive their ties with Nekoma and Coach Nekomata. He's with Ukai when he reunites with Naoi and the two introduce themselves as 'The Eternal Bench Warming Club'. When Coach Nekomata joins them, Takeda thanks the elderly coach for the match and is lightly teased for the numerous phone calls he had made in trying to set up the match.

Keishin Takeda s1 e12.png

When Hinata and Kageyama perform their quick attack right away, Takeda and Ukai are shown with smug expressions from seeing how the Nekoma team is rendered speechless at seeing the attack. Because this was the first practice match that he had witnessed Nishinoya play in, Takeda was unfamiliar with how often the libero would rotate on and off the court but Sugawara helps him understand how Nishinoya's position would switch with the middle blockers.

At noticing how Kenma doesn't stand out very much, Ukai points out that this is because the Nekoma setter has a team that gives him ideal receives that allow him all the freedom to decide how to set to his attackers. After Hinata is switched out during the second set, Takeda begins to worry that the shorter middle blocker when he begins trying to change his attack but is clearly struggling to make it work. Soon, Kuroo moves into the front row and Karasuno begins to struggle even more because of this. Like others, Takeda is taken by surprise when Kuroo performs a delayed spike. Ukai explains to him how the attack works and that it actually lost popularity several years back. Takeda begins to be concerned about what Karasuno should do now that Kuroo has moved to the vanguard and their plays have more of an experienced feel to them. Ukai states that, since they have no other choice, they must continue to attack with their full strength.

Eventually, Karasuno lost the match and every re-match afterwards. As the team is getting ready to head back to Karasuno, Takeda is complimented by Nekomata for his persistence and how he should continue this trait as it will help the team move forward. After Ukai is taunted by Nekomata for Karasuno having lost every set and for looking so much like his grandfather, Takeda is surprised to hear Ukai declare that he will stay on the team for the chance to get his revenge. Joyful that Ukai will continue to coach the team, Takeda thanks him for this decision.

Interhigh Arc

As the team is in a brief meeting with Ukai about teams they will need to be wary of, Takeda arrives in the gym with the tournament bracket. During an evening practice, the teacher notices that Ukai appears tired and questions if helping with the team and his job may be too much for him. Ukai instead explains that he has started harvesting crops early in the morning as he does not want to rely on his families business at all times. Moved by Ukai's work ethic, Takeda promises to being him a bottle of sake to show his gratitude.


The night before the tournament, Takeda announces that Kiyoko had a surprise for them. He helps the team manager bring out and hang a team banner that she had found and cleaned up. Takeda finds this successful in boosting the players morale as many of them begin crying at the sight of the banner and Kiyoko's added encouragement.

Karasuno vs Tokonami

Takeda attempts to give an inspiring speech of how strong the players are but fears that he phrased his words to where the teens didn't understand what he meant. Karasuno was able to win the match without much trouble or needing guidance from Ukai and Takeda.

Karasuno vs Date Tech

As the match starts, Takeda is surprised to see Date Tech's blockers get into place to try to block Hinata. Ukai explains to Takeda that Date Tech is a team that relies on read blocking rather than commit blocking. Because of this, Date Tech will wait to see where the set goes before they try to block anyone. This will make it harder for Karasuno since Date's blockers will not be as easy to trick with decoy attempts as other schools were. Ukai further adds that Aone will most likely be the biggest issue for them due to his large height and broad body. This point is proven when Aone was later able to jump twice.

During the second set, Date's blocks start to become more troublesome but Takeda is confident that Karasuno's own wall will help shut out opposing attacks. However, Karasuno would eventually claim victory by winning the match in straight sets.

Karasuno vs Aoba Johsai

Ukai attempts to give his team a pep talk on the day before the match. In doing so, he compares their match against Date Tech to drinking beer, and Takeda suggests him to give an example that minors would understand. After their team meeting, Takeda promises Ukai to treat him to a drink after he manages to get his hands on Aoba Johsai’s previous game. The next day, Takeda watches Oikawa’s interactions with his teammates, and Takeda notices that Oikawa takes good care of his teammates. Not long after, Takeda tells his team that even if Oikawa wasn’t present at the time, they were still able to beat Aoba Johsai once, so they could do it again.

