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The Japan Men's National Volleyball Team represents Japan in international volleyball competitions such as the Olympics.


The uniform consists of a red jersey with matching red shorts with black stripes on both sides of the shirt and shorts. The jersey has the player's number in white print along with the Japan national team logo.


2014 World League

Name Number Position Team
Wakatoshi Ushijima #22 Opposite Hitter Schweiden Adlers

2016 Olympics

Name Number Position Team
Tobio Kageyama #20 Setter Schweiden Adlers

2021 Olympics


Name Position
Fuki Hibarida Coach
Hajime Iwaizumi Athletic Trainer
Tetsurō Kuroo Japan Volleyball Association Sport Promoter


Name Number Position Date of Birth Team
Wakatoshi Ushijima #1 Opposite Hitter 08/13/1994 Orzeł Warszawa
Kōtarō Bokuto #4 Outside Hitter 09/20/1994 MSBY Black Jackal
Kōrai Hoshiumi #5 Outside Hitter 04/16/1995 Schweiden Adlers
Gao Hakuba #7 Middle Blocker 06/27/1995 Tachibana Red Falcons
Tobio Kageyama #9 Setter 12/22/1996 Ali Roma
Shōyō Hinata #10 Opposite Hitter 06/21/1996 Asas São Paulo
Atsumu Miya #11 Setter 10/05/1995 MSBY Black Jackal
Aran Ojiro #13 Outside Hitter 04/04/1994 Tachibana Red Falcons
Kiyoomi Sakusa #15 Outside Hitter 03/20/1996 MSBY Black Jackal
Morisuke Yaku #17 Libero 08/08/1994 Cheegle Ekaterinburg
Motoya Komori #19 Libero 07/30/1995 EJP Raijin
Yūdai Hyakuzawa #22 Middle Blocker 04/03/1996 Japan Railway Warriors

Other Current Members

Name Number Position Date of Birth Team
Rintarō Suna #? Middle Blocker 01/25/1996 EJP Raijin
Wakatsu Kiryū #? Outside Hitter 04/08/1994 Azuma Pharmacy Green Rockets
Toshirō Heiwajima #? Libero 02/01/1988 Schweiden Adlers
Aritsura Onigashira #? Setter 02/19/1987 Tachibana Red Falcons
Ao Nakisuna #? Setter 04/02/1999 Central Physical Education University
Wasei Tsuetate #? Outside Hitter 03/26/1985 DESEO Hornets
Tomomichi Chita #? Outside Hitter 12/05/1997 VC Kanagawa
Nagito Sarukui #? Outside Hitter 08/09/1997 EJP Raijin
Masahiko Kunohe #? Outside Hitter 01/13/2000 Genji University
Keigo Nishiura #? Outside Hitter 09/30/1992 Schweiden Adlers
Nao Suzuki #? Outside Hitter 07/07/2002 Sangu Tech High School
Terutsugu Inubousaki #? Opposite Hitter 02/24/1999 Schweiden Adlers
Tomohiro Nitta #? Middle Blocker 10/21/1992 VC Hiroshima
Sakuma Sokolov #? Middle Blocker 05/19/1990 Azuma Pharmacy Green Rockets
Noritsune Maruo #? Middle Blocker 09/30/2000 Hiromi University

2021 Olympics

  • Japan Men's National Volleyball Team vs Argentina Men's National Volleyball Team (?:?)


  • Both Sakuma Sokolov and Nagito Sarukui are possibly related to other known characters, Schweiden Adlers' Tatsuto Sokolov and Fukurōdani Academy's Yamato Sarukui.
  • The fictional national team seems to follow the real-life national team's tendency to assign newer members a higher jersey number, usually numbers over 20, while long-standing members can choose their numbers. This is evidenced by both Ushijima and Kageyama starting out with high jersey numbers, later using their high school era jersey numbers.
    • If true, this would suggest that Yūdai Hyakuzawa is one of the newest additions to the national team.