Makoto Nakashima (Japanese: 中島 (なかしま) (まこと) Nakashima Makoto) is the third child of the Nakashima family. The Nakashima family often attends Takeru's matches and has grown to be known as Wakutani South's famous "cheering squad family".


She has strawberry blonde hair that goes just right above her chin. Her eyebrows are thin and short and she is about the same height as her mother. In her first appearance, she was wearing a volleyball uniform with the number 13. Later on, she wears a track suit.


Like her brother, Minoru, she had a lot of energy as a child. She appears to be pretty blunt since she has no problem pointing out Isamu's tendency to brag about his and Takeru's achievements.


As a child, she would often run away to play, leaving a weary Takeru to chase after her. She might be a volleyball player due to the uniform she was wearing in her first appearance.


Spring High Preliminary ArcEdit

Along with most of her family, she's first seen at the end of the Wakutani South vs. Ōgishō match holding two megaphone cones and cheering on her brother[1].

She attends the Karasuno High vs. Wakutani South match. In the middle of the third set when Takeru's spike keeps getting blocked by Karasuno, she cuts off her older brother, Isamu, who was about to complain that he and Takeru were a better combo. She then states that the current Wakutani South team is stronger than the one Isamu captained, much to his displeasure[2].

When Takeru loses, she tearfully joins the rest of her family in applauding the Wakutani South players for their performance.


Isamu NakashimaEdit

At home, Makoto, Isamu, and Takeru would watch volleyball matches on TV together. Isamu was also responsible for taking care of Makoto when she was younger, but he often left Takeru to do it by himself. Isamu often brags to Makoto about his achievements with Takeru, much to her annoyance.

Takeru NakashimaEdit

They often watch volleyball matches on TV together. As kids, Takeru cared for and played with Makoto, though her incessant energy usually wore him out.




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