After Oikawa serves, Takeda expresses how impressive that was, but also thinks that such a serve shouldn’t have been directed to Nishinoya. However, Ukai explains that it must have been deliberate since Oikawa would probably want to break Karasuno’s spirit by pulling a serve that even Nishinoya couldn’t receive. Even though Kageyama is benched for Sugawara, Karasuno is still able to win points effectively. Noticing that Ukai next to him is worried that benching Kageyama would mentally mess with him, Takeda reassures him and says that even because although Kageyama can have his prideful streak, his drive to better himself is based on a foundation of great pride.

During the second set, the score is 2-3, and Takeda is delighted at the idea that Karasuno could have a chance to win this set. When Tsukishima is subbed in, Takeda notices the tension between his team and surprises Ukai with requesting a time-out.


Following Karasuno's defeat at the hands of Aoba Johsai during the Interhigh prelims, Takeda went out of his way to encourage a distraught Hinata and Kageyama, stating that defeat was like a trial to be overcome, and that remaining on their knees would be a sign of weakness; he smiles warmly at them after they both stand back up. He later met with the third years to discuss their futures and advised them to consider the choice of continuing their participation with the volleyball club carefully, such that they would not come to regret their decision in the coming years.

Tokyo Expedition Arc

Not long after the tournament, Takeda excitedly informs the team that they had been invited to join the summer training camp held held by the Fukurōdani Academy Group thanks to Coach Nekomata. By participating in the camp, the team will be able to face new challengers. Before they are able to get things completely sorted for the camp, Takeda has to inform the players that they must first pass all of their upcoming exams in order to join the camp. Naturally, there are several players who are struggling with classes and face the possibility of not making it to the camp as they would have to take supplementary lessons during the time of the camp. However, despite some minor problems that the players were able to overcome, they were all able to make it to the weekend camp at Nekoma High.

During several practice matches, Takeda would witness how the team functioned without Kageyama and Hinata. They would suffer numerous losses until the two duo was able to arrive late on the first day. Throughout the day, Takeda would be both impressed and intimidated by the power and skills of Nekoma, Shinzen, Ubugawa, and Fukurōdani. The next day, Karasuno would face off against Nekoma. Thanks to Nekoma's newest regular, Lev Haiba, Karasuno began to struggle even more against their fated rivals as the new middle blocker was able to stop Hinata's quick attack on his second try. At seeing how much the team is behind, Takeda points this out to them and at first is met with unpleasant expressions but explains that they should take this chance to learn from those who are stronger than them.

During the week long camp, Takeda watches as the team attempts their new attacks and carry out numerous penalties despite their best efforts. Eventually, Ukai would notice that Tsukishima was starting to not put in as much effort and commented that he might have to switch him as a regular starter. During Karasuno's final game against Fukurōdani, Takeda watches how the Karasuno players seem to become inspired by Bokuto; commenting how the ace gives off the aura of everyone wanting to applaud for even if he is an enemy. When Kageyama and Hinata perform their new quick attack, Takeda isn't able to see the difference right away and has Ukai explain to him the difference between the old and new version.

When Karasuno lost, Takeda confesses that he thought that they would be able to win so long as Bokuto was in his slump until Ukai explained that one's weakness can bring out the strength of others. Takeda praises the players for being able to make their attacks work and becoming stronger as individuals and as a team. As the team carries out their final penalty of the camp, Takeda and Ukai discuss the upcoming qualifier tournament. Ukai points out how several teams have third years that retired after the Interhigh and now the second years will be leading their teams which could cause a change of playing styles from what they are familiar with.

After the barbeque, Takeda approaches Coach Nekomata to once more thank him for offering Karasuno the chance to take part in the training camp.

Spring High Preliminary Arc

Karasuno vs Ohgiminami

Karasuno was able to win the match without needing much help from Ukai and Takeda.

Karasuno vs Kakugawa

Like many of the players, Takeda was overwhelmed at seeing Hyakuzawa towering over the majority of the people around him. However, Takeda would also see Hyakuzawa's inexperience as a player, especially when Karasuno figured out ways to counter. At one point when Hyakuzawa is in the back row, Takeda stated how he felt more at ease but Ukai would warn him not to let his guard down. At that very moment, Hinata was seen taking the full force of Hyakuzawa's spike and Takeda panicked from the sight of it[4]. When Hinata was able to score the last point for Karasuno to win the match, Takeda happily celebrates.

