Kazuyoshi Bessho (Japanese: 別所 (べっしょ) 干源 (かずよし) Bessho Kazuyoshi) is a first year Middle Blocker of Kamomedai High.

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Bessho has narrow eyes slanting upwards, drooping eyelids, and thin eyebrows. Together, his features give him a perpetual bored and indifferent appearance. His hair is dark with choppy bangs parted to his right. He is also 186.7 cm (6' 1.5") giving him a good height for volleyball and making him slightly tall for a high school student.

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According to Gao Hakuba, Bessho is someone who always keeps a cool head[1]. He is mostly seen with a neutral look with very little changes to his expressions. Despite his outward appearance, Bessho appears to be rather expressive in his thoughts. He is seen internally troubled when matched up against Hinata all the while not betraying any worry on his face.

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Game Sense

Nothing stands out about Bessho's skills, but he does seem to be above average at spiking and blocking. He managed to become a starting middle blocker at Kamomedai, a school known for blocking, as a first year, so it is safe to assume he is extremely skilled. Like his teammates, he is very capable of read blocking to form a bunch read block. However, he does back out from a battle when he goes up against Hinata because he knows he won't win. He can also perform a jump floater serve which he probably learned by Hirugami.     

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  • Favorite Food: Deep-fried Horse Mackerel
  • Current Concern: Sometimes he almost does the coach's imitation in his mind out loud.
  • Nomenclature
    • Kazuyoshi (干源) - Dry Source
    • Bessho (別所) - A Different Place

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