Kaname Moniwa (Japanese: 茂庭 (もにわ) (かなめ) Moniwa Kaname) is a third year student from Date Tech High. He was the team captain and setter during the Interhigh, but retired afterwards. As of 2021, he is a welder in Miyagi[1].


Standing at 176.3 cm, Moniwa has a considerably small build for a volleyball player. He has short curly black hair (Dark brown in the manga), thick eyebrows and wide eyes with small black cat-like pupils.


Though he was the captain of Date Tech, he wasn't stern with his teammates, and often had to rely on help from other members to control the juniors (an example being when he required Futakuchi's assistance to stop Aone when the latter points at Karasuno's ace, or vice versa when Futakuchi and Kamasaki start arguing). He usually became embarrassed instead of angry at the juniors' behavior and is generally somewhat of a timid person. However, whenever his team is losing in a match, he would encourage them and boost their confidence.



Interhigh Arc

Moniwa played as the setter and captain in the match between Date Tech and Karasuno. Throughout the game, he is shown to try to keep a level head for himself and the rest of his team when it seemed like Karasuno was getting the upper-hand. After Date Tech lost, Moniwa and the rest of the third years retired from the team.

Spring High Preliminary Arc

When the third years come to watching Date Tech play, Moniwa is surprised when he sees Karasuno behind him also watching the match. Additionally, he notices that all of Karasuno’s third years decided to stay on the team. After this comment, he glances over to see how the new team is going but when seeing Date Tech losing a point, he gets embarrassed for them. However, Moniwa gloats when he tells Asahi and Daichi next to him about Koganegawa. However, when Date Tech’s coach ends up catching the ball, Moniwa tells Karasuno in a hurry that Koganegawa still needs a lot of practice but that he would be a ‘monster’ in no time, but the other third years just notice that he is just making Daichi want to apologize to him.

However, when Koganegawa manages to block Oikawa when they were in a difficult situation, Moniwa shows Daichi that ‘this’ is the new iron wall, Sasaya and Kamasaki both notice that the first time around action didn’t back him up, so he decided to say it again. Once all three of Koganegawa, Aone, and Futakuchi rotated in the front row, Moniwa is proud at how those three would probably make the prefecture’s tallest and most solid triple block. After their loss, Moniwa tells the team that with hard work, the current lineup could be the best Date Tech had in a long time. He would also agree to help the team more during practices.

Tokyo Nationals Arc

During Date Tech's practice match against Karasuno, Moniwa would sneak into the school gym (Karasuno in the anime) to observe his underclassmen play. He is initially proud to see how Futakuchi has settled into being the new team captain until he hears the second year speak of how Date should use their blocks and methods to crush the spirits of their opponents. After the match ends, Moniwa wishes the Karasuno third years good luck at Nationals.

Final Arc

During the coverage of events after Nationals, Moniwa can be seen with Sasaya and Kamasaki in the audience supporting Date Tech when they win the Interhigh finals and make it to Nationals[2]. As of 2021, Moniwa has become a welder in Miyagi and would attend the Olympic games after winning tickets.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Kaname has been shown to have good leadership skills to keep the team from falling. He is also able to block a spike from Asahi, although it was shown he had trouble doing this.

Jumping Reach: 305 cm



  • "Is their No. 10 [Hinata] the only one who can hit that? Heck, if they really can break that out whenever they want, that guy has to be a monster!" (About Hinata, Volume 5 Chapter 43)
  • "Don't let them get to you! It's not like we're getting steamrolled. Our attacks get through too. Yeah, their No. 10 [Hinata] is something else. But you've faced off different hitters before, and you've shut them all down! Even Karasuno's Ace! You've done it before, you can do it again!" (To Date Tech, Volume 5 Chapter 44)
  • "After all, Date Tech -- especially that big and burly No. 7 isn't all that surprised by Karasuno's 'surprise quick' anymore." (To Aone about Koganegawa, Volume 6 Chapter 45)
  • "It isn't over yet, Aone! We've got time! We can still pull this off!" (To Aone, Volume 6 Chapter 46)
  • "We already beat this spiker once! If we can't beat him again, we don't deserve to be called the iron wall!" (To Aone and Futakuchi, Volume 6 Chapter 46)
  • "You know you did really well against that stupidly fast quick of theirs. You should --" (To Aone, Volume 6 Chapter 47)
  • "You guys are good, really good. Date Tech is considered a powerhouse school, yeah, but we third years everybody always knew our class was a dud. None of us were that good. It's only because we had you guys around that we were able to keep our play at a level that wasn't an embarrassment to the 'iron wall' name. But next year when you guys are third years, you stick with the team all the way through the Spring Tournament! Rebuild the team with newer and better players, and even if you don't get through the September Prelims this year, then next year...! Next year you're going to beat Karasuno! And Bluecastle! And even Shiratorizawa! Next year the iron wall will beat back everyone and go to Nationals!! Got it?!" (To Aone and Futakuchi, Volume 6 Chapter 47)
  • "Maaan... I wanted to keep playing...! I don't wanna give up playing yet! I don't think I'm gonna get over this anytime soon. But next year, next year the iron wall will rise again, and this time, it won't crumble." (To Aone and Futakuchi, The Iron Wall Will Rise and Rise Again)
  • "Um!! He's improving! Really!! He only started playing setter a few months ago! He'll be a monster in due time. Honest! N-no, no! It's OK! Players make those kinds of mistakes all the time." (About Kanji Koganegawa,Volume 14 Chapter 126)
  • "C'mon, guys! You can't let them (Aoba Johsai) widen the gap any further! You have to cut them off at one!" (To Date Tech, Volume 14 Chapter 126)
  • "Our ace and one of our best blockers is Futakuchi. The core of the 'iron wall' himself, Aone. And our new 'third panel' in Koganegawa. There's no doubt that these three form the strongest , tallest triple block you will find in the entire prefecture!" (To himself about Date Tech, Volume 15 Chapter 127)
  • "Keep working, guys. Keep working hard, harder than you ever have. Because this team has the potential to become the strongest iron wall in our school's history." (To Date Tech, Volume 15 Chapter 128)


  • His favorite food is Gohandesuyo Nori Paste.
  • Current concern: The second years.
  • His star sign is Virgo.
  • He bears a close resemblance to Matsukawa of Aoba Johsai
  • In Haikyuu's first popularity poll, Moniwa placed 28th with 558 votes.[3] In the second, he dropped to 33rd with 901 votes.[4]
  • Nomenclature:
    • Kaname (要) - Need
    • Moniwa (茂庭) - Shigeru Garden


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