Mujinazaka High (Japanese: 狢坂高校 Mujinazaka Kōkō) is a high school located in Ōita Prefecture of the Kyushu region in Japan.


Volleyball TeamEdit

Mujinazaka's volleyball team is a seeded team in the Spring Interhigh, as they made it to the semifinals during the last Interhigh. It can be inferred that they are a powerhouse team. Currently, its roster boasts one of the top 3 spikers in the nation, Wakatsu Kiryū. According to Kuroo, Mujinzaka emphasizes on physical training. Like Karasuno, they are a team that primarily focuses on offense.    


Name Position Year Status
Michiko KuzuriCoach -Active

Name Number Position Year Status
Wakatsu Kiryū#1Captain / Wing Spiker / Outside Hitter / Ace3rd yearActive
Nozomu Mami#2Middle Blocker3rd yearActive
Keisuke Unnan#4Middle Blocker3rd yearActive
Naoharu Ezota#7Wing Spiker / Opposite Hitter3rd yearActive
Michiru Usuri#9Setter2nd yearActive
Subaru Hondo#10Wing Spiker / Outside Hitter2nd yearActive
Haruma Bishin#13Libero2nd yearActive

Interhigh National Tournament (2012)Edit

Although the score is unknown, it is said that Inarizaki defeated Mujinazaka in the semifinals and moved on to place second in the Interhigh.

Semi Final

Spring High National Tournament (2013)Edit

Mujinazaka was seeded and did not play the First Round.

Second Round

  • Mujinazaka High vs Kyōzen Kōgyō High (?? / ??)

Third Round

  • Mujinazaka High vs Chiseki Shōgyō High (?? / ??)

Quarter final


  • Mujinazaka has participated in the Spring High tournament 30 times and this time is their 9th consecutive appearance.
  • Mujina (狢) in Mujinazaka translates to badger or raccoon dog.
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