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Kazuhito Narita (Japanese: 成田 (なりた) 一仁 (かずひと) Narita Kazuhito) is a second year student at Karasuno High. He plays on the boys volleyball club as a middle blocker.

As of 2018, he is working for a realty firm.


Like Tanaka, he has a shaved head except his hair appears much darker and doesn't have a widow's peak. He is tall and has a lean build. He has wide brown eyes and narrow eyebrows that match his hair color.

Some time after high school, Narita has let his hair grow out slightly and he now wears glasses.


Narita appears to be a calm, friendly person who doesn't get riled up too easily. He also appears to enjoy occasionally teasing Tanaka or his other teammates.


He joined the Karasuno boys' volleyball team in his first year of high school, but temporarily left with Ennoshita and Kinoshita shortly after Ikkei Ukai returned to the team as they were unable to keep up with the harsh training methods and felt the club was not fun anymore. However, they regretted their decisions and came back but by that time, Ikkei was hospitalized again. This past led them to call themselves the "The Ungrateful Second Years." 


Karasuno High Team Formation Arc

3-on-3 First Years Match

In the anime, Narita debuts in the 3-on-3 match as the referee[1]. In the manga, he doesn’t debut until the Aoba Johsai match.

Aoba Johsai Practice Match

Narita is seen in the background as Daichi explains the roster for the practice match[2]. Narita doesn’t play in this match, but cheers on his teammates on the sides.

Nekoma Practice Match

During the training camp, Hinata and Kageyama approach the second-years after hearing Ennoshita’s earlier comment about how he ran away[3]. Shamefully, Ennoshita, Narita, and Kinoshita reveal their past and how they quit the team for a while after the original Ukai returned during their first year and began to make the club focus more on winning and felt things were not as fun anymore. Narita admits that he believes the only reason Daichi let them back in was because they were short on members.

Narita doesn’t play during the match, but cheers for his teammates from the side.

Interhigh Arc

Narita mainly cheers on his teammates. Like his team, he is upset that they had lost to Aoba Johsai and were eliminated from the tournament. The day after their loss, Narita and the other second years discussed plans for the upcoming tournament to qualify for nationals.

Tokyo Expedition Arc

Group s2 e1 3.png

Narita, Kinoshita, and Ennoshita help Nishinoya and Tanaka study for the exams at Tanaka’s house[4]. It would be during one of these study sessions when the three second-years would meet Tanaka's sister, Saeko, and would be impressed by her involvement in a taiko drum group.

Along with the rest of the team, Narita takes part in the training camp with Nekoma High, Ubugawa High, Shinzen High, and Fukurōdani Academy. Before Hinata and Kageyama arrived to the camp, Narita was briefly seen playing with the team but was switched out after the two first-years finally arrived[5]. After Hinata and Kageyama argued over whether or not they should change their special quick attack, Ukai switches Narita in for Hinata for the remainder of the day[6].

Spring High Preliminary Arc

Karasuno vs Johzenji


After Kageyama was removed due to a nose bleed resulting from getting hit by a spike, Narita is switched in for Hinata[7]. Narita performs well because of his compatibility and longtime experience with Sugawara. When Narita is able to perform a quick set with Sugawara, Kinoshita and Ennoshita are seen being relieved that their teammate is able to keep his composure. Narita would continue to play for several rallies before eventually being subbed back out.

Karasuno vs Wakutani Minami

When Ennoshita is subbed in to replace Daichi, Narita is seen being slightly worried but that uneasiness is vanquished once he sees the newly appointed on-court captain acting like one. Narita is also shown in a flashback of the “Ungrateful Second Years” trying to come back to the club, Ennoshita is seen trying to help Narita and Kinoshita with their return. When Ennoshita makes an impressive dig during the third set, Kinoshita and Narita both cheer loudly for their friend. Despite Karasuno’s victory, Kinoshita and Narita notice Ennoshita was upset but were unsure why.

Karasuno vs Shiratorizawa

Group s3-e8-2.png

Narita is switched in after Tsukishima's hand is injured when trying to block Ushijima. During the time he is in the game, Narita is wrought with nerves and he and Kageyama have trouble syncing together at first. When Tsukishima returns and is sent back into the game, Narita shows visible relief at coming off the court but is still praised by Ukai and Takeda for how well he was able to play like he normally does considering they were facing the champion team of the prefecture. In the end, Karasuno wins and proceeds to Nationals and Narita celebrates the victory with his team[8].

