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"Just a Star" (Japanese: ただのスター Tada no Sutā) is the three hundred ninety-second chapter of the Haikyū!! series, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 23rd issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2020 series.


Having previously been an ace babied by his teammates, Bokuto has matured over the years to become a normal ace. He is no longer bogged down by his mood swings and seeks to spike any ball with full confidence and strength.


Upon Atsumu and Bokuto's first meeting as teammates, Atsumu sternly warned Bokuto that he won't tolerate Bokuto using his mood swings as an excuse for his subpar performance. In response, Bokuto assured Atsumu that he won't since he is just an ace.

Back to the match, Atsumu continues his serve streak. Hoshiumi receives it, and Kageyama tosses to Romero. Romero goes for a block out but Sakusa keeps the ball in play. Atsumu entrusts the ball to Bokuto, who aims through the narrow gap between the antenna and the blockers' hands for a sharp line shot. The referee quickly rules the spike being out-of-bounds after having brushed against the antenna. Despite the setback, Akaashi notices that Bokuto is in peak condition and is having a clear view of the court. In the next rally, Bokuto realizes the blockers have been particularly cautious of his line shot and switches to an inner cross to catch the Adlers off guard. The crowd cheers Bokuto on by chanting "Bokuto beam," and Bokuto continues to encourage the crowd to clap along to his serve.

During the 2013 Spring Interhigh, Fukurōdani made it to the final rounds but lost to Ichibayashi 2 - 3 after Bokuto failed to break through the opposing blockers. Konoha apologized for making a short pass, but Bokuto blamed himself for not capitalize on every ball and fulfilling his responsibility as the ace. The team recalled all the past troubles Bokuto have caused and thanked him for taking the team this far to nationals. Konoha tearfully told Bokuto that he will be cheering Bokuto on as a normal ace.

In the present, all the former Fukurōdani members are tuning in to the Schweiden Adlers vs. MSBY Black Jackals match. Just then, Hinata saves a stray ball, but his pass to Bokuto ends up short. Up against a triple block, Bokuto quickly adapts and did a 180 turn to hit the ball over the shoulders in an attempt to mess up the blockers' timing. With all of his former teammates watching, Bokuto is out to prove that he is just a normal but reliable ace.


Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • Fukurōdani Academy made it to Spring Interhigh finals and lost to Ichibayashi.
    • Ichibayashi is implied to have defeated Kamomedai High in the semi-finals.
  • Fukurōdani members' careers are revealed.
    • Haruki Komi is an actor.
    • Akinori Konoha is a Pharmaceutical company employee.
    • Yamato Sarukui is a civil servant.
    • Wataru Onaga plays in Division 2 of Japan's V league with the Tamaden Elephants and is teammates with Yūtarō Kindaichi.
    • Yukie Shirofuku is a nutritionist in Chiba.
    • Kaori Suzumeda is a sports promoter.



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