Karasuno vs Johzenji

Two months before the qualifiers begin, Karasuno attends practice in Tokyo. As a pep talk, Takeda tells the team to make the most of these opportunities. When observing Hinata and Kageyama fail their quick set, Takeda does not blame them. As the qualifiers come around, Takeda notices that the team, especially the third years, appear more agitated than usual. As the match against Johzenji begins, Takeda becomes awed at Terushima’s spike. As the rallies go on, Takeda admits that Johzenji’s members are certainly entertaining players to watch. Despite this, he still finds Kageyama and Hinata to be full of surprises as well.

When the first set ends, Takeda brings up Johzenji’s banner and admits he doesn’t find that it fits them right. He then suggests better examples for a motto that could fit Johzenji’s wild plays. However, Ukai explains that Johzenji’s team had been about austerity in the past but simply doesn’t anymore.

Karasuno vs Wakutani Minami

Takeda mostly observes the match during the first set and sees how Takeru Nakashima was a formidable opponent. When Daichi was rendered unconscious from accidentally colliding with Tanaka, Takeda quickly checked his condition before convincing him that he needed to seek medical attention in case he had a concussion. While Ukai was taking Daichi to the infirmary, Takeda overlooked the match in his absence. When Karasuno reached 23 points in the first set, he subbed in Yamaguchi as pinch server per Ukai's instructions before he had left. He is seen looking relieved after Karasuno's victory.

Karasuno vs Aoba Johsai

During the second set, Takeda notices that Kyotani has a preference for barging in attacks after he manages to score three times in a row. However, Oikawa fools him, along with the rest of Karasuno, by setting to Kindaichi. Sometime later, Aoba Johsai manages to catch up to all the points Karasuno gained thanks to Yamaguchi and Ukai is impressed at how they did that like it was nothing. When Aoba Johsai seems to win the third set, Daichi tries to keep his composure, but Takeda still notices that he’s under great pressure and mentally praises him for keeping his cool.

Karasuno vs Shiratorizawa

On the bus home after the Karasuno’s quarter-final match conclude, Ukai thanks Takeda for helping the team get back up from their past as a fallen powerhouse, having defeated both Aoba Johsai and Wakutani Minami that day. The next day, during the first few rally, Sugawara yells at his teammates to calm themselves. However, Takeda notices that he’s even more stressed than they were. Takeda also speculates that being yelled at to be calm by someone even less calm than they are must feel like being thrown a bucket of cold water at. As he tries to calm the team, later on, he starts to stress out himself when he sees that Ushijima serving.

During the start of the second set, Takeda asks Ukai about Shiratorizawa’s blocking, Ukai explains that there shouldn’t be any school better at blocking than Date Tech. However, his worries are explained when Tendō blocks Hinata’s quick without much difficulty. Remembering what Ukai had said about Shiratorizawa’s blocking being different from Date Tech’s, Takeda asks how it differs from Wakutani Minami’s or Aoba Johsai’s. When Takeda tells Ukai of his metaphor of one being thought of as a pinnacle but instead becomes another stepping stone for everyone else in the team, Ukai notices that his colleague has been studying. Karasuno is only one point away from winning the second set and Takeda makes the obvious exclamation to say that scoring two points in a row is extremely difficult. When Semi is subbed in, Takeda is surprised that Shiratorizawa has a pinch server as well.

Tokyo Nationals Arc

Preparations for Nationals

As the volleyball team is having their measurements taken for the Nationals tournament pamphlet, Takeda receives a phone call that Kageyama has been invited to the All-Japan Youth Camp. He announces this to Kageyama and the rest of the team but also tells the setter that participation is not mandatory since the camp would take place shortly before the tournament. After Kageyama gives his approval to attend the camp, Takeda also informs the team that Tsukishima was invited to a first year training camp at Shiratorizawa Academy. When Kageyama would eventually departed for the youth camp, Takeda wrote instructions on how the setter could find the Ajinomoto National Training Center but Kageyama would later show to still struggle with finding the training center.

When it's revealed that Hinata infiltrated the training camp at Shiratorizawa, Takeda proved to be the one Hinata would be most fearful at getting a scolding from due to the teacher's calm but fearful presence. It would be through a minor scolding over the phone that Takeda would hear from Washijō that he was fine with having Hinata stay at the camp so long as he carried out the role as a ball boy. Shortly after this, Takeda would question Ukai about his grandfather, Ikkei Ukai, possibly appearing at the school only to learn that Ikkei had recently been hospitalized for his health but was making a steady recovery.