Tokyo Nationals Arc

During the time before the Spring Tournament, Narita continues to join the team in improving their individual and group abilities. As Hinata would be away from crashing the First Year Training Camp at Shiratorizawa Academy, Narita would get to play in any practice matches Karasuno had with other teams. During the practice match against Date Tech, Narita witnesses how Kageyama was affected from being at the National Youth Camp until it eventually lead him to an angry outburst. However, he also noticed how it was helping him overcome his troubled history from middle school.

When the team eventually departs for the Spring Tournament, Narita attempted to help the first-years with all of their belongings as it would help him keep his nerves under control.

Karasuno vs Tsubakihara

Karasuno s4-e11-4.png

Narita mostly supports the team during the match and joins in a cheer for Kinoshita when he is sent in as a pinch server. After Karasuno wins the match, Narita and Kinoshita watch as Tanaka talks with Kanoka in front of their inn. Though the two pretend not to notice, Ennoshita blows their cover and sends the two into a fit.

Karasuno vs Inarizaki

Karasuno s4-e25-1.png

Narita mostly cheers for the team during the match and is supportive of Kinoshita when he went in as a pinch server multiple times. He later is seen laughing along with Ennoshita and Kinoshita when Tanaka is finally able to perform a cross shot and win the first set for Karasuno. In the third set, Narita and the team share looks of surprise when Hinata is able to receive Aran's spike, and thus, making one of his first perfect receives. When Karasuno wins the match, Narita joins the team on the court to celebrate their victory.

Karasuno vs Nekoma

Narita supports his team during the long awaited match between Karasuno and Nekoma High. Like the team, Narita is surprised to see Nekoma utilize a first tempo synchronized attack[9]. When Karasuno loses the first set because of a communication error, Narita is seen with a shocked expression.

Karasuno vs Kamomedai

Once Hoshiumi spikes back over to Karasuno’s backcourt directly after being part of the block that deflected Tsukishima's spike, Narita comments that usually, situations like this happen to Karasuno. Into the third set, Hinata is discovered to be sick and tearfully apologizes for not being able to take care of his health properly. Narita would be sent into the game in his place when it was decided that Hinata should get medical aid. Nishinoya tries to be cheerful and tries to assure Narita that they’ll win the game[10]. Narita doesn’t guarantee that everything is just going to be fine but says that at least he’s less nervous than when they played against Shiratorizawa. On the court, Kageyama sets to Narita, but the blockers are easily able to block it, which Narita apologizes for. Eventually, Kamomedai was able to win the match and Karasuno was removed from the tournament. Narita would later be seen with the team when the third-years retired from the team and graduated.

Final Arc

With Kinoshita, Narita goes to watch the game between the Schweiden Adlers and the MSBY Black Jackals. Some time after high school, he began working for a realty firm.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Narita is decently skilled at spikes and is especially compatible with Sugawara, whom he's been playing with for a while. However, he has trouble adapting to new setters and different attacks, showing that his skill-set is limited.

As of mid-November:

  • Fingertip Height: 237 cm
  • Jumping Reach: 322 cm (spike) / 305 cm (block)


Chikara Ennoshita and Hisashi Kinoshita


He is good friends with the two and is often with them, even outside of team practice. They call themselves the "Ungrateful Second Years" because of their past with leaving the team.

Karasuno High

Narita often gives moral support to his underclassmen. He has a good friendship with Tanaka and Nishinoya, whom he helped study for the final exams, though he doesn't hold the same power over them as Ennoshita does. Additionally, he is often seen cheering for his team, and especially for his benchmates, Yamaguchi and Kinoshita, with Ennoshita when they get subbed in as pinch servers. However, when Narita in turn subs for either Tsukishima or Hinata, his teammates try to better his confidence.



  • Favorite Food: Tamagoyaki (sushi omelet).
  • Narita wears white gym shoes with grey accents.
  • In the anime, his jersey number is switched from 8 to 7 during the Interhigh Preliminaries matches against Date Tech and against Aoba Johsai. In the second season, his jersey number is switched back to 8. It is not known whether or not this was an animation error or done on purpose.
  • On Haikyuu's official website he is not listed in the character files, but he is an official member of Karasuno's team and has gone to every tournament.
  • His star sign is Leo.
  • Narita is the oldest second-year on the team.
  • When asked about Narita's name, Furudate said, “I named him this way because it sounds oldest-son-ish and because I personally like the character 仁 (virtue).”[11]
  • Nomenclature:
    • Narita (成田): From 成 (nari) meaning "become", and 田 (ta) meaning "rice paddy".
    • Kazuhito (一仁): From 一 (kazu) meaning "one", and 仁 (hito) meaning "benevolence."