"Say for instance... A tiny meterorite fell from the sky right now. Say that meteorite bonked somebody on the head. Just be nice to the guy and help as much as you can. Nothing else is necessary. If you're going to stand around talking loudly to each other about how you pity him... Then I feel even sorrier for him. Nothing sucks worse than someone telling you, "You poor thing.""

Kiyoomi Sakusa (Japanese: 佐久早 (さくさ) 聖臣 (きよおみ) Sakusa Kiyoomi) was the ace spiker for Itachiyama Academy, a heavy favorite to win the nationals. He was one of the top three aces of the country, along with Kiryū and Ushijima, and the only second-year among them. Post high school, he was active in the collegiate volleyball league and earned the MVP title. He eventually became an outside hitter for the MSBY Black Jackals, a V-League Division 1 team. He became a member of Japan's National team during the 2021 Olympics.


Sakusa has black, wavy hair and two moles on the right side of his forehead. When not in-game, he wears a white mask over his mouth because of his fastidious tendencies.


Sakusa appears to be calm and collected but very competitive and proud at the same time. He doesn't react much even when he scores the final point for a match, but when he finds a player whom he deems as a threat to himself, he focuses intensely on the player. He was also quite irritated when Kageyama said he seemed average despite his reputation. Sakusa is described as a very cautious player, who may analyze a toss before spiking, and this trait manifests itself in his daily habits as well.

He claims to be a realist, which explains why he asks so many questions so he can assess situations.

Sakusa is a germaphobe, evident by the fact that he wanted to bathe first 'before anyone else contaminated the bath with their germs.' As such, he wears a mask to protect himself when not playing volleyball. He strongly dislikes crowds and would go to the back corner of the room or an uncrowded place when there are too many people around him.


During his high school years, he attended Itachiyama Academy and was known as one of the top three aces in the nation. He appeared to be popular among his school mates as many came to cheer him on in his games.


Tokyo Expedition Arc

Sakusa is first mentioned during the BBQ by Kuroo, who is describing the top three aces of the country to Hinata and Lev[1].

Spring High Preliminary Arc

During the Tokyo Prefecture Spring Interhigh Qualifers, Itachiyama defeats Nohebi Academy (25-18, 25-19) in the semifinals and advances to face Fukurōdani Academy in the next round. The match also ends in Itachiyama's victory, with Sakusa scoring the final point[2]. Itachiyama becomes the first representative of Tokyo.

Tokyo Nationals Arc

Preparation for Nationals

Sakusa is invited to the All-Japan Youth training camp. On the way, he meets Kageyama outside the gymnasium and recognizes the first years as from Karasuno, the team that defeated Ushijima. Kageyama formally introduces himself, but Sakusa pays little attention to him[3].

After the camp begins, the players start a practice match with Sakusa on the same team as Kageyama[4]. After Kageyama messes up, Sakusa stares at him intently and approaches him later at lunch, asking why Shiratorizawa lost to his team. He asks if there was someone in Karasuno who slowed Ushijima down and then demands his name and grade before getting interrupted by Komori. Kageyama suddenly asks Sakusa if he was holding back before because he seems more average than his reputation, annoying the latter[5].

Sometime later, the players engage in another match with their position shuffled around[6]. Sakusa plays middle blocker. As the ball goes towards Sakusa, he watches it calmly first before going to spike it. Hoshiumi accuses him of second-guessing his toss, but Sakusa reasons that he was just analyzing the toss.

After the training camp ends, the players head home. Sakusa and Komori leave together, but on the way, Sakusa glares at Kageyama hostilely presumably because of the latter's comment from before.


On the first day of nationals, Itachiyama gathers in the stadium with teams from all over the country. Sakusa is shown standing in the back corner due to his strong dislike of crowds[7]. Since Itachiyama is the 1st seeded team, they are exempt from playing on the first day.

The following day, Sakusa and Komori are walking by when they witness Kageyama and Hinata execute a minus-tempo broad attack against Inarizaki. While Komori openly admires the technique, Sakusa is silently apprehensive[8].

