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"Let's Go to Tokyo!!" (Japanese: レッツゴートーキョー!! Rettsu Gō Tōkyō!!) is the seventy-second chapter of the Haikyū!! series, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 36th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2013 series.


Takeda notifies Karasuno that an opportunity has come for them to play with stronger teams in a summer training camp held in Tokyo. The team is delighted, but they must first overcome the obstacle that stands before them: their final exams.


Takeda informs the team that they are going to Tokyo to participate in a training camp held by the Fukurōdani Academy Athletic Association. The attendees include many formidable schools in the Kanto region. Despite the exclusivity of these training groups, Karasuno received an invitation thanks to Coach Nekomata. Hinata and the others are eager to play against Nekoma again, causing their counterparts in Tokyo to feel the chill from being mentioned.

Seeing how excited everyone is, Takeda reminds them that the training camp won't be happening immediately as they still need to work-out the finer details of accepting the invitation and getting permission to attend the camp. After Takeda leaves for a meeting, Sugawara tells Kiyoko that she'll be busy with preparations for the team's first trip away. After careful considerations, Kiyoko agrees and is eager to do her best although her statement confuses Sugawara and Asahi.

The next day, Takeda is in great distress over the team's grades. Despite his many attempts to convince himself otherwise, Takeda starts to become concerned about the situation. In the first-years' corridor, Hinata hears the commotion outside the classroom and finds Kiyoko walking -around. Hinata approaches her, and Kiyoko asks him if he knows any first-years that haven't joined a club yet.

Later that evening, Takeda goes over the schedule for the next few weeks although a few of the players notice his distracted behavior. He mentions they will have a practice game with Hinoyama High in two weeks before explaining that the training camp will follow after the Tokyo Qualifier. Takeda tells everyone that the school has agreed to the trip but suddenly reminds them that final exams will take place around the same time as the camp. After hearing this, Nishinoya, Tanaka, Kageyama, and Hinata go silent.

The quartet begins panicking once they realize that they have to take supplementary classes if they fail any subjects, thus hindering them from going on the trip. As the four begin to panic, Hinata asks if they can beg the Vice Principal to make an exception, but Takeda says education would take the priority if the situation called for it. He then goes to Ukai for help but only receives encouragement instead. Sugawara assures Hinata that he'll be fine, but Hinata reveals that he hasn't earned a double-digit score on any of his quizzes since starting high school. The quartet continues to panic after realizing how dire the situation is. Daichi interjects and solemnly states that they are all going to Tokyo together.


Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • Hinata hasn't earned a double-digit score on any of his quizzes ever since he started High school.


  • Tokyo's qualifiers are held across 3 weekends, with games every Sunday. Whereas in Miyagi, their qualifiers are held across 3 consecutive days towards the finals.


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