Hinata and Takeda s4-e2-1.png

The next day, although he does reprimand Hinata for causing such a commotion and is understanding of Hinata's desire to get stronger, Takeda still tells him that he must learn to take things one step at a time in order to reach the goals he wants. Throughout the week that most of the first years are away from Karasuno, Takeda continued to help with practices and arranging games with other schools. Although Takeda had originally planned a practice match against Niiyama Tech, he learned that the players caught the flu and were unable to play. However, he was able to arrange a match against Date Tech instead[5].

Date Tech Practice Match

At seeing Asahi get blocked at his first spike, Takeda is overwhelmed at the sight of Date Tech's improved blocking. As he and Ukai discuss the difference between bunch shift and spread shift, Takeda questions if the spread shift would be more effective but comes to understand that the bunch shift would give talented blockers the time and position to put up multiple walls against opposing spikers.

Takeda later is surprised when he hears Kageyama shout at Nishinoya for 'being in the way'. He would relax a bit when Kageyama explained that Nishinoya unintentionally blocked the path of the back row attacker and Nishinoya accepted his mistake without further confrontation. He would be further surprised when Kageyama snapped at Asahi for not being able to score off his sets; stating that Kageyama has never spoken to a third year in this manner[6]. Takeda would be at ease once everything was explained and Hinata was one person who did not seem afraid to call Kageyama out on certain things.

When Ukai has Hinata begin to blend in with the others during attacks, Takeda sees that this will ultimately help Karasuno since Hinata is a player that can attack from anywhere at any time and may cause blockers take longer to try to figure out what attack and tempo he will use. For the rest of the match, Takeda mostly just observes. He and Ukai thank Oiwake for the game and then return to Karasuno.

Arriving in Tokyo

At Ukai’s comment on some team members being nervous, Takeda admits that he should’ve known better than trusting the team’s nerves since this is their first national tournament. The next day, Takeda once again remarks how he understands the team being nervous about getting so far but urges Ukai to be calm. When heading to the train station to get back to the hotel, Takeda tells the team to stay calm despite the casualties. After this, he offers some routes he researched to get back to the hotel as fast as possible.

Karasuno vs Tsubakihara

As the team is preparing for their first match of the tournament, Takeda has a minor flashback of when Ukai had mentioned that the players may possibly struggle with being in a new stadium since they were more familiar with the Sendai City Gymnasium and are not use to being in a larger stadium and all of the elements that come with it. After Karasuno lost the first two points of the first set and Kageyama missed giving a proper set to Hinata, Takeda started to see that it was most likely that Kageyama would be the most affected of being in a new area.

After Yamaguchi was able to help revive the team, Takeda appeared more relieved but was still concerned about the point gap between Tsubakihara and Karasuno. Once Kageyama is back on track, Takeda asks Ukai if it's wise to allow Tsubakihara to see Hinata and Kageyama's minus-tempo quick attack. Ukai answers that it's good to allow their opponent to see all of the weapons in their arsenal as it would give Karasuno several advantages. Takeda also begins to think that Kageyama and his amazing abilities are capturing the attention of the world. Like Daichi, Takeda noticed that Hinata was starting to read his opponents forms which had allowed him to be in place to make receives. When Karasuno won, Takeda would later congratulate the team for their success.

Karasuno vs Inarizaki

Knowing the team would be nervous about facing one of the teams said to be one of the favorites to win the Spring Tournament, Takeda reminds them that they had proved otherwise when no one had believed they would defeat Shiratorizawa and encourages them to surprise everyone again. Takeda is able to stay positive throughout most of the first set until the Miya twins are able to effortlessly copy Kageyama and Hinata's quick attack. Ukai sees his nerves at the twins having copied the attack and tries to help him relax by stating that the attack was a minus-tempo spike and that Hinata and Kageyama are able to perform their own quick at any time and point they wish which makes it the more deadly version.

Takeda later expresses relief and surprise when Hinata was able to block Osamu Miya with a commit block. In the second set, Takeda would witness Aran make numerous spiking attempts until he is eventually able to get past Kageyama to score. He questions if they should call a time-out but Ukai decides against it when he claims that the team is aware of what they could and couldn't do during the play. In the second set during one of the time-outs, Takeda would notice how Nishinoya has become uncharacteristically quiet. It wouldn't be until a later time-out that he would understand Nishinoya's sudden change in behavior was due to Nishinoya admitting his fear of Atsumu's serves. At the end the match, Takeda happily celebrates Karasuno's victory.

