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Michinari Akagi (Japanese: 赤木 (あかぎ) 路成 (みちなり) Akagi Michinari) was a third-year libero of Inarizaki High School's Boys' Volleyball Team. 

As of 2021, he is a high school PE teacher in Hyōgo.


He appears to have dark, spiky hair, some of it swept to one side, and has large eyes with small pupils. His eyebrows are small and thin. He is of an athletic and strong build and is a fairly tall libero.

Post-timeskip, his appearance has mostly stayed the same, but he seems to have his hair at a shorter length.


Akagi has a friendly personality and is often seen encouraging his teammates during the match.


Tokyo Nationals Arc[]

Akagi receives Kageyama's first serve during one of the match's earlier rallies, though he does it poorly. Sometime later, Asahi serves, but according to the announcers, Akagi effortlessly receives it. Near the end of the first set, Akagi asks his teammates about Hinata's impressive jumping. Hearing this, Kurosu tells his team not to be intimidated by Hinata. Following this, Akagi and Aran fail to receive a fluke from Asahi and Akagi gets angry at this. Shortly after, Akagi is able to save an impressive slap of the ball from Kageyama. During the second set, Akagi saves the ball numerous times, and seeing Asahi get a net foul, Akagi tells his team to get their rhythm back.

Later on, Akagi manages to save the ball, but does it poorly. Nevertheless, Atsumu still sets it perfectly. Despite Karasuno's synchronized attack, Akagi still digs Daichi's spike, though he is not satisfied with it as he claims it's too long. Shortly after, Akagi is about to go overhand to dig. However, Atsumu surprises him by leaping in front of the libero to set. In the following rally, Hinata shocks the whole crowd by saving from the back of the court. However, Akagi surprises him in turn by getting his foot under the ball. After Inarizaki wins the rally, Akagi leaps in joy.

Akagi s4-e25-1

Later on, Akagi receives Karasuno's attack when they are seemingly unstoppable. Seeing this, Suguru praises him not only for the great receives but also for his coordination with the blockers. Despite this, Akagi cannot dig the ball when Asahi spikes and conquers a triple block. Inarizaki eventually loses and after the last point is scored, Akagi crouches down in distress. Following this, Inarizaki bows to Karasuno.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Akagi was the starting libero for Inarizaki, the second strongest team in the nation, so it can be assumed that he is a very high caliber libero who excels at receiving and digging. He is shown to be dedicated to saving the ball whenever he can, even going so far as to jump over barriers to do so.


  • Strong Serve Receive: Akagi was shown to consistently receive Kageyama's and Asahi's serves throughout the match with Karasuno, getting it to the setter regularly.
  • Quick Reflexes: Akagi is very quick and has great reflexes rivalling Nishinoya's, as he is able to receive the ball with his foot at the end line of the court after Aran fails to receive a strong spike from a Karasuno attack, impressing Nishinoya and stunning Karasuno.
  • Receiving/Digging: Being the libero of a national powerhouse, Akagi excels at receiving and digging. He is seen consistently receiving Asahi's spikes and has faced off and emerged victorious against Kiryū, a nationally ranked ace. One reason Akagi is consistent with his receives is because of the connecting coordination he has with his blockers.


Inarizaki High[]

  • Shinsuke Kita: He appears to be familiar with Kita as he is on a first name basis with him, calling him "Shinsuke" during the match.
  • Inarizaki High: Continuously during the match, Akagi is seen clapping and encouraging his teammates to "fix [our] rhythm". He is also seen discussing Hinata's quick attack with Atsumu and Suna during one of the timeouts, thus implying that Akagi gets along well with his teammates.


  • Current Concern: His fat to muscle ratio is increasing.
  • Star Sign: Aries.
  • He is the second oldest third-year on the team after Aran Ojiro.
  • Akagi is named after the Red Fox, also known as "アカギツネ" or aka gitsune.
  • Nomenclature:
    • Michinari (路成) – Road/Path, Become
    • Akagi (赤木) – Red Tree