Michiru Usuri (Japanese: 臼利 (うすり) (みちる) Usuri Michiru) is a second year setter of Mujinazaka High.

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Usuri has light-colored hair parted down the middle, thin eyebrows, and round eyes. Compared to his teammate Kiryū, his appearance gives off a more approachable feel.

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To his teammates, Usuri is the encouraging player who assures that his team will do well. However when facing off other teams, Usuri is manipulative and is able to alter the opponent's conditions in game with his planning. His personality is decribed as to be awful or shady when he gets overly excited into the game.

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He currently attends Mujinazaka High, located in Ōita Prefecture in the region of Kyushu.

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Game Sense

Usuri is a very analytical, observant, and intelligent setter. Kenma describes him as vile, when he comes up with a plan to stop Fukurodani and it's setter by crushing Akaashi's mentality. He is proficient in both receiving and setting, being able to set the ball high enough to make full use of his teammates height. He can also do a jump floater serve and uses dumps.

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  • Current Concern:He has been told that his eyes look scary sometimes.
  • Favorite Food: Minced meat or fish with soy sauce on rice
  • Nomenclature:
    • Usuri (臼利): milestones and advantages 
    • Michiru (満): fullness 

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