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"Momentum Swing: Part 2" (Japanese: (なが) れを () える一本 (いっぽん) ・2 Nagare o Kaeru Ippon・2) is the sixty-fourth chapter of the Haikyū!! series, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 28th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2013 series.


Determined to show off his skills and fight with everyone, Yamaguchi does a jump-float serve. However, the ball fails to reach the other side and hits the net instead. Frustrated, Yamaguchi apologizes for his error to the team. Daichi, however, encourages him that he will get it right next time. In this very moment, the tension has been lifted up and Karasuno exhibits a mood change, leading them back on track.


In a brief flashback, Ukai tells Shimada that Yamaguchi has been learning the jump float serve from him. As Karasuno does not have anyone who can do the jump float, Ukai has high hopes for the first year.

Asuka Hirama and Manaka Ujiie notice that Hinata and Yamaguchi are switching and guess that it's because Hinata is not good at serves. Takinoue explains that Yamaguchi is a pinch server who is sent in when a team needs to turn things around or get further ahead in the score. The girls assume that Yamaguchi has a serve to rival Oikawa's despite his timid appearance but Takinoue corrects them that serves like Oikawa's are not the only type of powerful serves available. He explains that a jump float works by having no spin and therefore is an 'unhittable' serve as it can shift and change at any moment before anyone can receive it.

Shimada becomes panicked at the thought of Ukai sending Yamaguchi in when the best he is able to pull off so far is a fluke. Takinoue believes that this is what Ukai is hoping for by sending the first year in and that Aoba Johsai may be put on edge by seeing an unknown player go in.

Seijoh does indeed become a little nervous at seeing Yamaguchi being sent in with the thought that he's being sent in with serving being his specialty but are still determined not to let him change things to Karasuno's favor. Hinata wishes Yamaguchi good luck but still will not let himself lose to his fellow first year. With encouragement from Ukai, Yamaguchi steps onto the court and right away feels the pressure of being there while his teammates try to tell him not to worry though they themselves are actually very concerned about Yamaguchi being sent in during such a critical time.

Sugawara mentions that Yamaguchi has been working on the jump float lately during practices but Ennoshita worries if he will be alright. The players in the warm-up box do a little cheer in hopes of helping Yamaguchi to calm down and boost his confidence. Despite this, Yamaguchi is still incredibly nervous.

Yamaguchi serves, determined to prove that he can fight, but the serve hits the net and scores for Seijoh. He apologizes to the team before he is subbed out and Hinata is send back in. Coach Irihata notices that Karasuno's mood has changed and the players themselves suddenly feel that all the pressure they were under has vanished. Asuka Hirama and Manaka Ujiie are confused why Yamaguchi is sent back out after having just gone in. Shimada explains that this is the role of the pinch server. That everything will depend on him and his serve. Though Yamaguchi failed, this still gave him the chance to recognize his flaws in order to become stronger.

After Tanaka shoots a spike between the block and scores, everyone sees how Karasuno's mood has changed and that they are continuing to try to fight back with everything they have.


Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • This is Yamaguchi’s first official match where he substitutes for Hinata to do a float serve.



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