"My Best and Your Best" (Japanese: (おれ) のベスト”と“お (まえ) のベスト” "Ore no Besuto" to "Omae no Besuto") is the fifty-fifth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 18th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2013 series.


The chapter starts with the game into the first set of the Aoba Johsai vs. Karasuno match.


One of the female spectators enquires Takinoue about the 'hand motions' Oikawa was doing on the court which was later explained to be signals for his teammates to carry out a certain attack and those who do not receive a signal become decoys.

Nearing the end of the first set, Oikawa is the next to serve. He serves it in between Nishinoya and Tanaka who were unable to receive it. For the next serve, Oikawa aims the ball at the front.and scores again. The female spectators state that Oikawa is amazing and Shimada agrees with them as he acknowledges Oikawa's skills. For the third serve, Sawamura receives Oikawa's serve but their later moves were read by Iwaizumi. As the ball rallies back and forth, Hinata manages to block a spike by Kindaichi but it was out. Aoba Johsai wins the first set.

Kindaichi is shown to be wary of how Hinata matched his jump and Oikawa realized that he underestimated Sugawara's usefulness on the court. Iwaizumi comments how they fall for Hinata's decoy and how Kageyama utilises Hinata but later headbutts Oikawa for calling him dimwitted and for implying that he was stupid. Irihata, Aoba Johsai's head coach, also notes that Sugawara is a reliable setter that they did not take note of.

At the same time, Keishin Ukai praises the team for their hard work and encourages them that even though Oikawa's serves are deadly, their defense will be stronger in the next set. Later, Kageyama and Sugawara get into a heated discussion about Kindaichi's timing for jumping but later, tells Kageyama that even though he was scared worn down by especially tall opponents, he still wanted to play in many matches and tells Kageyama that his presence makes him reassured. Ukai also states that Sugawara has a positive impact on the team and would be useful to the team later on in the second match as an 'unknown setter' with different skill levels compared to Kageyama.

The chapter ends off with Kageyama declaring his promise to give Hinata 'lots of spikes' and the whistle blows to signal the start of the second set.


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