Karasuno vs Nekoma

Takeda is introduced as the head coach for the Karasuno team but would leave the practical coaching to Ukai since he himself did not have much experience in coaching[7]. He has an eager expression when the team is having their pre-game pep talk.

For majority of the first set, Takeda is briefly seen making excited or nervous facial expressions. In the second set, Hinata was able to use his new jump method taught to him by Kageyama to reach a higher spiking point. Although Hinata was able to score, the poor spike attempt left Takeda and many others in a state of surprise[8]. As the seat is coming to a close, Takeda notices that the Karasuno players are not showing any signs of nervousness like they had in the first set.

Karasuno vs Kamomedai

Not long before the match is about to start, Takeda asks Ukai about their opponents and he tells him that Kamomedai isn’t a famous powerhouse but that they have experienced tremendous growth recently due to some of their notable players, as well as their coach. Takeda says that even though Kamomedai has an impressive roster, Karasuno was still able to defeat the tournament favorite Inarizaki, which Ukai says that he’s aware of. Soon after, Takeda talks to the team about how Kamomedai, a team proficient at blocking, would have Karasuno considered as their nemesis, a team that has overcome numerous similar battles. During the game, Takeda has a happy look on his face and when Ukai asks him why he was looking too cheery, he explains that it’s because he was proud of Ukai’s growth as a coach and mentor, and Ukai responds with his shock since he’d never expect to get a compliment from a school teacher.

Into the third set, Hinata turns out to have a fever. Out of concern for his health, Kageyama and Takeda ask him to step out despite being angry at themselves for not noticing earlier. When Hinata still says that he can keep playing, Takeda strictly tells him that he needs to step out and Hinata calms down. Takeda then tells him to engrave this in his memory so that it never happens ever again. After their loss, Takeda shakes Murphy's hand[9]. This is followed by Sugawara tearfully apologizing to Kageyama, and Daichi turns to Takeda and thanks him for all the great advice and help he’s given them over the past year.

Final Arc

After the Spring Tournament, Takeda continued to be the advisor for the volleyball team. When Hinata had decided to train in beach volleyball, Takeda was one of those who helped him sort out everything he needed to train in Brazil. After Hinata returned to Japan and entered the V-League as the newest member of the MSBY Black Jackals, Takeda and Ukai attend his debut match along with the current members of the boys' volleyball team. Takeda has now become the team's head coach and Ukai is the assistant coach. Just as the team arrives to the gymnasium, Takeda begins crying at the sight of a poster with the image of Kageyama and other players on it[10].

As the game starts, Takeda watches in amazement as Hinata and Atsumu execute a new version of the super quick attack. Early in the second set, Takeda asks Ukai why Kageyama doesn’t perform a super quick attack with Hoshiumi, arguing that something like this kind of attack would be appealing to Kageyama. Ukai answers that they could if they wanted to but, unlike Hinata, Hoshiumi relies more on a longer amount of time in the air rather than speed. When Hinata bumps Ushijima's spike and Ukai points out how Hinata has improved his balance and control so well that he has never taken a knee when receiving, Takeda thinks back at the moment he told Hinata to take care of his health so that he never gets sick in such dire situations ever again[11].

Takeda makes his final appearance when he and Ukai go to Ikkei Ukai's home to watch the 2021 Olympic match between Japan and Argentina.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

He doesn't appear to have any athletic ability. He does, however, count his persistence in asking for favors as a skill and has an incredibly fast bowing speed. At the beginning of the series, Takeda was not very knowledgeable of volleyball and had to rely on the players and Ukai to explain things to him. Over time, he became more familiar with the sport.


Keishin Ukai

Ukai and Takeda s4-e9-1.png

Ukai initially expresses a mix of annoyance and admiration at Takeda's incessant pestering for him to become Karasuno's coach. He is eventually convinced when Takeda reveals an upcoming practice match against Karasuno's long-time rival Nekoma High. After the practice match, an incensed Ukai declares that he would remain as Karasuno's coach in order to settle to score with Nekoma in the future, which delights Takeda. Later, Ukai would express his gratitude to Takeda for giving him the opportunity of being with this team, showing how much their relationship has developed. They are often with each other and Takeda has learned much more about volleyball from Ukai.

