Kazuyo Kageyama (Japanese: 影山 (かげやま) 一与 (かずよ) Kageyama Kazuyo) was the grandfather of Tobio Kageyama and Miwa Kageyama. Before he passed away he was the coach of the 9-player volleyball ladies' municipal team "Kitagawa ☆ Birds".


Kazuyo has presumably white hair that is slicked back, with small dark eyebrows; likely an indication of his original hair colour. He has a beard and goatee that is the same colour as his hair. 


Kazuyo seemed to be a very cheerful and kind person. He often encouraged his grandchildren and was seen practicing volleyball with them regularly. 

He had a passion for volleyball and passed that on to his grandchildren Miwa and Tobio as well. 


Kazuyo is Tobio's grandfather. Kazuyo taught Tobio volleyball from a young age, before the events of the manga. He was the person to cultivate both Tobio's talent and his love for the sport. Along with Tobio's older sister, Miwa, the three would often play volleyball together and exercise. Tobio appeared to be very close with his grandfather, and when Kazuyo unfortunately passed away while Tobio was in junior high, Tobio seemed deeply affected by his death.


  • "O-other people don't get to tell you what you think is dumb or not! No one understands what is and is not important to you better than you do!" (To Miwa Kageyama, Volume 44 Chapter 387)
  • "Y'know Tobio... If you get really, reeeally good, you'll get to play lots more games. The best players get to play lots and lots of volleyball. If you get really good... I promise you... somebody who's even better will come along and find you." (To Tobio Kageyama, Volume 44 Chapter 387)



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