Kaori Suzumeda (Japanese: 雀田 (すずめだ) かおり Suzumeda Kaori) is a third year student at Fukurōdani Academy. She is one of the team's managers. After high school, she became a sports promoter in Tokyo.

Appearance Edit

Kaori is shown to have tan colored hair that's tied up into a ponytail, grey-blue eyes, and freckles located on her cheeks and nasal bridge. She is also shown to be a bit taller than Yukie.

For majority of the training camp arc, she is often seen wearing a dark blue t shirt and white track pants. But during the barbecue, she, along with Yukie, are seen wearing sky blue tops with light grey colored sweatpants.

It is also mentioned that she used to have shorter hair, prior to the events of the Nationals arc.

Personality Edit

Kaori is a very kind, positive girl, often seen smiling. In the Tokyo Expedition Arc she is often seen with all the girls from all the schools, laughing and talking.[1] 


Tokyo Expedition ArcEdit

Kaori is introduced as one of Fukurōdani's managers. She is seen along with Yukie Shirofuku telling Hinata and the others to hurry with their practice, as the cafeteria was closing soon.

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