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"Midday Moon" (Japanese: (ひる) (つき) Hiru no Tsuki) is the one hundred eighty-seventh chapter of the Haikyu!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 3rd-4th double issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2016 series.


It's neck-and-neck between Karasuno and Shiratorizawa. Karasuno is running on fumes as their legs have reached their limit. Daichi can see the ball falling in front of him but his legs refuse to listen. Nishinoya manages to receive the ball twice, followed up by Kageyama tossing to Asahi and scoring. Nishinoya tells his teammates to take care of the mid-air battles even if it feels as if their thighs are about to burst. The game continues and Hinata jumps for a minus tempo back attack.


Tanaka is able to get past the Shiratorizawa blockers to put Karasuno back at match point. His serve is received while Hinata remains focused on not falling for decoys and follows the set being given to Goshiki, but is unable to help in the block when his leg suddenly tenses and he is unable to move. With only Daichi trying to block him, Goshiki is easily able to get past him to score.

Shirabu's serve hits the net but still goes over. Daichi watches the ball as it starts to descend, but is unable to move to receive. Luckily, Nishinoya is able to dive forward and save the ball. When the ball goes toward the net, Goshiki does a direct spike, but Nishinoya surprises everyone once more by receiving this ball as well. Asahi hits the ball against Ushijima's arm for it to land out. Nishinoya is given great gratitude for his amazing receives and he in turn puts his trust in the attackers to take care of the mid-air battles.

When Hinata goes to serve, Nishinoya rotates out. Ukai sees that Karasuno's current rotation is their best chance to finish the game, calling it their one hundred percent offensive rotation, but also that this rotation also works against them in terms of floor defense since Nishinoya is out and Daichi is in the front row. Because of this, Ukai believes that the blocking is what will be their biggest aid.

Hinata serves and right away Kageyama has him switch position with him. As he is about to set, Shirabu knows that a time difference attack will not work with Tsukishima waiting. Because of this, Shirabu sets to Kawanishi for a center attack. As Tsukishima jumps to block, he recalls a moment from the summer training camp in which he and Lev were leaving practice one night. Lev mentions how Kuroo became upset at him for not using read blocking and instead relying on his instincts and luck to block someone. While Tsukishima agrees with Lev to a certain point, he does have more faith in read blocking as it gives the opponent a smaller chance to get past the block. Kuroo appears and points out how Lev simply wishes to look cool when blocking and re-affirms the notion that, when mastered, read blocking will allow the blocker to get the last laugh.

Tsukishima gets a one-touch on Kawanishi's spike. With calls to get the chance ball, Tanaka is able to receive it and Hinata propels himself for a back minus tempo attack.


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  • In commemoration of the winter holidays, a center color page of Hinata, Yachi, Nishinoya, Asahi and Yamaguchi playing in the snow. The text reads: "The bells toll in Karasuno, calling for entrusted wishes and a Merry Christmas!"


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