After Karasuno's victory in their revenge match against Aoba Johsai, Ukai expresses his thanks to Takeda for working so hard to re-establish the old ties between Karasuno and Nekoma, which had ultimately enabled the team to grow and evolve. Flustered, Takeda responds by telling Ukai to save his thanks for after they beat Shiratorizawa in the tournament finals.

Karasuno High

It's unknown how long Takeda has worked with the volleyball team, but he has grown to be very close with the members. He acts as a source of motivation during matches and is responsible for the members when it comes to their roles in school, such as helping the third years with college decisions and reminding the members of upcoming exams. Takeda is respected by the members, but he is shown to be very intimidating when he's angry, scaring even Ukai.


  • "Umm... I'm still a novice where volleyball is concerned, but... somehow, even i could understand that something incredible was happening. At the beginning of the new school year... some amazing first years joined... but they were pretty difficult to handle... and yet, today, when Sawamura-kun put it like that, i didn't really understand, but i think i know what he meant. Nothing will happen if you remain seperate. When one person encounters another, it causes a chemical reaction. Somewhere, at this very moment, an encounter is happening that could change the world. Maybe it's somewhere in a distant country. Maybe it's on the other side of the planet. Perhaps it might even be in a normal volleyball club of a normal high school in the northern countryside on a small island country in the east. I think that such an encounter... has happened right here, at Karasuno. People would probably say i'm exaggerating or being foolish, but that will always be better than not believing in you. I don't have any sort of basis for it, but i'm positive from now on, you guys will continue to become even stronger than ever before." (To Karasuno, Volume 2 Chapter 15)
  • "Isn't losing difficult for all of you? A challenge where, ending up on your hands and knees, you must see if you can stand up again? If you stay on your hands and knees, that proves that you are weak." (To Hinata and Kageyama after Karasuno's Interhigh match against Aoba Johsai, Volume 8 Chapter 69)
  • "You guys being weak means you have room to grow. And there's no greater joy than that." (To Karasuno,Volume 10 Chapter 81)
  • "When 'colors' mix, they become muddy and messy. But when they all blend together, the final result is the color that wins against all others: black. Become a team of black, like the crows you represent." (To Karasuno, Volume 11 Chapter 96)
  • "Super plays and miraculous comebacks will save a team, yes... But reasoning and logic can do the exact same thing." (To Keishin Ukai, Volume 18 Chapter 157)
  • "To become someone great... you must first begin as someone humble and then proceed one step at a time in the proper order." (To Hinata, Volume 24 Chapter 211)
  • "Remember this feeling. There will surely be times in your life when you will feel this way again. There will come a time when there's nothing you can do. Whenever that happens, pay attention and etch it into your mind. You said you were going to win the gold medal someday. And not just one. And now, you know that there are walls that you can't overcome with reckless effort. When that time comes, what you need, is knowledge, logic, and thought. Hinata-kun, this moment, right now, is also volleyball. Think about how to win." (To Hinata, Volume 41 Chapter 365)
  • "Your body will surely grow, but in a sport where you compete across a tall net, in the volleyball world- where 190cm is considered small, you will surely always be little. You need to understand that you will get fewer chances than others. And you need to grasp those chances while making sure that you don't let any of them slip away from you. You... you of all people should always be in peak condition so that you can always be on the front line when you do get a chance." (To Hinata, Volume 41 Chapter 365)
  • "For the rest of your lives... You can do anything you set your minds to!" (To Karasuno, Volume 44 Chapter 386)


  • Favorite Food: Nikujaga
  • Current Concern: He's been told by his students that "Your glasses are totally uncool, sensei."
  • In regards to his low speed of 1 out of 5, there was an added note saying "However, the speed at which he can repeatedly bow his head is impossible to even quantify."
  • For unknown reasons, he knows the Tokyo metropolitan gymnasium inside out, including where the toilets are.[12]
  • His star sign is Capricorn.
  • Furudate gave him the name Ittetsu with the idiom 頑固一徹 (very tenacious) in mind.[13] Both 一鉄 and 一徹 are pronounced as 'ittetsu'.
  • In Haikyuu's first popularity poll, Takeda placed 27th with 571 votes.[14] In the second, he dropped to 36th with 664 votes.[15]
  • Although Volume 43 Chapter 379 reveals Takeda's age as 34 in November 2018, he should have been 35 years old since his original character profile lists him as 29 in 2012.
  • Nomenclature:
    • Ittetsu (一鉄) - One Iron
    • Takeda (武田) - Brave Rice Field