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  • Thank you for adding the Image Gallery and Overview tabs on Kyotani's, Kuroo's, Lev's, and Inuoka's pages :).

    However, due to the results of the vote , only main characters with enough appearances and information get these tabs/subpages. If the minor characters have their own image galleries subpages, the wikia will eventually get too crowded because there are so many characters. They don't need their own image galleries. As much as I hate to do this to you, I have to delete the image galleries.

    I won't delete the pages right away. I'll give you some time to respond first. I am extremely sorry for this.

    smile emoticon. Using it for minor characters cause a bunch of sub-pages to be created, which will eventually overcrowd the wikia. I apologize but it's better for minor characters to not have an image gallery of their own or any subpages at all. Thank you very much for your hard work; I, on behalf of the wikia, appreciate it, but I have to delete the the pages."

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  • Welcome to The Haikyuu Wiki

    Welcome to the Haikyuupedia, the encylopedia for the anime and manga Haikyuu that anyone can edit. Thanks for your edit to Hajime Iwaizumi.

    Leave me a message if I can help you with anything!

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    • Hi! So I was wondering if it was just my computer, or do the pictures only display as '250px' for Iwaizumi's page? And others that I've been browsing. Is the display broken? Thanks!

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    • Hello, Wiki Contributor Starkasmsaracasm, 

      Some picture are indeed displayed as '250 px'; it is not "just my [your] computer." This happens a lot when the format of pages are changed and switched around. To fix this, you must retype or change the name of the picture in the Character Infobox templates. Most of the time, users  would just remove the "File:" that's usually in front of every picture to fix this. I don't deal with images a whole lot on the Haikyuu!! Wiki, and I am only a temporary admin, so just this bit of information may not be able to help you very much; I apologize. Temp. Admin NoyaThePenguin, however, may be able to assist you better, so I advise you to leave a message on her message wall if you come into contact with more of these images later and cannot fix them. If you have any further concerns, questions, or comments, please leave a message on my wall or Temp. Admin NoyaThePenguin's wall . Please also be aware that this Wiki is currently going under renovations, so do not be alarmed if pages are moved or changed, and of course, thank you for the remarkable amount of work you have done, and we hope you stick with the Haikyuu!! franchise and continue to contribute to the Wiki.


      Temp. Administrator Fattieschan

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    • Alright, thank you so much for the info! 

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    • No problem, Wiki Contributor Starkasmsarcasm. We appreciate your work, and we're very glad you noticed it.

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    • A FANDOM user
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