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Kazuyoshi Bessho (Japanese: 別所 (べっしょ) 千源 (かずよし) Bessho Kazuyoshi) is a first-year middle blocker of Kamomedai High.

As of 2021, he is a middle blocker for the Penect Jaguars, a Division 2 team in the V.League.


Bessho has narrow eyes slanting upwards, drooping eyelids, and thin eyebrows. Together, his features give him a perpetual bored and indifferent appearance. His hair is dark with choppy bangs parted to his right. He is also 186.7 cm (6' 1.5") giving him a good height for volleyball and making him slightly tall for a high school student.


According to Gao Hakuba, Bessho is someone who always keeps a cool head[1]. He is mostly seen with a neutral look with very little changes to his expressions. Despite his outward appearance, Bessho appears to be rather expressive in his thoughts. He is seen internally troubled when matched up against Hinata all the while not betraying any worry on his face.


Bessho currently attends Kamomedai High, located in Nagano Prefecture in the Chūbu region.


Tokyo Nationals Arc

When Kageyama is about to set, Bessho is seen standing next Nozawa and Hakuba, preparing to block Hinata. Bessho panics in his head since he doesn’t want to go against Hinata’s spike when he just rotated back into the court but knew it was going to happen. When Hinata approaches Kageyama, Bessho tells himself to calm down and that Hinata jumping randomly at the first guy he sees is what they want him to do. However, when he jumps up to block, Hinata’s spike goes over him and earns Karasuno a point.

After that, Hakuba complains but Bessho tells him that it’s only the early portion of the match so it would be fine. Bessho then relieves himself and is glad that he isn't matched against Hinata that much.

Hakuba bumps the ball and Bessho jumps to spike it, defeating Tsukishima’s block. He is also part of the stack block with Hoshiumi and Suwa that deflects Asahi's and targets him. However, that stack block leaves a big hole on the other side of the net, which Koganegawa points out, but all three blockers are able to make it to the other side before Tsukishima can score. Bessho can be seen looking at Karasuno with a smug look on his face[2]. After his serve, Kamomedai decides to target Tanaka. During his second serve, he makes it hard to dig, and he is seen really appreciating the fact that it was good.

Much later on in the match, Daichi scores and Bessho could have done something and he didn’t, which he angers himself internally for that. The coach tells him that it’s okay but Bessho’s external attitude stays the same nevertheless. When it’s Bessho’s turn to serve again, he aims it at Asahi, which quickly takes him out of the picture, and once more Bessho praises himself internally[3]. When Hinata defeats Hirugami's block with a minus tempo, Bessho looks at him with a frown and tries to tell himself that he imagined that. Against Tsukishima, he, Suwa, and Nozawa attempt a bunch block when having read him before doing so. Tsukishima tries to defeat the block by cross shooting it, but it goes out of the court.

Later on, Bessho knows that he was going to go up against Hinata one more time since Kageyama was starting to set, but in actuality, Hinata was playing the role of a decoy, and Bessho and Hakuba had been tricked. During the next round, Kageyama attempts to do a dump but fails to do so since Bessho, Hakuba, and Nozawa are all blocking him. When facing Tsukishima once more Bessho fails to block him and Hoshiumi has to dig the ball instead.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Nothing stands out about Bessho's skills, but he does seem to be above average at spiking and blocking. He managed to become a starting middle blocker at Kamomedai, a school known for blocking, as a first-year, so it is safe to assume he is extremely skilled. Like his teammates, he is very capable of read blocking to form a bunch read block. However, he does back out from a battle when he goes up against Hinata because he knows he won't win. He can also perform a jump floater serve which he probably learned by Hirugami.     

Post-Timeskip Skills Parameter
Serve Reception


Gao Hakuba

Bessho and Hakuba seem to be getting along well. Even though Hakuba is Bessho’s senior, they treat each other as equals and Bessho even tried to make Hakuba feel better about Kamomedai losing a point to Karasuno. Additionally, in Chapter 402’s color spread, Bessho and Hirugami were seen hiding behind Hakuba with smirks on their faces next to Hyakuzawa when ‘confronting’ Aone and Futakuchi, implying that they often like to hide behind their teammate since he’s very confident about his height. They are often seen blocking together.


  • "Oh maaan, I so don't like that No.10... I'm a rookie. I just rotated back onto the court. They are sooo going to come straight at me with his stupid-fast quick set. I just know it. See?! Toldja! Hold on. Waaait. No panicking yet, Kazuyoshi. Jumping randomly at the first guy I see is what they want me to do." (To himself, Volume 39 Chapter 341)


  • Favorite Food: Deep-fried Horse Mackerel
  • Current Concern: Sometimes he almost does the coach's imitation in his mind out loud.
  • Bessho is the second youngest first-year in the series.
  • Nomenclature
    • Kazuyoshi (千源)
      • 千 - Thousand
      • 源 - Source
    • Bessho (別所)
      • 別 - Different/Another/Separate
      • 所 - Place