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Kōsuke Sakunami (Japanese: 作並 (さくなみ) 浩輔 (こうすけ) Sakunami Kōsuke) is a first year at Date Tech High. He plays as the libero on the boys volleyball team.

As of 2018, he works as a construction worker[1].


Sakunami is quite small in both size and build. He has large, brown eyes, straight black hair with a fringe parted in the middle, and small, thick eyebrows.

While he mostly appears the same after the timeskip, his hair is noticeably shorter.


Sakunami is sincere and hardworking, taking his job as a libero very seriously and helping his teammates however he can, such as making the best receives he can to help Koganegawa set better.



Interhigh Arc

Sakunami s1-e17-1.png

Not far into the match, Kageyama starts with a strong serve, which is something Irihata notices. Despite this, it goes straight to Sakunami, who is able to bump it easily. During the start of the second set, Sakunami praises Futakuchi for his good serve. Later on, Sakunami manages a good bump, which impresses Shimada.

Spring High Preliminary Arc

Karasuno vs Johzenji

Sakunami appears as a spectator at the Karasuno vs Johzenji match, along with Futakuchi, Aone, and Obara. He inform his teammates that he learned from a friend on the Johzenji basketball team that the volleyball club always spends more than half of each practice session playing 2-on-2 games. Additionally, this makes him understand how each player knows how to do every play but that they are each prepared to make an attack at any given moment. He also isn’t surprised when seeing two of Johzenji’s players arguing over a missed ball that one of them claimed. Sometime later, still in the first set, Sakunami, Obara, and Futakuchi become surprised to hear Aone speak when he defends Hinata after Futakuchi made a remark about him.

Aoba Johsai vs Date Tech

Sakunami Koganegawa s2 e19.png

Not far into the second set, Sakunami roughly bumps Iwaizumi’s spike and keeps the ball alive. When he is about to bump another ball, he remembers back to what Oiwake had told him about guiding Koganegawa with his receiving in order to put the ball up in a spot he could reach. As this happens, Sakunami does exactly what Oiwake had told him and Koganegawa successfully sets to Aone. During a timeout, Sakunami is seen leaping in joy along with Futakuchi. Near the end of the match, Aoba Johsai seems to be gaining a point, but Sakunami manages to receive it and earns a compliment from Mai Nametsu.

Tokyo Nationals Arc

Practice Match

Not far into the match, Koganegawa calls for Sakunami and the libero bumps it to Koganegawa, who then performs a setter dump. Sometime in the second set, Tanaka serves and Sakunami has trouble receiving it. Later, he is shown watching Karasuno's matches with the rest of his team in the school computer lab.

Karasuno vs Kamomedai

Date Tech watches as Karasuno’s match again Kamomedai and Sakunami tells Futakuchi about how Karasuno’s opponents are one of the top blocking teams in the nation. During the game, Hirugami is quick to demonstrate his great blocking skills, which is something that Sakunami is impressed by[2]. When Obara notices that Kamomedai’s blockers position themselves into a stack block, Sakunami confirms that Kamomedai is switching its entire blocking schemes based on Karasuno’s rotation. He also notes that Karasuno only has two attackers upfront and that there would a be hole in their defense, so if Kamomedai increased their defense on the occupied side, they would be able to shun any enemy attacks.

During the start of the second set, Sakunami questions the way how Kamomedai decides to position themselves and asks if it has to do with some tactic they have, suggesting that maybe it was a way to counter Karasuno’s serving or Hinata. When Futakuchi answers that he might think they have placed themselves like that to boost their offense. He then explains his thinking about their strategy and when Koganegawa still doesn’t understand, Sakunami summarizes that Kamomedai decided to have their best rotation when Karasuno was in their weakest position. Despite this, Karasuno switched things up as well. When Kamomedai switches their positioning once more, Sakunami tells Koganegawa that shading is a strategy used when the other team has a really good hitter on one side or the other, that hitter being Asahi in this case. Later on, Sakunami is impressed at Kamomedai’s amazing defense and at how they thought of every little detail to stop Karasuno.

Final Arc

In the final arc, Sakunami accompanies Koganegawa to the match between the MSBY Black Jackals and the Schweiden Adlers. He is revealed to currently be working as a construction worker[1]. During the game, he notices how Koganegawa sympathizes with the Adlers' blockers when Hinata and Atsumu used a back row attack. Sakunami later is amused at Koganegawa's late reaction to realizing Hinata had used his left hand to make a spike[3].


High School Statistics
Game Sense

While his abilities are not widely displayed, Sakunami is shown to be fairly talented as a libero and making good read's. He is also shown to be able to dig a serve from Kageyama and a spike from Iwaizumi.

Jumping Reach: 295 cm


Kanji Koganegawa

In a flashback during the Date Tech vs Aoba Johsai match, the coach told Sakunami that he would need to "steer" Koganegawa due to the latter's lack of technique. Sakunami is seen putting this into practice during the match, and it is also confirmed that they are in the same class, 1-A. The two also attended the 2018 Schweiden Adlers vs. MSBY Black Jackals match together.



  • His favorite food is Kaki-pi.
  • His current concern is that "I'd be happy if I could grow a little taller."
  • Koganegawa and Sakunami are in the same class
  • His star sign is Virgo.
  • Nomenclature
    • Kōsuke (浩輔) - Abundance of Help
    • Sakunami (作並) - To Line Up