Masaki Gōra (Japanese: 強羅 (ごうら) 昌己 (まさき) Gōra Masaki ) is a third year at Ubugawa High . He is the Boys' Volleyball Club's captain and a wing spiker.


Gōra has sharp eyes and eyebrows, resulting in an intimidating and angry look. Another distinguishable feature is his thick lips that resemble that of a cod fish. His hair is black and usually styled up in a short ponytail. 


Contrary to his more intimidating appearance, Gōra is rather even-tempered. He is never seen losing his cool or raising his voice even being teased. Gōra seems to be close to Shinzen's captain, Daiki Ogano . The two are seen teasing about the other's appearance, calling each other "Broccoli Head" and "Fish Lips". [1] 


Not much is known about his background other than the fact he lives in Kanagawa Prefecture and goes to Ubugawa High School. He eventually becomes the captain in his third year.


Ubugawa is a team focused on using serves as an ultimate attack, and Gōra is no different. He is shown to have a powerful jump serve that he can use to collect service aces. 




References Edit

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