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"Leader" (Japanese: (かしら) Kashira) is the twentieth episode (and the seventh episode of the second cours) of Haikyū!! To The Top, season four of the anime based on Haikyū!! by Haruichi Furudate. The episode premiered on November 13, 2020[1].

The opening theme of this episode is Toppakō by SUPER BEAVER and the ending theme is One Day by SPYAIR.


Team captain Shinsuke Kita is sent into the match and Inarizaki's plays immediately take a new atmosphere that continues to put Karasuno in a difficult situation.


A player substitution takes place when Aran is switched off the court and team captain Kita takes his place. Takeda points out how Kita was not seen during any of the Inarizaki tapes they watched. Kita right away notices how he is being closely monitored by the entire Karasuno team but feels that they shouldn't have to be their guard up so much since he is just there to hold things over.

Kita right away questions Ginjima on why he felt he should try to force a spike through. Ginjima nervously answers that he felt it was the best thing he could try at the time since it felt like Karasuno was starting to take control of the game and he wanted to end it. Ginjima and the Miya twins immediately feel the sting of Kita's blunt statement of how Ginjima was blocked despite his best effort.

The game continues and Kita delivers the next serve. The ball heads toward the rear and going right between Tanaka and Daichi. Daichi makes the receive and Kageyama is able to get a set to Asahi. The ace appears to have made a block-out but is shocked to see Kita dive to make the receive and keep the ball in play. Osamu and Akagi get the ball back over and Karasuno right away launches a synchronized attack. Daichi is able to get a spike past the blockers but Kita once more makes the save. Ginjima lands and puts the score 23-15. Kiyoko right away feels disturbed by what she witnessed, thinking that despite Inarizaki got the break point it suddenly feels like the Karasuno team is now unable to make earlier plays work. Coach Korosu marvels at Kita's presence, stating that while he is not the star, his being still takes over the court. It is something that Kita has apparently possessed since middle school and was known for never doing anything unnecessary and always being straightforward when speaking. Because of his tendency to be thorough, Kita has gained an overflowing sense of confidence that ensures he will not make mistakes.

Riseki questions how Kita is able to fit into the flow of the match so easily and the team's second libero states that it's because Kita is more experienced. Suna tells them that Kita actually never made it on the starting line-up during his time in middle school and didn't even get a team uniform. Kita didn't play in an official match until he was in high school, more specifically in his third year. In a flashback, Kita wonders why people get nervous during certain situations and is questioned by Aran if he ever feels regular emotions like others. Kita believes that the reason people become nervous is because they try to do more than usual but don't get nervous for every day things like eating which should be applied towards volleyball.

Kita s4-e20-5.png

Yamaguchi is subbed in when Hinata is next to serve. Despite feeling that his serve felt perfect, Yamaguchi and many others are shocked to see Kita make a perfect underhand receive on the float serve. In another flashback, Atsumu is discovered to have caught a cold and ignores the suggestion of going home to rest; stating that he will get better if he just keep playing volleyball. Ginjima encourages the setter, saying that the love for volleyball will conquer all. Kita appears and tells Atsumu to do home and rest while scolding Ginjima for supporting Atsumu's desire to continue practice while sick. Atsumu storms to the locker room, upset at Kita telling him to go home while wishing the captain would phrase his words in a more gentle manner. He stops his rant when he notices Kita left him a bag of food and lemon water with a note telling him to eat a proper meal and sleep. Upon seeing the note, Atsumu fights back tears.

Kita is shown to properly carryout every day tasks at all times. From taking care of personal health, to giving thanks for meals, and even volleyball. His behavior is noted by Ōmimi to simply be Kita's ritual. Since his childhood, Kita had learned from his grandmother that the gods were always watching but over time he began to stop caring because he felt that being methodical and thorough just felt nice. Despite not caring if the gods were watching, Kita was still aware that someone would be watching. In his third year, Kita is presented with the uniform and position of the team captain. When he sits down, to the surprise of others, Kita begins shedding tears. When Kita and Aran are walking home together, Kita comments how adults have always stated that 'process is more important than the results'. He is aware that the younger generation, like Atsumu, care a great deal about the results. Kita takes the side of the adults, stating that he himself is built from his daily routines and isn't too concerned about the end process. While he reveals that he does not plan to continue with volleyball after high school, Kita still wonders if gaining the captain position was a result of something. Aran promptly tells Kita that he shouldn't overthink small things and should be happy if he wants to.

