Kazuma Bobata (Japanese: 母畑 (ぼばた) 和馬 (かずま) Bobata Kazuma) is a second year student in Johzenji High. He is one of the volleyball team's middle blockers.


He has long, messy brown hair, thin eyebrows, and small pupils. He is tall and has a lean build.


Bobata is a lot calmer than Terushima, but he's just as carefree and outgoing as the rest of the team. Though he doesn't voice his opinion as often as the captain, he's generally shown with a smirk on his face. Like his teammates, he has a reckless playing style and is confident about winning, but after losing to Karasuno, he seems to have humbled a lot.


Bobata is currently a second year in high school. He is on the boys' volleyball team at Johzenji High and plays as a middle blocker.


Spring High Preliminary ArcEdit

He first appears with his team as they discover their next opponent, Karasuno[1]. Like his teammates, Bobata appears to be confident that they'll defeat Karasuno.

Later on, Bobata and Terushima approach Kiyoko at the end of the tournament[2]. Despite her protests, Terushima continuously asks for her number while Bobata stands next to him. They're soon intercepted by Hinata, whom Bobata watches curiously. Johzenji encounters the whole of Karasuno as they're leaving with Bobata eyeing Asahi, who watches apprehensively.

He is a starting player in the match against Karasuno[3]. Johzenji plays rambunctiously, even as Bobata misses his serve. Their carefree style leads to Karasuno winning initially until Misaki stepped in and scolded the members. After this, Johzenji starts playing smarter and with more determination[4]. However, Johzenji makes the mistake of trying a synchronized attack at the last minute, which goes out and allows Karasuno to win the match.

Statistics Edit

Original Statistics
Game Sense

He is a decent scorer, but a very poor server, often hitting standing overhand serves into the net. Like the rest of his teammates, he has a very reckless, confident playing style.

Jumping Reach: 325 cm


Yūji Terushima and Takeharu FutamataEdit

The three are usually seen conversing and hanging out with one another, as shown in the Johzenji versus Karasuno match and Terushima's flashbacks. They are most likely close friends out of school.

Johzenji HighEdit

Bobata gets along well with the rest of the team and takes a liking towards their manager as well.


  • Nomenclature
    • Kazuma (和馬) - Tender Animal (Horse)
    • Bobata (母畑) - Mother's Field



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