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"New Evolutions" (Japanese: それぞれの進化 (しんか) Sorezore no Shinka) is the eighty-fourth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 49th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2013 series.


Hinata, Kageyama, and the rest of Karasuno focus on honing each of their individual skills and trying combination attacks before the long summer training camp.


Ikkei Ukai informs Hinata that he will have the middle blocker practice quick attacks with the setters from his classes, each one of a different age and skill in order to have Hinata learn first tempo. Ikkei further encourages Hinata to get more familiar with the ball and that using his hands and feet is also how he can help himself.

At the Sakinoshita Store, Ukai is going over a new possible way to set with Kageyama after explaining what tempo's are. Though he admits it's currently just a theory, Ukai explains to Kageyama that changing the quick attack would be possible if Kageyama learned how to make the ball 'float' in the air. Up 'til now, Kageyama has been sending the set straight to where the spiker will make contact with it. But he wants Kageyama to learn how to make the ball fall when it reaches that point. Though Kageyama would have to adjust to numerous attacks, he agrees to try.

At practice, Hinata finds Tanaka and apologizes about the fight. Tanaka in turn apologizes for having hit him and Kageyama because he was too excited about breaking up a fight. He then scolds Hinata for fighting in front of Yachi as she had been completely terrified when she had found Tanaka to stop the fight. Ukai calls Hinata into the gym and tells him that he will be working with the B-team for a while.

Later in the afternoon, Daichi approaches Yui Michimiya and asks if it would be possible for the boys' team to use their gym after practice. When questioned why the boys team needs the first gym, Daichi explains that several members on the team are working on new skills and need a second location to practice as their gym would not have enough space.

Asahi is later seen attempting jump serves. With Kageyama being the only one on the team with a stable jump serve, Asahi wants to improve his own as it cannot be called a weapon yet. When Asahi serves, Nishinoya appears and receives, then asks if Asahi would be willing to hit some of his jump sets. Asahi is at first caught off guard by what Nishinoya has asked and realizes that the libero possibly wants to learn how to do jump sets after seeing Watari do them in their last match against Aoba Johsai. In the first gym, Daichi and several of the other players watch a video of a synchronized attack. At the same time, Kageyama is attempting to master the new set. Hinata continues to return to Ikkei's practices and receives tosses from different setters.

When Tanaka returns home, Saeko questions him if there is a player named Tsukishima on the team. Tanaka confirms this and tells her about Tsukishima. Saeko asks if Tsukishima has an older brother but Tanaka is unsure about this as he does not know that much about the first year.

Over time, the Karasuno players continue working on their new team and individual strengths. At Ikkei's court, Hinata is given a toss that is a bit short but he still manages to spike the ball with no problem. Thanks to working with different setters, Hinata is able to see things differently and can handle the ball better. Meanwhile, Kageyama is seen struggling with the new set.

Takeda informs the team that they have another camp in Tokyo coming up soon and it will last an entire week. It'll be their last long camp before the matches for the Spring Tournament and they should make the most of this chance.



Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • Nishinoya is bad at overhand setting.


  • Ikkei Ukai's original nickname for Hinata was “small fry.” However, it was upgraded to “short stuff.”


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