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Makoto Shimada (Japanese: 嶋田 (しまだ) (まこと) Shimada Makoto) is a wing spiker on the Karasuno Neighborhood Association Team and Yamaguchi's mentor.

Throughout the series, he works at the Shimada Mart.


He has straight, silky black hair that is parted evenly into two sides. His eyes are gray and he wears brown-rimmed glasses. He appears to be quite thin.


Shimada is shown to have an easy going personality and is seen enjoying when he is able to get the better of an opponent with his jump float serves. Despite this, he is shown to be a supportive and mentoring figure to Yamaguchi and was able to help the first-year become a more confident person. Shimada is also shown to be quite analytical when watching matches and at times tends to show great nerves when Karasuno appears to be in a dire situation but heavily celebrates during their victories.


Shimada performs his first service ace ever in a match during high school.

Shimada previously attended Karasuno High. He was a member of the boys volleyball team, playing as a wing spiker and pinch server. After high school, Shimada appears to have directly started working for the Shimada Mart and later joined the Neighborhood Association Team formed by Ukai.


Karasuno High Team Formation Arc

Karasuno vs Neighborhood Association

The members of the Karasuno Neighborhood Association Team introduce themselves.

Shimada is one of the players on the Neighborhood Association team that's called in by Ukai to play against Karasuno High School[1].

With the match underway, Shimada is taken by surprise when he sees Hinata and Kageyama perform their super quick attack. He would be equally amazed when Nishinoya was able to save Asahi's blocked spike.

With the second set close to ending, Shimada decides to use a jump float serve. He lands a service ace when Hinata was unable to save the ball. Shimada is able to score several more times with his serve until Daichi is able to make a receive. Despite the younger players best efforts, the Neighborhood team was able to win in the end.

Nekoma Practice Match

For the practice match against Nekoma, Shimada is talked into going to watch the game by Takinoue but stresses that he cannot stay long as he has a delivery to make. He and Takinoue would soon be joined by a few older fans of Karasuno.

Group s1-e12-1.png

At watching Kenma serve the ball to a corner spot, Shimada points out how it doesn't have much power to it but the aim was well done. Shimada would share in Nekoma's surprise at watching Hinata perform the super quick attack. Karasuno was able to get the lead in the score and Nekoma called for the first time-out, Shimada takes notice of how Nekoma's blockers have gathered to one side of the court in what appears to be a stack block formation which is revealed to be a way to lure Hinata to one side for Inuoka to try blocking him.

As the first set continues to play out, Shimada notices how Karasuno has been slowing down in gaining points that he believes is due to Nekoma's ground defense. After Nekoma won the first set, Shimada and Takinoue notice how Hinata is starting to get blocked by Inuoka more often. As Hinata and Kageyama begin trying a different set, Shimada and Takinoue start to see the 'lesser noticed' players start to shine more.

After Kuroo is moved to the front row, they demonstrate a pipe play that surprises everyone watching when Nekoma uses most of their players as decoys in order to execute a back attack. Even as Karasuno is able to close in on the point gap, Shimada continues to feel on edge as Nekoma appears to have the upper-hand.

Eventually, Nekoma was able to win the game and two more games after. At the end, Shimada and Takinoue praise both teams while feeling tired just from watching them play.

Shimada and Yamaguchi S1 E14.png

Not long after, Shimada is approached by Yamaguchi who wishes to learn how to perform the jump float serve[2]. Knowing that the Interhigh Tournament is only a week away, Shimada points out how difficult it would be for Yamaguchi to try to learn it within that time. Yamaguchi confesses that he knows it would take time to master the float serve but adds that he doesn't want to be the only first year not contributing to the team.

Interhigh Arc

Karasuno vs Date Tech

Shimada and Takinoue arrive to the match against Date Tech just as the score reaches 16-13[3]. Seeing how Aone was able to block Hinata, Shimada suspects that this will act as a morale booster for Date Tech. When Asahi was able to score with a back attack, Shimada instantly recognizes the play they used was the same pipe play that Nekoma had used during the practice match. With Karasuno managing to keep the lead, Shimada does express some concern about Date Tech possibly catching up but is relieved when he sees Hinata get a deflection off a spike followed by Daichi continuing to be a solid defender.

