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  • Hi there, ( •̀ω•́ )

    As I was writing a description for Chapter 73's plot, I was confused on what name I should use to refer to the characters. I searched and analyzed the existing plots and found out that in some cases their first name was used (Ex: Daichi) or their last name, (Ex: Hinata, Kageyama) which caused my confusion.

    Could you clarify or tell me which one should I use? c: Thank you!

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    • Sorry for such a late reply, but for the character's names could you please kindly look in the navagation bar and use those names. Those are the official names of the characters and we're currently in the stages in uniforming all the names.  

      Ex: Hinata would be Shōyō Hinata or for simplicity, you can simply write Hinata, but link the page to Shōyō Hinata [which would look like Hinata]

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    • Okay, I understand. c: Thank you for the information.

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    • Hi, I'm the one that wrote those summaries. In the "Plot" or "Overview" sections, I write the names the characters are usually known by (Sawamura Daichi would be Daichi; Sugawara would be Suga; etc). In the "Debut" or "Appearance" sections, I would write the full names from the navigation bar. If the names aren't on the navigation bar, I would use the name on the character's page.

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