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"Let's Go to Tokyo!! For Real!!" (Japanese: レッツゴートーキョー!!本番 (ほんばん) !! Rettsu Gō Tōkyō!! Honban!!) is the seventy eighth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 43rd issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2013 series.


Karasuno makes it to Tokyo and meets their opponents. The only ones missing are Hinata and Kageyama, having failed their exam and being given supplementary lessons. To their rescue is Saeko, who drives them to Tokyo afterwards upon Tanaka's request.


At Nekoma High, Tanaka and Nishinoya mistake a steel tower for the Tokyo Skytree. Kai tries to correct them while Kuroo laughs at their mistake. As the Karasuno players are heading to the school, Kuroo notices that certain players are missing.

A flashback reveals that Hinata and Kageyama failed their exams and therefore were not able to make it to the training camp. Hinata is shown to have failed his English exam when he mistakenly put his answers one space off. Yamaguchi says that Yachi took the news hard, especially since all of Hinata's answers were correct. Kageyama failed his contemporary literature exam by being thrown off by the amount of reading comprehension problems. Despite this, the two first years are still determined to make it to the training camp even if they have to walk or bike there until Tanaka interrupts.

At Nekoma High, Daichi explains to Kuroo why Hinata and Kageyama had to stay behind when Yamamoto appears and is taken by surprise when he sees that the Karasuno team has another female manager. Tanaka lightly teases Yamamoto about this being the joy of attending Karasuno while Kuroo offers the team the chance to get ready and head to the gym where the remaining teams are already present.

Back at Karasuno, Hinata and Kageyama are taking their make-up exams. With Tanaka having promised them a way to get to Tokyo if they finish their exams on time, the two don't waste any time and each pass their tests. They rush outside and meet with Tanaka's older sister, Saeko who promises to get them to Tokyo as quickly as possible.

At the training camp, Karasuno enters the gym where they see Ubugawa High, Shinzen High, Nekoma High, and Fukurōdani Academy already present and playing. Kenma notices that Hinata isn't present and learns from Yamamoto that the middle blocker had to take supplementary tests before coming to the camp. Kuroo explains how Karasuno will be participating in the matches and that the penalty for a lost game is a lap of flying falls. As the captains continue talking, Sugawara points out a Nekoma player to Asahi, asking if the teen had been present when Nekoma and Karasuno had their practice match. Asahi looks over and spots the unknown player staring at them and confirms that he was not present during the practice match.

On the car ride, Saeko notices that Hinata seems tense and tries to help him relax by telling him that sometimes taking a detour can be a good thing. She asks him how he became interested in volleyball and Hinata excitedly answers that he had seen Karasuno playing in the Spring Tournament on tv when he was in elementary school and this was when he had first seen the Little Giant.

Saeko then surprises Hinata when she reveals that she had actually been classmates with the Little Giant in high school. Though she had seen a few of his practice matches, she had never directly talked to him; finding him mischievous but also very intimidating. Saeko remembers that the Little Giant was an ace player and how he gave off the confidence and pride of his position.

Kageyama wakes up from his nap and comments how Saeko knows quiet a bit about the Little Giant. Saeko denies this and claims she only saw a handful of his matches. Hinata thinks about when he met with Ushijima and the aura he gave off of being his teams ace.

At the camp, Karasuno is playing against Fukurōdani. Asahi is ultimately blocked and Karasuno loses, resulting in having to do the flying lap penalty. Players from the other teams watch Karasuno carry out their penalty and wonder what it was about the team that Nekoma had such a difficult time with.

At that moment, Saeko appears in the gym and behind her are Hinata and Kageyama.



Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • Saeko reveals that she and the Small Giant were classmates.


  • To celebrate the upcoming release of the eighth volume, a color cover page of Hinata, Kageyama, Tanaka, and Nishinoya studying. Also, Yachi and Shimizu are facing each other, both wearing eyeglasses. The text reads: “The Tokyo trip is their goal!! What are the results that will seal their fate…?!”


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