In the second set, Shimada shows great worry when Asahi was blocked by Date's blockers but Takinoue points out that it shouldn't be a surprise since they were able to tell that Asahi would be the one attacking. As Hinata continues to be able to use his super quick from any point he wants, Shimada muses how this is such a great weapon for Karasuno. At this, he and Takinoue overhear other players comment how Hinata appears to be the ace of Karasuno.

When Aone eventually rotates to the back row, Shimada points out that Hinata is still playing up front and how this will be Karasuno's best chance to secure the win. Karasuno manages to reach set point and Asahi calls for the final hit and gets the final point for Karasuno to win. As the players thank their supporters, Takinoue and Shimada come to realize that Hinata and Kageyama were able to use their super quick and regular quicks but appeared to not be using any kind of signs or signals.

Karasuno vs Aoba Johsai

On the second day of the Interhigh, Shimada is able to arrive for the match against Aoba Johsai just before the match starts, adding that he has used all his vacation time[4]. As they arrive, the two notice how Seijoh has a cheering section but that most of the attention is directed towards Oikawa.

As the players begin warming up, Takinoue asks Shimada on the progress of Yamaguchi's float serve. Even though Shimada has only been teaching Yamaguchi for a week, he admits that Yamaguchi is able to pull off a fluke every so often but still has a long way to go before getting decent. As the players of Aoba Johsai begin to make their way onto the court, the two men notice how their demeanor completely changed when Oikawa spoke to them.

The game soon starts and Shimada is caught by surprise when Oikawa does a direct spike instead of setting to an attacker. Shimada continues to worry when Hinata's spike was directly sent to Hanamaki and Oikawa again appeared like he would do a direct spike. When Kageyama was able to trick Kindaichi with a decoy glance, Shimada spots the tactic and recognizes it as the same trick that Kenma had used during the practice match. Shimada is highly impressed that Kageyama was not only able to use this move but still be able to make such an accurate set after having his attention off the ball during the time he used the glance.

As the set continues, Shimada and Takinoue begin to notice how Karasuno is starting to get frustrated as Seijoh pulls further ahead in the lead. However, he notices that Karasuno seems to relax a bit as Tanaka is able to stay his usual self until he eventually begins to feel stressed. As Ukai is forced to call a time-out, Shimada reflects how overwhelming the guilt can feel knowing that a botched receive was made. When the game continues, Tanaka is seen making a receive with his chest that Shimada questions if it was intentional since using his chest allowed for a wider receiving surface.

When Sugawara is subbed into the game to allow Kageyama to clear his head, Karasuno's plays right away show a different atmosphere. Shimada finds himself more at ease as he watches as Sugawara and Tsukishima switch blocking positions in order to stop a spike from Iwaizumi.

At the start of the second set, Shimada notices that Karasuno has changed their starting rotation that he suspects is so that Karasuno will have an easier time trying to receive Oikawa's serves. His theory is soon proven correct when Oikawa is up to serve and Daichi and Nishinoya are in position to receive. Karasuno eventually reaches set point, Oikawa is up to serve. Shimada is aware of how dangerous Oikawa's serve can be but feels that it would be most threatening toward Seijoh itself if he were to mess up. Fortunately, Kageyama and Tsukishima were able to block Iwaizumi to win the second set.

In the early start of the final set, Watari executes a jump set to Oikawa. With this new ability revealed about Seijoh's libero, Shimada points out how this adds more strategy to their team as they will have more support if Oikawa is unable to make a set but also allows the captain himself to become an attacker[5]. When Hinata managed to execute the wide broad attack, Takinoue explains to girls from Seijoh that it's because it was performed so late in the game that it is so effective but Shimada silently thinks that Hinata and Kageyama simply forgot about the maneuver until now.

With the set rallies seeming to be dragging on and the players are starting to feel the effects of playing a long game, Shimada figures that if Karasuno is able to score the next point then it will end Oikawa's serve while slowly closing the distance in the point gap. Unfortunately, Hinata was ultimately blocked and Ukai was forced to use the team's last time-out to give the players some time to slow the pace down. However, once the game continues and Hinata is next to serve, Shimada becomes shocked to see that Ukai is sending in Yamaguchi to serve[6]. He begins to nervously exclaim how he had previous told Ukai how Yamaguchi can only manage a fluke every once in a while which Takinoue suspects is what the coach is hoping for.

