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"Mental Stamina" (Japanese: 思考体力 (しこうたいりょく) Shikō Tairyoku) is the three hundred fifty-sixth chapter of the Haikyū!! series, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 32nd issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2019 series.


Karasuno has their engines firing on all cylinders as Hinata's quick and Asahi's serves snatch up points. Even near the end of a set, Kamomedai remains unfazed while they close the point gap with their top-notch skills.


Kageyama successfully delivers the ball to Hinata's exact spike point, allowing the latter to overwhelm Kamomedai's blockers with both speed and height. The spike is so impressive that it not only surprised everybody who's watching but also the oddball combo duo themselves. Kamomedai is still trying to process what just happened, but Hirugami knows that the spike signifies trouble for them. Kenma remarks that Hinata, even with his exceptional jumping power, ultimately has a limit to how high can jump, thus he adds speed to reach the peak faster. Meanwhile, Atsumu is astounded that Hinata intuitively matches his jump to the quickest timing Kageyama's setting could reach.

Just as the commentators applaud Karasuno's monster first years, ace Asahi makes a clean service ace to silence the stadium . Karasuno is on fire as they lead 22 - 20. Hoshiumi receives Asahi's second serve, and Gao spikes. Daichi keeps the ball in play but makes a short pass. Hinata calculates that there isn't enough time for him to use his improved jump and relies on his broad attack to score another point. Asahi's third serve scrapes the net and starts falling on Kamomedai's court. Unaffected by Karasuno's momentum, Nozawa calmly makes a save. Suwa tosses to Hoshiumi, who executes another perfect blockout. Soon after, Hirugami scores a service ace using his jump floater. With the end of the second set approaching, Karasuno prepares to sub in Yamaguchi as pinch server.


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