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Minami Daisan Junior High (Japanese: (みなみ) 第三 (だいさん) 中学 (ちゅうがく) Minami Daisan Chūgaku) is a middle school in Miyagi Prefecture.


The school uniform was not shown in the manga nor the anime. The volleyball team's uniform is red with the player's number and stripes on the side of the jersey in white and the school's name in black.

Volleyball Club

Not much is known about Minami Daisan, but it was mentioned that the years Kyōtani attended the school were the only years they got very far in tournaments. Additionally, Kyōtani was the team's strongest hitter, so despite his lack of skills in teamwork, he would still be allowed to play.

Former Members

Name Number Position Year
? #2 ? ?
Kentarō Kyōtani #4 Wing Spiker 3rd Year
? #6 ? ?
? #11 ? ?


  • Minami Daisan Junior High vs Izumitate Junior High (2:0 / 25-?, 25-9)[1] (anime only)
  • Minami Daisan Junior High vs Nagamushi Middle School (?:? / ??, ??, ??) (Score was 12-15 in 1st set)[2]


  • The volleyball team's motto as shown on the banner in Season 2 Episode 23 is

    Minami Daisan Banner

    "Get Fired Up!! Minami Daisan's Soul" (Japanese: 燃えろ (もえろ) !!南三中 (みなみさんちゅう) (たましい) Moero!! Minami Sanchū Tamashii).
  • In Season 2 Episode 23 during Kyōtani's flashback, he is seen wearing the number #1. This is possibly an error as his number is shown as #4 in Episode 14.
  • In English translations, the school is often called "Minamisan", however, the name written on the jersey is "Minami Daisan".[3] The shortened version happens similarly to how Kitagawa Daiichi is sometimes called Kitaichi, with the ordinal number marker "dai" being dropped in both cases.
  • In the English Dub of the Anime, Minami Daisan is referred to as "South Third Middle".
  • While the anime has shown that Minami Daisan has played against Izumitate Junior High, there is no indication the teams have played one another in the manga.