Sadly, Yamaguchi's serve fails and Seijoh is the first to make it to twenty points. As Manaka Ujiie and Asuka Hirama show sympathy for Yamaguchi having been sent in only to right away come back out, Shimada states that it's the role of the pinch server to try to be sent in during critical times in hopes of turning things around. However, despite the failed serve, Shimada is certain that Yamaguchi has learned from this experience and will become more determined to improve himself.

Even though Karasuno managed to shake off their own nerves after Yamaguchi's missed serve, Shimada still notices how they're just buying time until the inevitable unless they manage to turn things around. He and Takinoue will stress over the next several rallies as Seijoh would manage to keep the momentum on their side and continue to rack up points. Through Karasuno's sheer determination, they would be able to eventually get the score to a tie and even to match point.

As Seijoh continues to push forward and get points back, Shimada questions if the team really has never made it to nationals before since they're clearly a powerful team that does not give up easily. The score eventually reaches 31-31 and the rotation has completely gone full circle with Oikawa up to serve again. Shimada surmises that the setter must remember his previous serve and must be feeling incredible pressure at the moment but, after a quick talk from Iwaizumi, delivers the best serve he's done throughout the game.

Karasuno eventually loses the game when Hinata is blocked when trying his super quick attack. As Shimada and Takinoue attempt to comfort the players, they are surprised to see Hirama and Ujiie, as well as others, give their support to Karasuno.


After the match, Shimada is with Yamaguchi at his shop and questions how the first-year felt about having been put in the game. Yamaguchi admits that he did not enjoy how he felt during such a critical moment and admits that he now sees things different from when he played during middle school where he had mostly been satisfied at just being part of the team. Hearing Yamaguchi admit that he now wants to take things more seriously, Shimada informs him that he must first improve his skills before he can truly start having fun during a competition. He adds his own story of how he felt when he had been put in a game and had his breakthrough moment, leading him to realize that all of the practice and hard work he had put in made it worth it and that Yamaguchi can accomplish the same if he is willing to continue improving.

Spring High Preliminary Arc

Karasuno vs Wakutani Minami

With Karasuno advancing to the semi-finals, Shimada is able to arrive just before the game begins and joins Yachi in the stands. Just after he explains that Takinoue was unable to make it because wasn't able to get the morning off from work, the two are joined by Saeko. At hearing her relation to Tanaka, Shimada claims that he can see the similarities between the two.

As Hinata scores the first point using his quick attack, Shimada and Yachi take joy in hearing how several of Wakutani's supporters are shocked to see such an attack. His joy quickly turns to confusion when seeing that the Wakutani players themselves are not surprised at seeing the attack.

As the set reaches a tie at 15-15, Shimada figures out Wakutani's players have devised a way to control where Hinata aim's his spikes by always having at least one middle blocker committing to him at all times. Near the end of the set, Shimada and many others become heavily concerned when Daichi and Tanaka collided and Daichi was rendered unconscious for a short period. After Daichi regained consciousness and was removed from the game to seek medical attention, Shimada voices how he is uncertain if Ennoshita will be up to the challenge of being in the game as he seems like a timid person. Saeko is quick to defend Ennoshita by stating how she has seen him take charge of the second years.

Eventually, the score reaches 23-20 with Karasuno maintaining the lead. At this point, Shimada becomes nervous when he sees Yamaguchi be sent in as the pinch server. He shows immense relief when Yamaguchi's first serve manages to get over the net and land before it can be recovered. However, at Yamaguchi's next serve, Shimada notices how the first year didn't use a jump and just performed a standing float. Karasuno would win the set in the next play but Saeko would question why Ukai was upset at Yamaguchi.

Shimada explains that a jump serve is more effective when a jump is used as it gives the server a higher point to hit and allows them to add more power. Even though he can't really fault Yamaguchi for wanting to play it safe, Shimada points out how Yamaguchi isn't able to do things like the other first-years and that his serve is his best weapon. If he were to shy away from that, then he wouldn't be left with anything to fight with.

During the last few plays of the set, Saeko notices how Ennoshita is struggling. Shimada guesses that it's because he is filling in for Daichi as a right-sided hitter while Ennoshita himself actually is a left-sided hitter and is most likely still adjusting to playing opposite of what he's used to.

As the game continues, Shimada points out how Karasuno will need to adjust to Nakashima's constantly tooling the blocks otherwise it will just cause more trouble for them. Karasuno was eventually able to win the match and advance to the next round.