Back in the game, Kita perfectly receives Yamaguchi's serve. Coach Kurosu silently states that Aran, Suna, and Atsumu are players who are able to throw off their opponents while Kita is someone who can prolong that despair. At this, Ginjima is able to land a spike that puts Inarizaki at set point. Saeko tries to keep Karasuno's spirits high by saying it's just a mere eight points they are behind but Shimada and Takinoue are more realistic in thinking that the set will be lost to Karasuno but do believe that Karasuno should still end this set on a positive note.

Kita and Suna s4-e20-1.png

As Inarizaki fans are beginning to feel that they will surely win the set, Suna moves onto the court and immediately feels Kita's eyes on him. Suna admits that Kita is very effective of making others feel on edge despite never raising his voice or physically hitting anyone. Suna is also very aware of how Kita does not seem to have any flaws; being aware that Kita is always first to practice, never takes shortcuts when out jogging, and has never received a failing grade in any of his classes. While Ōmimi prepares to serve, Kita makes note the on court players. Atsumu is someone who is aggressive and hates losing which can at times be a disadvantage to him. While Osamu is the calmer twin, he still shares similarities to his brother. Ginjima at times rushes things because he has a sense of responsibility and passion. Suna tends to slack off when it looks like Inarizaki will win or has a great lead.

Ōmimi is called off the court so Yūto Kosaku can serve instead. Kosaku sees how Tanaka was able to turn things around in the first set and decides to use his serves to try to break him again. Tanaka makes the serve receive but the ball goes right back to Inarizaki. Suna and Ginjima rush forward and Suna is given the set while he silently challenged Tsukishima to try and block him. Tsukishima attempts to block Suna but the second year is able to get past him thanks to using his core to lean further to the side and get the spike past him. Kageyama is unable to receive the spike and thus Inarizaki is able to win the set.

During the court switch, Takeda notices that Nishinoya is unusually quiet. Although he wants to believe that it's because the libero is concentrating, he does believe there is another reason. Kinoshita points out that Nishinoya's bad habit is surfacing and states that Nishinoya has practiced too much to let it get to him. Asahi also voices his confidence in Nishinoya by telling the libero that he is capable of great things. Although admitting that he's not great at cheering people up and knowing that Atsumu possesses as serve that even Nishinoya is having trouble receiving, Asahi promises that he will be able to score. Kageyama ruins the moment by stating he doesn't like a-passes and asks for the ball to be sent a little higher. Hinata states that they will need to work on Kageyama's timing. On Inarizaki's side, Kita calls out Atsumu wanted to do a spike serve after seeing Kageyama serve and guessing it might have been cooler to do and was getting tired of doing the float serve. Kita suggests that Atsumu continues to use the float serve as it is the one that is racking up points and giving Nishinoya a hard time.

The third set begins and Atsumu is first to serve. Following Kita's advice, Atsumu performs a jump float. The ball looks like it will land out so Nishinoya does not attempt to save it only for the ball to suddenly curve and land in. Ōmimi comments how Atsumu's serves seem to be sharper than ever and that he may even get a spike serve over. Kita agrees though states that the chance of either serve making it over may not change. When Ōmimi questions why Kita suggested Atsumu stick to float serves, Kita answers that either serve is a powerful option but if Atsumu were to switch to a spike serve and the opposing team were able to receive it then Atsumu would have regrets of not using the float serve. But since Atsumu is on a roll with the float serves, even if Karasuno were able to receive one Atsumu would still feel competitive and motivated enough to keep using it.

Atsumu serves again but the ball hits the top of the net. Nishinoya watches the ball begin to fall but finds himself frozen. After a moment, he is able to force himself to make the receive and realize that his reaction time is slower than normal and comes to realize that he is scared. Asahi calls for the set and successfully ricochets the ball off Osamu for it to land out.

