MSBY Black Jackal (Japanese: ムスビイ ブラックジャッカル Musubi Burakku Jakkaru), made plural to MSBY Black Jackals in the English translation, is a professional volleyball team in Japan's V.League, in the top tier of Division 1. The team's hometown is located in the city district of Ohasuhigashi in Higashiosaka, Osaka. [1]


In 1949, a group of volleyball enthusiasts formed the 9-man volleyball team "Kamiyui Seiko Volleyball Club." They eventually switched to a 6-man format in 1960 and entered the official Japanese league in 1971. The team won their first championship title in 1981 but began performing poorly shortly afterward. They made a minor comeback in 1985 but otherwise continued to struggle. Eventually, the team regained their strength and won consecutive titles in the 11th and 12th V.League Championships. [1]

MSBY is an Automobile Manufacturing Company whose motto is "Connecting people together through their hard work." The acronym is derived from "結び (Musubi)," which translates to "connection" in Japanese.[2] Its name "Black Jackal" reflects the team's goal for excellent teamwork, akin to jackals on the hunt for food. Moreover, since jackals are omnivores, it is chosen as the name in hopes that the team would have an overwhelming hunger for growth.


MSBY Black Jackals uniform

The uniform consists of a black jersey and matching black shorts with three gold stripes resembling a claw mark slashed across the front and back. The jersey has "MSBY" along with the jersey number in white printed along with the team's logo.

Members  Edit

2018-2019 Roster:

Name Number Position Status
Shūgo Meian#4Captain / Middle BlockerActive
Shion Inunaki#6LiberoActive
Adriah Tomas#9Middle BlockerActive
Oriver Barnes#10Wing Spiker / Opposite HitterActive
Kōtarō Bokuto#12Wing Spiker / Outside HitterActive
Atsumu Miya#13SetterActive
Kiyoomi Sakusa#15Wing Spiker / Outside HitterActive
Shōyō Hinata#21Wing Spiker / Opposite HitterActive

V. League Division 1 (2018-19)Edit


  • Differences between the Japanese and English version:
    • MSBY Black Jackal is written in the singular form. Viz Media changes the team name to the plural form and has it as MSBY Black Jackals.
    • Oriver Barnes is changed to Oliver Barnes in the English version. 
    • Adriah Tomas is changed to Adriah Thomas in the English translation. 
  • MSBY Black Jackal appear to be based on the real life V.League team Panasonic Panthers, which has a black panther as its logo and located in Osaka.



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