Karasuno vs Aoba Johsai

Along with Saeko, Shimada is in the stands waiting for the match to start when they are joined by Takinoue[7]. At Saeko's excitement of the team possibly advancing to the finals and Nationals, the two men point out that Karasuno must first defeat two of the strongest teams in the prefecture.

As the match starts, Shimada and Takinoue becomes nervous at seeing Oikawa is the first to serve. At Saeko's inquiry, the two tell her how Oikawa has a powerful serve that can be problematic for Karasuno. Despite this, Karasuno was able to receive and counter to get the first point of the game.

Near the end of the set, Shimada notices that Seijoh is moving Kyōtani into the match. However, his presence would prove more devastating to Seijoh when he unintentionally sent his spike out of bounds and thus won the set for Karasuno. Early in the second set, Shimada would watch as Kyōtani began making an approach to attack from outside the court in order to land a cross shot in the vanguard in order to avoid the blockers. When Kyōtani attempted the same move in a later play, Shimada and the others would be relieved when Kyōtani accidentally sent the spike into the net.

After Oikawa read and blocked Hinata's back row attack, Shimada is frustrated at the result after thinking Hinata had a sure chance to score. At Yachi pointing out that Ukai has called Sugawara to the bench, he and Takinoue suspect that Sugawara is going to be sent in as a pinch server. Seeing that Saeko is confused as to what they are talking about, they explain how subbing players in or out can be for different reasons and that Ukai is most likely sending Sugawara in with a plan to get Karasuno back up in the score.

They are proven right when Sugawara finally goes in and begins to use his serves to make Kyōtani receive and be late to attack. Shimada figures out that Sugawara was sent in in place of Tsukishima since only Hinata and Tanaka would be available to attack in the front and Tsukishima isn't able to block from the back row. Plus, Sugawara was more experience with making receives so it would also add to their back row defense. Because of this, Karasuno was able to get a few points back until Seijoh adapted and had Sugawara removed from the set. Once Sugawara is removed from the set, Shimada hears Saeko that Karasuno doesn't have to worry about losing the second set since they won the first and can just win the third in order to win. He corrects her thinking by stating that it would be better for Karasuno to win in straight sets since playing a third set might be their downfall.

When the score reaches 23-19, Yamaguchi is subbed in when Hinata is next to serve. With a brief flashback showing how Shimada helped the first-year realize his nerves from the Wakutani game, he was proud of how he was able to go to Ukai to ask for another chance to prove himself an asset to the team.

Yamaguchi's first serve lands as a not touch service ace and reminds Shimada of his time being sent in as a pinch server in school[8].

Karasuno vs Shiratorizawa

Shimada and Takinoue s3-e1-1.png

When Karasuno makes it to the finals against Shiratorizawa, Shimada and Takinoue gather up as many people as they can to cheer for Karasuno. However, Shimada's soon overwhelmed by the much larger audience Shiratorizawa has, which even includes cheerleaders[9].

When Ikkei Ukai comes to watch the match[10], Shimada, Takinoue, and Akiteru bow as a greeting. The coach notes how the three of them used to jump at the ball without thinking, unlike what the current Karasuno's doing right now, and they look away sheepishly as Takinoue hastily explains that they just had too many other factors to think about during matches.

As the game progresses, Shimada would boast every so often about Yamaguchi's successful jump float serves, much to Takinoue's annoyance. Shimada also notes that despite the imbalance of the scores, Karasuno can still win as long as they keep pushing Ushijima to his limits. However, he and Takinoue worry about Karasuno's stamina because they have to play five matches, something they've never tried before.

Nearing the end of the match[11], Karasuno begins to tire out, and Saeko starts a round of cheers for the members. Shimada eagerly joins in, but they're soon overwhelmed by the louder audience Shiratorizawa has. After Ushijima makes a mistake, one of the elderly men behind Shimada comments on how it messed up Shiratorizawa's rhythm. Quickly cutting in, Shimada explains that Ushijima's powerful spike was effective in scaring the opponents. Playing as riskily as he did takes a lot of bravery, something that could help Shiratorizawa win.

In the end, Karasuno wins and advances to the Spring Tournament. Shimada and Takinoue are seen cheering in the bleachers with Saeko[12]. Afterward, he, Takinoue, Takeda, and Ukai go out to drink. Shimada gets too drunk and falls asleep on one of the cushions.

