"Light" (Japanese: (あかり) Akari) is the one hundred forty-third chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 10th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2015 series.


With a new attack in Karasuno's arsenal, the game becomes more intense. Yahaba is sent into the game in hopes of getting Aoba Johsai in the lead.


With the new attack of spiking the ball straight down, Hinata is able to score and gain Karasuno a point. Takinoue explains how Hinata was able to use a snap from his wrist to spike the ball down even though the ball won't have a lot of force behind it.

Saeko proclaims that Hinata and Kageyama but Shimada points out how this type of attack would be open to being received if a blocker was positioned below it. Oikawa claims how Kageyama's technique is not his most bold feature but rather his idiocy as he continues to push forward in situations that would normally make someone hesitant. Because of this, Kageyama becomes oblivious that he is moving ahead and that no one seems to be following him. But now it seems that Hinata is the one who appears to be bolder than Kageyama.

As Tsukishima serves, Oikawa realizes that the new attack was a fluke and refuses to allow Hinata and Kageyama to chance to perfect this new attack. After several plays of the teams continuing to try to one-up one another or bring the score to a tie, Yahaba is subbed into the game in place of Kindaichi.

Yahaba serves but Asahi receives. Oikawa receives Tanaka's spike, leaving Yahaba to make the set to Kyōtani. Yahaba becomes fearful when he sees that his set is too short but Kyōtani surprises everyone when he is able to spike the ball with his left hand without any problem; revealing that he is ambidextrous.

Yahaba serves again. Hinata charges to one side of the net with Matsukawa chasing after him. Matsukawa attempts to force Hinata to hit a line shot but Hinata in turns uses a feint shot, to the annoyance of Matsukawa and Watari who attempted to save the ball but was unable to make it.

The teams continue to send the ball back and forth in an intense rally until Matsukawa is able to score, making Seijoh the first to get to twenty points. Daichi does his best to keep his team calm and Kyōtani serves next. Tanaka is able to get the point back for Karasuno.

With Hinata moving to the back row, Yamaguchi is sent in to serve.


Chapter notes

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  • In the magazine version, the author had Watari try to receive Hinata's quick spike. However, it was a mistake, for Watari was out and replaced by Matsukawa. Instead, it should have been Yahaba who tried to receive the ball.


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