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  • Hello PerseusHunt,

    Thank you very much for adding Template:Ruby and incorporating it into the chapter pages! We really like the new format and would like to push the change to more pages. At the moment, we have a concern of the code being too convoluted by repeatedly calling the Ruby template for each Kanji character. It would work fine for short titles but for longer one like "変人・妖怪・魑魅魍魎", it is quite troublesome to call the template for every single character. 

    We are currently discussing how to best incorpate the Ruby template with the Translation template so that it's both intuitive and easy to use. Here is our discussion thread. You are welcome to join in and offer advice anytime! 

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  • Welcome to Haikyuu!! Wiki, Animegane12!
    Shoyo Hinata Cover
    Thank you for your edit to the Demon Crow page and for joining our community! There are many things to do here, so I hope you will stay with us and make many more improvements to the site!
    • Before doing anything else, make sure you familiarize yourself with our wiki's guidelines!
    • Also visit our wiki's Manual of Style for help in making wonderful edits.
    • Not sure how to help? Visit our to-do list for some inspirations! You can also look at the wiki activity to see what pages other users have been editing.
    • Got any questions? Feel free to contact an administrator for help or visit this.
    Please leave a message if I can help with anything!
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