Tokyo Nationals Arc

To support Karasuno's advance to nationals, Shimada sets up a donation box in his store[13].

Karasuno vs Tsubakihara

As he arrives in the Tokyo gymnasium, Shimada calls Ukai to ask about the team’s whereabouts. Despite already having graduated from high school and will not be playing with Karasuno’s team, Shimada admits to being nervous for them. Along with Takinoue, Shimada helps lead Karasuno's cheering section.

During Yamaguchi's first serve of the game, he has a flashback of when Shimada was giving him advice of how he can reset his emotions by using a 'reset point'[14]. Half-way into the set, Shimada finds himself in the company of Karasuno's two previous captain, Tasiro and Kurokawa. Upon Karasuno's victory, Shimada and the others greatly celebrate.

Karasuno vs Inarizaki

Just before the game starts, Shimada and many of Karasuno's supporters are shown to be overwhelmed by the size of Inarizaki's support group and marching band. After Suna's serve, Shimada notices how the boys are already getting caught up in Inarizaki's rhythm and tries shouting out to them to keep at their own pace. He would soon take notice of how Osamu would wait the entire eight seconds before serving as opposed to Suna who served right at the whistle. When Tanaka was able to score for Karasuno, Shimada and Takinoue attempted to lead a cheer but were quickly silenced by Inarizaki's band. He and Takinoue quickly figure out that Inarizaki's support section and band are purposely using the rhythm and timing to throw off their opponents.

Fortunately, Saeko and her taiko group appear and are able to provide Karasuno with an even playing field. Although happy Saeko and her group are there to help, Shimada and Takinoue express some annoyance that she arrived late and question if it was due to her having stayed out drinking the night before. Shimada later witnesses Ukai's decision to have Hinata commit block Osamu and is surprised that the young coach would make such a risky decision during an actual game rather than in a practice match.

Helping Yamaguchi reset

When Yamaguchi is sent in as a pinch server but begins to get nervous after noticing the emergency exit sign he was using as a reset point was covered by banners, Shimada is shown having noticed this as well and hurried to be in place to use a bag from his store as the new reset point. Thanks to this, Yamaguchi was able to focus and score a service ace off Aran. Shimada celebrates the accomplishment but receives strange looks from those around him[15].

As Tanaka begins to struggle against Inarizaki's blocks, Shimada and Takinoue openly express their worry until Saeko scolds them for thinking this would be enough to bring her brother down. At the start of the second set, Shimada notices how Nishinoya is struggling with receiving Atsumu's jump float serves and had even missed making several receives. As Kageyama makes several successful serves, Shimada becomes increasingly excited until Aran is able to cut him off after the fourth serve. When Aran is subbed out of the set to allow Kita to play, Shimada believes that it's because Inarizaki feels certain that they will win the set and wish to allow their ace to rest in preparation for a third set. Shimada's assumption would prove correct as Kita helps his team stay focused and quickly win the set.

In the third set, Shimada and all of Karasuno rejoice when Nishinoya was finally able to make a perfect overhand receive of Atsumu's float serve. Like everyone else, Shimada would show great surprise when Hinata was able to receive Aran's spike[16]. As Inarizaki reached match point first, Shimada began to feel nervous for the outcome but was relieved when Karasuno was able to start getting back on track.

Takinoue and Shimada s4-e25-1.png

For several rallies, Karasuno and Inarizaki continue to battle for match point. Shimada continues to be on edge as more rallies pass and he silently pleads for the players to take advantage of certain rotations as it would give them the best chance to finish the game. Karasuno was soon able to win the match and Shimada is shown praising the team for their well earned victory. Later that night, Shimada and Takinoue are out with Saeko when they run into Akane and Alisa.

Karasuno vs Nekoma

The following day, Shimada is with Takinoue and the rest of the Karasuno support team when Takinoue notices Alisa on the Nekoma side and the two become somewhat envious at this. As the game starts, Shimada and the Karasuno cheer section become thrilled as Hinata is able to gain the first point of the match.

Not long after, Shimada and Takinoue are joined by Akiteru. They soon watch as the next rally is played through until Kuroo was able to block Daichi's spike. When Yamaguchi is able to score the first service ace of the match, Akiteru comments on how much the first-year has changed. Shimada instantly begins boasting the same as he is filled with a sense of pride. He soon becomes even more thrilled when Yamaguchi and Tsukishima were able to stop Fukunaga by using the serve and block technique.

