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"Momentum Swing: Part 3" (Japanese: (なが) れを () える一本 (いっぽん) ・3 Nagare o Kaeru Ippon・3) is the one hundred thirty-sixth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 1st issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2015 series.


In the attempt to turn the score around, Ukai sends Yamaguchi into the game.


After the game against Wakutani Minami, Yamaguchi left the team to find their coach. When he finds Ukai, Tadashi apologizes for his behavior during the game and asks for another chance to prove himself.

Back in the game, Kyōtani serves but Daichi is able to receive it. However, the ball goes right over the net and Matsukawa takes the chance to make a direct spike. Hinata is not able to stop the spike and Aoba Johsai is now at twenty-three points.

With Kyōtani about to serve again, Daichi instructs the back row receives to take a step back since they're aware that Kyōtani will put a lot of power in the serve. Tanaka is able to pick up the serve and Hinata and Kageyama execute the quick attack. As Hinata goes to serve, Takeda announces they are making a player substitute.

As Yamaguchi subs in for Hinata, many in the crowd recognize him as the player who ruined his serve during the Wakunan game and wonder what will happen during this game. As they switch, Hinata encourages Yamaguchi to score ten points. Yamaguchi points out how this would end the game and Hinata voices his approval of this. After getting further encouragement from the rest of the team, Yamaguchi takes his place and gets ready to serve.

Before serving, Yamaguchi remembers how he spoke with Shimada after the Wakunan game. Shimada points out how he noticed Yamaguchi's nervous reaction when the whistle sounded and did his serve out of fight or flight reaction. After confirming that Yamaguchi went to speak to Ukai on his own, Shimada states that he is already braver than he was earlier and will now be able to fight on his own.

After several moments and remembering how others promised he would do better next time, Yamaguchi serves. As the ball goes toward Kyōtani and Watari, Watari calls the ball to be going out but at the last moment the ball drops and lands. The line ref calls the ball as landing in and gaining a point for Karasuno. The Karasuno team greatly celebrates the service ace, Sugawara and Ennoshita having to keep Hinata and Nishinoya from running onto the court, and Saeko and Yachi praising the serve. Though Hanamaki admits the float serve was impressive, Oikawa voices his dislike of the jump float serve.

Tsukishima tells the team that they shouldn't be so surprised by Yamaguchi's serve. When Tanaka starts to scold the middle blocker for thinking he is not being supportive of his friend, Tsukishima continues by revealing that, out of everyone on the team, Yamaguchi was the one putting the most work on improving his serves over the last five months.

Takeda recognizes the service ace as a fresh start and Ukai adds that it's also the sign of a counter attack.


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