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Mujinazaka High (Japanese: 狢坂 (むじなざか) 高校 (こうこう) Mujinazaka Kōkō) is a high school located in Ōita Prefecture of the Kyushu region in Japan.


The volleyball uniform consists of orange, with navy details on the shoulder. The kanji for Mujinazaka is written in black on the front of the jersey with the number written in white. The libero has a contrasting uniform of white and blue with black details.

Volleyball Team

Mujinazaka's volleyball team is a seeded team in the Spring Tournament, as they made it to the semifinals during the last Interhigh. It can be inferred that they are a powerhouse team. Currently, its roster boasts one of the top 3 spikers in the nation, Wakatsu Kiryū. According to Kuroo, Mujinazaka emphasizes physical training. Like Karasuno, they are a team that primarily focuses on offense.

Mujinazaka's notable players are Kiryū, one of the top 3 aces and the team's captain, and Usuri, the team's setter who has a tricky play style, and also the "Twin Towers", Unnan and Mami.


Name Position Year Status
Michiko Kuzuri Coach ? Active
? Coach ? Active

Name Number Position Year Status
Wakatsu Kiryū #1 Captain / Wing Spiker / Outside Hitter / Ace 3rd year Active
Nozomu Mami #2 Middle Blocker 3rd year Active
Keisuke Unnan #4 Middle Blocker 3rd year Active
? #6 ? ? Active
Naoharu Ezota #7 Wing Spiker / Opposite Hitter 3rd year Active
Michiru Usuri #9 Setter 2nd year Active
Subaru Hondo #10 Wing Spiker / Outside Hitter 2nd year Active
? #11 ? ? Active
Haruma Bishin #13 Libero 2nd year Active
? #14 ? ? Active

Interhigh National Tournament (2012)

Although the score is unknown, it is said that Inarizaki defeated Mujinazaka in the semifinals and moved on to place second in the Interhigh.[1]

Semi Final

Spring High National Tournament (2013)

Mujinazaka was seeded and did not play in the first round.

Second Round

  • Mujinazaka High vs Samae Tech High [Tokushima] (2:? / ??)

Third Round

  • Mujinazaka High vs Sengoku Biz High [Gunma] (2:? / ??)

Quarter final


  • Mujinazaka has participated in the Spring High tournament 30 times and this time is their 9th consecutive appearance.
  • Mujina (狢) in Mujinazaka translates to badger or raccoon dog.
  • Mujinazaka is the first team in the series to have a female coach.
  • In the manga, their school is in the same prefecture as Eiwa High School, who also played against and lost to Fukurōdani Academy during the Spring High National Tournament. However, it is unknown if this is an error since there's only one representative for Ōita in real life.
    • In the anime, Eiwa High School's prefecture is changed to Miyazaki.