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"Keep Fighting, My Legs" (Japanese: 頑張 (がんば) (おれ) 太腿 (ふともも) Ganbare Ore no Futomomo) is the one hundred eighty-fifth chapter of the Haikyu!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 1st issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2016 series.


Oikawa and Iwaizumi are watching the game from the bleachers and they are impressed by how much Tsukishima has changed and improved since their first practice match. As the game continues, the players are feeling the strain on their legs but Karasuno reaches their match point. Shiratorizawa uses their second time-out. Oikawa mentions that Shiratorizawa has a certain style that they focus on but Karasuno isn't bound to a certain style. Now that both teams have used all their time-outs, the next time they step off the court one team will come out as the victors.


In a less populated area in the stands, Iwaizumi finds Oikawa and mentions how he's surprised the setter would attend the match after claiming he would not attend because he would be upset regardless of who won the match. Oikawa replies that he is attending the match for the sole reason of seeing the defeated look of the losing team. As they watch the match, Iwaizumi notices the change in behavior of Tsukishima.

Tanaka is also impressed in the change Tsukishima is showing as he is able to make split second decisions while leading others.Asahi attempts a block-out and nearly succeeds but Goshiki is able to save it before it lands out. Many notice that Ushijima is getting ready for his third spike while the Shiratorizawa ace is beginning to feel the pressure build in his legs from jumping so many times. His spike hits the top of the net but Nishinoya is in place to receive. Daichi, Asahi, and Tanaka begins to feel their legs grow heavy as they begin to make their approach for an attack. Tsukishima catches everyone's attention when he appears to be making an approach for a wide broad jump.

Tendō quickly figures out it's a bluff and hurries to the end of the court. Tsukishima is upset that he was figured out but feels he was still able to buy enough time to prevent a block from being complete. Thanks to Tsukishima delaying Tendō, Tanaka is able to land a spike and put Karasuno back at match point.

Shiratorizawa calls for their second time-out as Oikawa and Iwaizumi comment how they've never seen Tsukishima act as a decoy and pretend to do a wide broad attack. They compare the playing styles of Shiratorizawa and Karasuno, labeling Shiratorizawa as the tried and true method while Karasuno is not bound to any particular style which allows them to try new things. Oikawa still wishes both teams would lose. Shimada figures that everyone playing must be exhausted and that Ushijima must be feeling it more since he has been given most of the sets for Shiratorizawa.

While the players take the chance to rest, Ukai goes over Kiyoko's notes of the game and sees that Ushijima has about forty points that he alone was able to score. Though knowing there was no way to completely stop Ushijima, Ukai is still impressed at how formidable the ace is. On Shiratorizawa's side, Shirabu approaches Ushijima and questions if the third year meant to use him only when he seemed useable. Semi begins to scold Shirabu for speaking this way to Ushijima but Ushijima confirms Shirabu's theory.

As the time-out is about to end, Daichi gives a speech of how it's clear that Karasuno is smaller in terms of physical build and numbers but their real strength lies in being able to depend on one another. As the teams go back on the court, Ukai realizes that both sides have used all their time-outs and that the next time they come off the court will be when the game ends and one team emerges as the winner.


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