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"Lost" (Japanese: 迷子 (まいご) Maigo) is the two hundred eleventh chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 30th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2016 series.


Hinata is lectured by Coach Ukai and Takeda-sensei for going to the training camp uninvited. It is day 2 of the training camp, the members of the Shiratorizawa Volleyball Club join in as practice match opponents. Although Hinata wants to participate, he is only allowed to observe the match. Hinata is struggling to find what he needs to do to improve himself and finding a new perspective.


The following day, Hinata is severely reprimanded for crashing the training camp. Coach Ukai, although not thrilled with Hinata's action, tells Hinata to make the best of his time as a ball boy and search for something beneficial to do. Afterwards, Hinata is lectured by Takeda, who calmly urges Hinata to be patient and progress one step at a time. In the hallways, Hinata encounters Tanaka and Nishinoya. The two second years are more carefree about the matter and offer words of support.

Later during the training camp, Hinata continues his job as a ball boy by picking up stray balls. The practice is suddenly interrupted when Ushijima and the other Shiratorizawa third years enter the gymnasium. Coach Anabara then announces to the players that they will be the practice opponents. Hinata grows excited at the prospect of a practice match with Ushijima. Tendō takes notice of Hinata and immediately challenges him to a showdown. Before he can reply, Hinata is called away to refill bottles and takes his leave after bowing to Tendō and Ushijima.

While the practice match goes on, Hinata can't do anything but observe from the sidelines. Tendō approaches him and asks why he isn't playing. Hinata explains that he isn't invited and is only here because he crashed the training camp. Tendō gets a good laugh out of it while Ushijima blankly questions what Hinata is doing here. Later, Hinata goes to the storage room to retrieve a mop. He sticks his head into a pile of mats, seemingly frustrated by his own lack of progress. After recalling words from his coaches and teammates, Hinata thinks hard to find a new perspective to solve his dilemma.


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