That's fine and all, but joining passionate people when you aren't going to give it your all is the rudest thing you could do.

Madoka Yachi (Japanese: 谷地 (やち) まどか Yachi Madoka) is Hitoka Yachi's mother.


She has long, peach-brown hair, which is usually tied in a low side-ponytail that hangs over her left shoulder. She sports a short side-fringe on the left side of her face. The colour of her eyes is very similar to her hair's. Make-up is always present on her features and it usually consists of brown eye shadow and light-pink lip gloss.


She seems cold and detached initially, hiding her feelings by criticizing her daughter's choices in order to make Yachi stronger. Madoka proves to be kinder than she appears when she cries after Yachi finally stands up for herself and then chooses to help her daughter make a poster. Madoka is a bit of a workaholic as she spends most of her time at her workplace, often leaving Yachi at home alone or coming home late, but neither seems to mind.


Madoka works as a graphic designer at Yachi Create; based on the name, she may be the founder. She lives in an apartment with her daughter and it's unknown if she has a husband.


Tokyo Expedition ArcEdit

Madoka and co-worker 1

Madoka's coworker scolds her for her attitude towards Yachi.

Madoka's about to head out for a business meeting when Yachi stops her and reveals that she was invited to become a manager for the Boys' Volleyball Team[1]. Instead of encouraging her daughter, Madoka asks if Yachi even knows anything about volleyball. She then leaves as Yachi stares at the floor sadly. As she's walking out, her coworker calls her out on her words, and she replies that she just wants Yachi to get stronger.

Townsperson B

Madoka's approached by her daughter. In the manga, this takes place outside; in the anime, it's changed to inside a train station.

The next day, on her way to work, she's approached by her daughter and Hinata. Yachi calls her from across the street, surprising her. Before she can reply, Yachi screams that villager B can fight too and she'll become the boys' volleyball club's manager. Still surprised, Madoka stutters as she tells her daughter to do her best. As soon as Yachi leaves, Madoka bursts into tears.
Mother and daughter 2

Madoka helps Yachi create a poster.

Sometime later, Madoka helps Yachi design a poster asking people for donations for the boys' volleyball club to get it to nationals.


Hitoka YachiEdit

Initially, she acts cold and aloof towards her daughter because she wants the latter to get stronger mentally. This discourages Yachi from joining the Boys' Volleyball Club as the manager initially but with Hinata's help, she learns to stand up for herself and finally commit to something. After Yachi approaches her mother about her decision, Madoka's shown crying out of happiness.



  • "But if my words are enough to dissuade her, it's clear that she'll become discouraged by trivial things in the future." (On Hitoka to her coworker, Chapter 76)
  • "Joining passionate people when you aren't going to give it your all is the rudest thing you could do." (To Hitoka about managing the volleyball team.)


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