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Keisuke Unnan (Japanese: 雲南 (うんなん) 惠介 (けいすけ) Unnan Keisuke) is a third year Middle Blocker of Mujinazaka High.


He is pretty tall for a third year high school student standing at 190cm. He has dark, black hair with straight bangs and tired-looking eyes and overall appearance.


Unnan is mostly seen with an apathetic expression. However, he has a highly competitive streak especially with his teammate, Mami, who he likes to taunt for his stupidity and a lesser amount of blocks at every opportunity he gets. Despite his rivalry with Mami, Unnan cares about his team and they care about him, Usuri cheering for his senior when blocking Onaga.


He currently attend Mujinazaka High, located in Ōita Prefecture in the region of Kyushu.


Tokyo Nationals Arc

The game between Mujinazaka and Fukurodani starts and Onaga is about to spike the ball to the opposing side but Unnan, Ezota, and Hondo all reacting right away, are able to stuff it, gaining their team a point right away. After gaining the point, Unnan points his finger to the air as a sign of victory.

After Kiryu had continuously gained Mujinizaka points, Unnan takes action and easily blocks Bokuto's spike. The announcers then comment that Unnan is part of Mujinazaka’s twin towers of blocking along with Mami. The two are revealed to be known as such because they are both 190cm third years that are key components in their team’s formidable defense. After the commentator says this, Unnan brutally tells Mami with hand signs that he hasn’t blocked anyone in this game once, which angers Mami.[1]

Right after, Akaashi sets the ball to Bokuto, and Unnan and Mami attempt at blocking him but he directs the ball to Bishin, who is able to receive it. Later on in the game, when Ezota comments on how evil Usuri is, Unnan simply tries to look away from the setter as if he were intimidated.

Right after, Usuri sets to Unnan, but it is too slow, which lets Bokuto block the spike. After this, Bokuto gets fired up and gives his all into the game, scoring multiple points in a row, blockers not being able to stuff him, these blockers after being Unnan or are accompanied by him.

Additionally, when he and Mami were about to block Onaga, Akaashi seemingly going to set to him, they get tricked since he was used as a decoy, Bokuto actually being the one who had the ball set to. Bokuto then spikes and earns Fukurodani a point since neither Mami nor Unnan had the speed to block the ball.

At the beginning of the third set, Ezota comments on how he originally thought that Fukurodani was just a one-man show run by Bokuto but after the rest of the team gave them a hard time as well, he thinks otherwise and suggested that they should probably stop their anti-Bokuto blocking scheme and probably focus on their other players as well. However, their coach, Kuzuri, tells him that he’s an idiot and that part of their job was to make Fukurodani lean on their ace, even when they don’t want to.

After Kiryu describes Bokuto for the fun he was having while playing and just being a great player overall, Mami tries to cheer him up and says that like what Kiryu said about fun is the greatness, cuteness is also justice. Kiryu and Kuzuri are confused at this and Unnan asks Mami how stupid could he get. At this, Mami slaps Unnan, and at the same time the other grabs Mami’s hair.[2]

After this, Mami adjusts his hair back in form and ultimately tells Kiryu that fun is something that he can make if he works and trains hard enough, but since Kiryu has already put in all that work, all he needs is the fun. Unnan mocks Mami for his statement again since he claims that Mami’s definition of cute has nothing to do with anything and that it was such a dumb thing to say and they clash once more. Kiryu then randomly tells them that the two middle blockers are really strong, which surprises them.

After Mujinazaka’s loss, Mami and Unnan are sitting next to each other, both mourning together and Mami says that if only the rotation rounded to his turn, then he would’ve caught Mujinazaka up to 25 points. Unnan taunts him once more, saying that he would totally have done as the one who got the least blocks in the team.[3]


High School Statistics
Game Sense

He is known as one of Mujinazaka's twin towers, so he's well known for his defense. He is well above average when it comes to spiking and blocking. He also has very fast reflexes, scoring a point against Fukurodani's quick attack with only a commit block. He was strong enough to even block Bokuto's spikes, a feat that only Kuroo had been shown doing previously.


Nozomu Mami

They quarrel in break

Unnan and Mami are known as Mujinazaka's twin towers due to them being pillars in their school’s blocking and sharing the traits of being both 6’3 third years. Despite this, Unnan likes to taunt Mami at every opportunity he gets. For example, telling him that he’d done no blocks in the entire game when Unnan had done plenty. Mami got mad at this and was about to attack his fellow blocker until two of his teammates stepped in. Later on in the match Mami was trying to motivate Kiryu when he didn’t know how to react to Bokuto but Unnan calls him an idiot and they get into a small physical argument. When Mami attempts again to motivate his captain, Unnan insults him and they break into a quarrel once more. And even when Mujinazaka loses, Unnan and Mami are mourning over their loss, Mami says that if only the rotation had reached him, he’d be able to block Onaga's final spike and Unnan tells him that it wouldn’t have been likely due to Mami being the one who got the least blocks in the team. Despite this, they seem to be able to do well as a team when blocking.


  • (Hand signs) "Hey you. So far in this match. The total blocks you've done. Is zero." (Volume 37 Chapter 330)
  • "First of all, no one said you were cute, so you can keep your two cents to yourself." (Volume 38 Chapter 334)


  • Current Concern: He wants to grow 1 cm taller.
  • Favorite Food: Salted Salmon Roe
  • Unnan and Mami are known as "Mujinazaka's Twin Towers" for their roles as the team's pillars of defense.[1]
  • Nomenclature
    • Keisuke (惠介) - Blessed Assistance
    • Unnan (雲南) - South Clouds