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"Logic" (Japanese: 理性 (りせい) Risei) is the three hundred forty-second chapter of the Haikyū!! series, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 16th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2019 series.


True to his role as the blocking cornerstone, Tsukishima greatly strengthens Karasuno's defense against Kamomedai. Under his lead, Karasuno stops Hoshiumi's spike and seizes their first block point. 


Tsukishima enters the game with the memory of the Little Giant vividly imprinted in his mind. Karasuno has managed to deal with Kamomedai's troublesome bunch shift blocks with Hinata's speed. Now that Tsukishima is in the front row, the game turns into a showdown of blockers.

Hinata sends his serve toward Gao, and Kamomedai immediately mobilizes for a quick set. Knowing that Kamomedai would resort to such a move after a weak serve, Tsukishima is already in place and intercepts Bessho's spike. Karasuno counterattacks with a powerful spike from Asahi, who scores against a double block. It becomes apparent that Kamomedai is skillful enough to put up a double block anywhere on the court despite using a blocking style that is vulnerable to attacks from the sides.

After a few more exchanges of points, Hoshiumi rotates into the front row and directly faces off against Tsukishima. Nozawa receives Asahi's serve, and Hoshiumi leaps high into the air ready to spike. Instead of following suit, Tsukishima patiently waits for the perfect timing to jump so their block will reach its peak upon contact with the ball. Karasuno pulls off a three-man block and shuts down Hoshiumi's spike, an act possible due to Tsukishima having warned his teammates beforehand about timing being the key to stop Hoshiumi.

With the successful block, Karasuno now leads 7-5. Hoshiumi is annoyed at how quickly Karasuno adapted to his play style and grows even more infuriated when Kageyama declares that Karasuno will no longer be surprised by the short player. While the rest of Karasuno celebrates, Tenma is aware that the real game is only getting started.


Chapter notes

Character revelations


  • The Bunch Shift strategy acquires its name due to having all the blockers bunched up in the middle. It allows the blocker to respond more to attacks from the center but makes it hard to guard against attacks from the sides.
  • Tsukishima's instruction about timing comes from Ukai's advice in Chapter 107.


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