Mashi Mashi
Mashi Mashi NICO-Touches-the-Walls
Japanese Title マシ • マシ (Mashi Mashi)
Translation More and More

Song information

Artist NICO Touches the Walls
Writer Tatsuya Mitsumura
Arrangement NICO Touches the Walls
Released November 30, 2016
Length 4:08 (Full Ver.)
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Haiykuu!! Ending 05 -1080p-

Haiykuu!! Ending 05 -1080p-

Nico Touches the Walls -Mashi Mashi

Nico Touches the Walls -Mashi Mashi

"Mashi Mashi" is the ending theme for the third season of the Haikyū!! series. It was performed by NICO Touches the Walls.

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The animated version shows a panoramic-like frame of showing the overall characters throughout the series. The first one being the characters in Shiratorizawa Academy, following Date Tech High, the next one being Wakutani South High, then Johzenji High, the next one shows Fukurōdani Academy, followed by Nekoma High, then Aobajōsai High, and finally, Karasuno High. Additional characters are also shown together with Team Karasuno.

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T.V Size Ver.Edit

Jikan wa sukuccha mada todoka zu shi mai
girigiri de tsunai de hanatsu negai tada
hito ya taimingu ni megumare te
hekotare zu ni irareteru

makkō kara shōbu shi tai
mayotte mo jiku to korae tōkon wo
chansu wa soko ni aru

ato wa kimi shidai desu
ato wa kimi shidai
kitto sō negai wo kanaeru mo
matte ashita wo mukaeru mo
ato wa kimi shidai

ima wa yutori mo nai shi
satoru ni hayai
kaze no irome ni shimiru
yutori wo motte
soko ni tsumekon de
hokori takaku iki tai dōka

ato wa kimi shidai desu
zenbu kimi shidai
kitto amai amai to iware te mo
chigau yo chigau to kenasare ta tte
ato wa kimi shidai
mayou n ja nai
kimi shidai






Time keeps slipping off my hand and remains unreachable
I'm barely able to pass on my wish, but
I am fortunate with people and timing
That keeps me going without feeling down

I want to face the challenge
Even when you second guess yourself, hold on to your beliefs and fight through
There is a chance right there

It is up to you
All is up to you
Whether you make your wish come true
or wait for tomorrow
Now it's up to you

I don't have much room to give
It's too early to know everything
The color of the wind gets in my eyes
Give yourself more room
Push it in there
I want to live with pride

It is up to you
All is up to you
Even if people keep saying that you are naive
No matter how many times you are told that you are wrong
Now it's up to you
Don't worry
It's up to you

Full Size Ver.Edit

Jikan wa sukuccha mada todokazu shi mai
Girigiri de tsunaide hanatsu negai tada
Hito ya taimingu de megumarete
Hekotarezu ni irareteru

Makkou kara shoubu shi tai
Mayotte mo jiku to korae toukon wo
Chansu wa soko ni aru

Sono ki ni nattara sugoindato
Yareba dekiru, jya kattekou ne
Oh Oh

Ato wa kimi shidai desu
Ato wa kimi shidai
Kitto amai amai to nagettemo
Chigau yo chigau to utattemo
Ato wa kimi shidai
Kimi shidai

Ah mottainai yo ga kuchiguse no mawari no
suki kirai mo sotto nai
Nori nori iya gori gori yoisou dayo
Doudemo ii kotoba dake no flash your word
Mata nou nai hyappon block de, uchikaeshiteru
Oh Oh

Nannimo ki ni shinaide
Iwarerya kurushiindai
Demo furai furai to sakendemo
To shabureru ame ni utaretemo
Taiyou wa ki ni shinai
Ki ni shinai

Ima wa yutori mo nai shi
Satoru ni wa hayai
Kaze no irome ni shimiru
Yutori wo motte
Soko ni tsumekonde
Hokori takaku ikitai douka

Ato wa kimi shidai desu
Ato wa kimi shidai
Kitto risou negai wo kanaeru mo
Damatte ashita wo mukaeru mo
Ato wa kimi shidai

Ato wa kimi shidai desu
Zenbu kimi shidai
Kitto amai amai to iwarete mo
Chigau yo chigau to kenasareta tte
Ato wa kimi shidai
Mayoun ja nai
La la la la la la la
Mayoun ja nai
La la la la la la la
Kimi shidai

La la la la la la la
Kimi shidai

力ずくじゃまだ届かず終い ギリギリで繋いで放つ願い
真っ向から勝負したい 迷ってもじっと堪えとこう

あとはきみしだいです あとはきみしだい
きっと甘い甘いと嘆いても 違うよ違うと歌っても
あとはきみしだい きみしだい

ノリノリ? いや懲り懲り? 酔いそうだよ
どうでもいいことだらけのフレーズを また脳内100本ブロックで

でも辛い辛いと叫んでも 土砂降りの雨に打たれても
太陽は気にしない 気にしない

今はゆとりもないし 悟るには早い
風の色 目に沁みる
ゆとりをもって 悟り詰め込んで

あとはきみしだいです あとはきみしだい
きっと理想、願いを叶えるも 黙って明日を迎えるも
あとはきみしだいです 全部きみしだい
きっと甘い甘いと云われても 違うよ違うと貶されたって
あとはきみしだい 迷うんじゃない[1]

Out of energy, we still haven’t made it there- we connect with this wish at the last minute, setting it free!
Being blessed with friends and proper timing, we’ve simply managed to not lose heart along the way.
I wanna take this challenge head on! So even if you feel lost, keep enduring—
That’s where our chance will lie!
Saying you’re awesome if you’re in the right mood,
Or, “I can do it if I try”, just won’t do!

Everything else is up to you! It’s all up to you!
Surely, whether you lament over your naivety, or sing about how wrong everyone is,
Everything else is up to you!

For someone with the catchphrase, “Ahh, what a waste—”, you don’t seem to have many likes or dislikes.
Are you up for anything? Just fed up? You’re making me dizzy!
Inside my head, I’ve blocked 100 times,
Beating back your meaningless phrases.
If you can keep things from bothering you, you won’t have any worries!

But even if you scream out your suffering, or get caught in a downpour,
The sun won’t pay you any mind… it just won’t mind!

We have no leeway right now, but it’s too early for us to understand;
The colors of the wind sting our eyes.
So taking leeway in stride- packing understanding in tight-
‘Cause I wanna walk on pridefully!

Everything else is up to you! The rest is up to you!
Surely, whether it’s making your ideals and dreams come true, or just shutting up and waiting for tomorrow,
Everything else is up to you!
Everything else is up to you! It’s all up to you!
Surely, whether you’re told you’re being naive, or simply told you’re doing it wrong…
Everything else is up to you! So don’t lose your way![2]


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