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"Level 1 Ball Boy" (Japanese: ボール (ひろ) Lv. (レベル) Bōru Hiroi Reberu 1) is the two hundred thirteenth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 32nd issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2016 series.


Hinata has found a way to improve himself despite not being allowed to participate in the training camp. While working as the ball boy, he is learning to predict the spike trajectory by watching the toss and the spiker's form. Soon enough, he begins making progress. 


After second day's training, the players prepare to head back to their dorms. Coach Washijō walks by and casually reminds Hinata that there will be no food or lodging provided for those uninvited. Tendō attempts to speak up for Hinata until Ushijima explains that Hinata is not a participant but only here to create a chance for himself.

Later, Koganegawa is rejected by Tsukishima and Kunimi when asking for extra practice. Luckily, Kindaichi and a few other players join in instead. Hinata offers to be the ball boy and requests Goshiki to participate. Goshiki is initially hesitant but quickly yields when overwhelmed by Hinata's admiration and praises. Hinata uses the practice to improve his positioning by analyzing the players' movements. He uses split step only to find his timing off even after several tries. When Goshiki approaches for a spike, Hinata deduces it to be a cross and moves to catch it. He gets hit by the ball after forgetting that he already has his hands full. However, Hinata is delighted to find his prediction accurate. Moreover, he realizes the toss can also give away hints to help predict a spike's trajectory. After practice is over, Hinata begins a long trek home while his stomach growls loudly out of hunger. He recalls Coach Ukai advising the team to eat in order to replenish their strength and grow stronger. Hinata is suddenly at a lost on what to eat, so he calls Coach Ukai to ask for suggestions before continuing on his way.

The following day, Hinata continues his ball boy duty with more intensity and determination. He is reminded that it isn't enough to just catch the ball but must also transitions smoothly into the next move. He accomplishes this when he efficiently picks up Hyakuzawa's spike and returns the ball. In a moment of happiness, Hinata loses focus and gets hit in the crotch by Kindaichi's spike. He is once again berated by Washijō for not paying attention to the ball. 


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