In the stands, Suguru notices that Karasuno has shifted their rotation. Mika encourages Suguru to explain what he's noticed. Suguru explains to her how one unique thing about volleyball is how the players will shift spots in a clockwise manner when a rotation happens. Coaches will decide the rotation before the set begins but it's usual to have the team setter start in the back row as it will mean that there will be three attackers at the net. Suguru guesses that Inarizaki must usually start with Atsumu in the back row since he is the setter and the strongest server. On the other hand, Karasuno tends to dive in head first and doesn't let their trial and errors get to them. Suguru also points out that, regardless of the rotation Inarizaki uses, when Aran, Osamu, and Suna are up front their chances of scoring are at their highest. Karasuno on the other hand is different especially concerning their middle blocker. He points out that Hinata specializes in attacking and is greatly effective as a decoy which allows him to attack from anywhere on the court. Tsukishima is stated to be the keystone of the blocking and the one that Karasuno will want in the front when there are strong attackers. As Suguru realizes he's babbling and tries to apologize for seeming like a know-it-all, Mika correctly assumes that because Karasuno figured Inarizaki would use the same rotation they had purposely switched things in order to have a different set of blockers at the front.

Daichi's serve forces Aran to make the first touch. Osamu attempts to spike but Tsukishima gets a one-touch, annoying the twins. Suguru figures out that one of the reasons Karasuno changed their rotation was because it would have Tsukishima matched with Osamu and will therefore be the best chance to stop the Miya brother's from trying the freak quick. In another flashback, Ukai announces that he will change the rotation. He points out that Atsumu is targeting Nishinoya and may continue to do so even with the rotation change. He then states that he will have Tsukishima commit to Osamu and Suna more during this set as he is the one who will most likely stop the twins copy of the freak quick attack. While Ukai states that Hinata imitating Inuoka for blocks has been working well, he does add that Tanaka most likely is getting worn out from playing in the middle. Tsukishima remembers how Hinata earlier claimed to have an important job that surely made Tsukishima jealous and mocks Hinata as he now has the important role to play; successfully annoying Hinata greatly.

Asahi hits past a double block but Atsumu makes the receive and calls for his brother to make the set. Osamu approaches like he will do a direct spike but suddenly changes to a set. Having shaken off most of the block, Aran goes to spike. This is what Ukai is trying to avoid as they want to keep Aran from getting on a roll. Kageyama jumps to block and is able to stop the spike, keeping Karasuno in the lead for the time being. Suna quietly comments how he's always known that Nationals is a terrifying place and has lost track of how many times he has been shut down by other blockers. He admits that he was terrified of the hands that have blocked him but also admits that a block that isn't scary can't really be called a block and decides that Kageyama is far more terrifying than Tsukishima.






Episode Notes


Difference between Anime and Manga

  • Manga: After Kita is subbed into the game, Saeko points out how Aran was brought out for the rest of the set. Anime: This was not shown.
  • Manga: Several members of Nekoma are shown watching the match. Anime: They are not shown.
  • Manga: Yamaguchi being subbed in happens before the flashback of Kita questioning why people get nervous. Anime: He is subbed in after.
  • Manga: When Inarizaki reaches set point, Kita's grandmother is shown to be sitting in the bleachers. Anime: She is only seen in flashbacks.
  • Manga: After Kageyama blocks Aran, Hinata points out that Osamu's toss was short which meant that Aran wouldn't be able to hit a straight shot. Anime: This is not shown.

OSTs Used


  • Disparity (Japanese: 格差 Kakusa) 0:08 - 0:36
  • - OP -
  • Initiative (Japanese: 主導権 Shudō-ken) 2:59 - 3:35
  • Lost (Japanese: 迷子 Maigo) 3:52 - 6:17
  • Leader (Japanese: Kashira) 7:06 - 9:30
  • One vs. Many (Japanese: 個VS数 Ko vs. Kazu) 11:03 - 12:15
  • - eyecatch B-
  • - eyecatch A-
  • Inarizaki's Cheer ① (Japanese: 稲荷崎応援曲① Inarizaki Ōen Kyoku①) 12:50 - 13:54
  • Atsumu Miya (Japanese: 宮侑 Miya Atsumu) 15:41 - 16:43
  • Hunger (Japanese: 空腹 Kūfuku) 17:29 - 19:02
  • The Road to the 'Final Boss' (Japanese: “ラスボス"への道 "Rasubosu" E no Michi) 19:31 - 21:26
  • Offence and Defence (Japanese: 攻防 Kōbō) 21:44 - 22:21
  • - ED -


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