Masayoshi Nakashima (Japanese: 中島 (なかしま) 正義 (まさよし) Nakashima Masayoshi) is the patriarch of the Nakashima family. The Nakashima family often attends Takeru's matches and has grown to be known as Wakutani South's famous "cheering squad family".


He has short, thinning black hair and thick eyebrows that make a 90° angle near the end. He's very muscular, large in size overall, and is of average height. He's usually seen in plain t-shirts.


He is very open with his emotions and has no shame when it comes to displaying his affection, particularly towards his wife.


Masayoshi is married to Ai and has five children with her. He appears to be supportive of Takeru's involvement with volleyball, as seen when he cheers and holds up a placard for him during the volleyball matches.


Spring High Preliminary ArcEdit

At the end of the Wakutani South vs. Ōgishō match[1], the Nakashima family calls Takeru's name from the bleachers to get his attention. Masayoshi holds up a placard with Takeru's name written on it and compliments his moves during the match.

During the Karasuno High vs. Wakutani South match, he shows up once again with his placard and the rest of his family. He would often cheer, usually with a very loud voice, for Wakutani South, especially when his son would score. When his son loses in the end, he cries heavily but still claps for Wakutani South[2].


Ai NakashimaEdit

He is terribly in love with his wife and is often shown to be lovey-dovey with her, even in front of their kids.

Takeru NakashimaEdit

Masayoshi is extremely supportive of his son's volleyball career and often shows up at his matches with the entire family to cheer on Wakutani South. In return, Takeru would turn to the bleachers and smile at his family every time he wins a match or pulls off an incredible move.


  • He and his family appear in Kiben Gakuha, Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan (where his daughter is one of the main characters).
  • Nomenclature
    • Nakashima (中島) - Island in a River
    • Masayoshi (正義) - Justice



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