Itachiyama wins through their rounds until the quarter finals, when their setter and captain, Tsukasa Iizuna, injured his foot during their match against Inubushi Higashi[9]. While exiting the court, Sakusa overhears a few onlookers pitying Hinata for getting a fever and Karasuno for losing him. He interrupts the chatter saying the pity is unnecessary and only makes him feel even sorrier for the one being pitied.

Final Arc

Sakusa is now an outside hitter for MSBY Black Jackals and teammates with Hinata, Atsumu, and Bokuto. Ahead of Jackals' match against the Schweiden Adlers, Sakusa joins in his teammates and the Adlers' conversation in the hallway by asking if everybody have gotten their flu shots. He approaches Ushijima and declares that he will win today, revealing that he played Adlers last year at a tournament with his college team and lost[10].

He is one of the starters of in the match against Adlers. During the player introduction, Sakusa is unveiled as the MVP at the recent Japan National Collegiate Volleyball Championship and is a promising rookie to the Jackals[11].


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Post-Timeskip Statistics
Game Sense

Sakusa is one of the top three aces in Japan despite being a second-year. His spikes are powerful and swift and were able to blast past the blockers in his match against Fukurōdani. In the time skip, it is revealed by Akaashi Keiji that his most outstanding quirk is his unusually flexible wrists. With the snap he can get, not only he can do precise shots, but he can also add a hard-to-receive spin on the ball.

Jumping Reach:

  • Post-Timeskip: 345 cm [12]


Wakatoshi Ushijima

Sakusa is acquainted with Ushijima and addresses him as "Wakatoshi-kun". It's unknown what Ushijima thinks of Sakusa, but the second year respects the former and his abilities. At first, Sakusa assumes that Karasuno was able to beat Shiratorizawa only because Ushijima had an off game that day.

There appears to be some rivalry between the two due to their status as top aces. Ushijima and the Adlers also defeated Sakusa's college team at the Kurowashiki tournament. As a result, Sakusa seeks a victory over Ushijima.

Kōtarō Bokuto

Bokuto feels a sense of rivalry toward Sakusa due to the latter's status as one of the top three aces in the country, but it's unknown what Sakusa thinks of him in return. It's hinted that Itachiyama may have defeated Fukurōdani many times in the past with Sakusa on the team, so Bokuto intends on getting revenge. Sakusa either ignores Bokuto's shouts or doesn't hear him swear vengeance.

Sakusa and Bokuto eventually become teammates on MSBY Black Jackals.

Motoya Komori

Sakusa and Komori both attend Itachiyama and are cousins. Komori introduced Sakusa to volleyball and has mentioned that Sakusa hates leaving anything unfinished. They are generally found together during the training camp. Komori knows Sakusa well and is familiar with his personality and quirks, due to them being cousins and having known each other since childhood, but it's unknown what Sakusa thinks of him. After they joined different professional teams many years later, Komori is shown worrying about Sakusa fitting in with his team due to his prickly personality[11].


  • "I'm not a pessimist, I'm a realist." (To Komori, Volume 24 Chapter 215 )
  • "I'm taking a bath. I wanna be in and out before anyone else gets their germs in the water." (To Komori, Volume 24 Chapter 215 )
  • "Say for instance... A tiny meteorite fell from the sky right now. Say that meteorite bonked somebody on the head. Just be nice to the guy and help as much as you can. Nothing else is necessary. If you're going to stand around talking loudly to each other about how you pity him... Then I feel even sorrier for him. Nothing sucks worse than someone telling you, "You poor thing." (To Onlookers, Volume 42 Chapter 368


  • Favorite food: Umeboshi (pickled plums)
  • Current concern: He wants to decline gifts from fans.
  • He is the only second-year among the top three spikers in the country.[3]
  • He is said to be very blunt by both Komori and Washio. Washio refers to him as a too-blunt-jerk.
  • Sakusa is the only player confirmed to have played volleyball in college and is referred to as the MVP of the Collegiate Volleyball Championship.
  • He is noted to have incredibly flexible wrists.
  • Nomenclature
    • Sakusa (佐久早) can be read as 'Forever Early'.
      • 久 - Forever / For a long time.
        早 - Early.
    • Kiyoomi (聖臣) - 'Holy Minister'.
      • 聖 - Holy.
        臣 - Royal subject / Minister.


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