With the second set nearly over, Shimada and the others watch as Nekoma suddenly sends in pinch server Tamahiko Teshiro; a player that he and the others had never seen before. Shimada soon becomes worried about Karasuno losing the set once Teshiro demonstrates that he can perform the ceiling serve just like Aoi Himekawa had during Karasuno's match against Tsubakihara Academy.

Shimada continues to support the team throughout the rest of the match until Karasuno eventually emerged victorious.

Karasuno vs Kamomedai

Final Arc

During the Adlers vs Jackals match, Shimada and Takinoue set up a stand inside the stadium and briefly meet with Yamaguchi and Yachi before the match starts.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Jumping Reach: 300 cm

  • Jump Float Serve: The jump float serve is known to be Shimada's specialty. He was known to use the float serve when he was Karasuno's pinch server in high school. Shimada has perfected the serve to the point that it does not have any kind of spin and changes when opponents least expect it and makes it incredibly difficult to attempt saving.
  • Receives: Shimada is shown to be quite skilled in receives. During the practice match against Karasuno, he was seen making numerous saves.
  • Blocking: Thanks to his taller height, Shimada is a valued blocker. While he does not get many stuff blocks, he is able to get several one-touches.


Tadashi Yamaguchi


Shimada acts as a mentor and older brother figure to Yamaguchi. He often encourages and cheers for the first-year during matches. As his mentor, Shimada taught Yamaguchi the jump float serve and gave him countless tips to help improve this skill. From how close he has gotten with Yamaguchi, Shimada is able to see his nervous tendencies and help him overcome this. Each time Yamaguchi succeeds in the float serve, Shimada often cheers and brags about how much Yamaguchi has grown.

Yūsuke Takinoue


Shimada often attends Karasuno's matches with Takinoue and they would explain volleyball tactics to the people around them. Shimada and Takinoue were both on the Karasuno volleyball team at the same time. They are shown to get along very well and would attend nearly all of Karasuno's matches together to support the team. They can are also often seen going out drinking together along with other friends.

Keishin Ukai

Shimada plays on the Neighborhood Association Team with Ukai and they went to Karasuno High School together. Since high school, they've been playing volleyball together and often go out to drink with Takinoue.

Karasuno High

Like most alumni of Karasuno's Volleyball Team, Shimada shows a certain level of respect and fear towards the original Coach Ukai. Ever since the practice match against the Karasuno members, he has grown close to them. He attends most of their matches and would grin in pride whenever any of the members pull off incredible moves.


  • "Volleyball, more than anything, is a sport where you keep jumping continuously, so I believe it's also a battle with gravity - jumping as decoy, jumping to block, and jumping to spike. As the rally keeps going, fatigue sets in and your mental faculties decline. To be honest, you want to skip the blocking, and I've had times where I hoped someone else would spike it." (Season 1 Episode 23)
  • "Relying on your team is most of volleyball. Serving is the only time you're alone. Everyone will be looking at you, and you've got all the pressure." (To Takinoue, Season 1 Episode 23)
  • "That one shot [from the pinch server] has both the game's momentum and their pride riding on it, and Tadashi messed up, but this chance to feel this regret and his own helplessness will definitely make him stronger." (Season 1 Episode 23)
  • "'To enjoy competitive activities, you need to be good.' Coach Ukai, I mean, his grandfather - he used to say that to me all the time. Of course, I wasn't the ace, or even a starting member. Practices were tough, and I thought about quitting, but...the first time I managed a service ace at a match, I thought, 'Man....How many hours did I practice just for this one shot? If I can savor this one shot, this one moment, again, I can survive those tough practices. " (To Yamaguchi, Season 1 Episode 25)
  • "There's just something about blocking... Nailing one right back in the opponent's face is like a super move that can instantly give the whole team an emotional high." (About Tendō, Volume 18 Chapter 156)
  • "Even though scoring impresses the audience the most, in order to score consecutive points, the hardest and most crucial task is to respond to the opponent's attack." (Volume 20 Chapter 172)
  • "However, there's value in the act of stepping up to the plate and playing like you have nothing to lose." (Volume 21 Chapter 186)