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Nicollas Romero (Japanese: ニコラス ロメロ Nikorasu Romero), also known as Nicolas Romero in the English translation, is currently an outsider hitter for the V.League Division 1 team, Schweiden Adlers. He was a member of the Brazilian Volleyball National Team for many years and is recognized as a world-class player.


Romero has dark, wavy hair and wears a short beard. He is tall with a lean but muscular build.


Romero appears to be quite cheery and affectionate. He is very supportive of his teammates, often petting them on the head and giving high-fives after a successful play. While he is shown to be very competitive, he doesn't go overboard and does not appear to hang onto mistakes for very long or at all; even playfully admitting when an opponent has gotten the better of himself or the team.


Romero hails from Brazil and is a well-established volleyball player admired by many of the Monster Generation's players. He recently joined the Japanese V.League for the 2018 season.

He has a young son who wants to play beach volleyball after having seen Hinata play beach volleyball.


Final Arc

Romero makes his debut during the game between the Schweiden Adlers and the MSBY Black Jackals. Romero tosses a signed ball into the crowd as the announcers introduce the starting lineup of the Adlers, acclaiming him as "the world-class ace and representative from Brazil."[1]. The match starts, and Romero is part of the three-man block against Hinata, though the latter spikes right above them, scoring the first point of the game. 

After Atsumu's serve lands out, Romero scores the first service ace of the match. Several members of the Jackals openly admire seeing Romero's serve in person as the announcers reveal that Romero had only recently joined the Japanese volleyball league[2]. His next serve, however, is received by Sakusa, and Hinata ends up scoring again; although Romero was clearly surprised at seeing Hinata perform his new super quick attack. 

As the game continues on, Kōrai Hoshiumi passes the ball to Romero for the last hit, though it appears like it will be an overpass. Though his back was to the net, Romero succeeded in spinning right into the perfect spike to score; impressing the announcers, spectators, and Hinata. Hoshiumi then serves his second time, and Hinata uses the Jackal's last hit to drop the ball in front of Romero with the intention of keeping him from attacking. However, Romero turns the motion of his receive into his approach, sending the ball straight to the setter and scoring right after. He then compliments Kageyama for the nice set, giving him a head pat and not noticing that this caused Kageyama to be the envy of Hinata, Atsumu, and Bokuto.

Hoshiumi serves for the third time in a row, and Kageyama sets the ball to Romero again. He dinks it when Hinata appears to have moved backwards to prepare for a possible block-out but, to Romero's surprise, still receives. When the game reaches its first technical time out, Romero approaches Kageyama, Hoshiumi, and Ushijima, asking them if Hinata is "Ninja Shōyō". The three younger players look at him in confusion, and, in shock, Romero questions how they don't know him since they're Japanese; adding that his son wants to play beach volleyball because he watched Hinata play on TV. Kageyama then asks Romero if by "ninja," he means Hinata's last receive. Romero responds by asking if Kageyama noticed it too. He is then seen with his arm around Hoshiumi, laughing good-naturedly about Hinata's decoy tactics having gotten the better of them[3].

Romero later is seen attempting to block Tomas, though his attempt is unsuccessful. Tomas serves right after, and just like before, Romero receives and goes straight into his approach, spiking the ball to the other side. However, this time Bokuto digs it with a chest bump, and Miya scores with a dump. At the Jackals set point, Romero jumps up to block Hinata, only for the latter to set the ball to Bokuto and win the first set for the Black Jackals. 

A couple of points into the second set, Romero spikes a ball right through two blockers, scoring a point for the Adlers. After Hoshiumi digs Sakusa's wipe, Romero is there to hit Kageyama's one-handed set, scoring yet another point for the Adlers. He then double high-fives Kageyama, playfully calling him an "animal" although Kageyama doesn't understand what he says since he spoke in Portuguese[4]. Romero is seen making his approach along with Ushijima, Hoshiumi, and Hirugami, ready for the ball to come his way. However, Kageyama doesn't set the ball as he instead allows it to pass over which scores. Romero tries to block Bokuto, though he is unsuccessful. After a set from Kageyama, Romero bounces the ball off of the blockers. Eventually, the Adlers would win the set.

As Atsumu serves, Romero attempted to receive a jump float but was unable to and believes it was due to having been positioned too far forward. Romero soon is up to serve. However, Sakusa was able to receive it and Bokuto scored. Romero later hits a block out again Bokuto, but Sakusa saves the ball. The Adlers end up scoring when Bokuto's spike is deemed to have hit the net antenna and therefore does not count as a point for the Jackals. Romero is part of a three-man block against Bokuto. Bokuto scores, however, after spinning around 180 degrees and hitting the ball over his own shoulder. Romero is again part of another triple block against Bokuto. Bokuto tries for a wipe, but Romero and Hirugami both lower their arms. Bokuto's hit goes out of bounds and the Adlers score a point. Later, Ushijima was able to dig Sakusa's spike even though the spin on it caused the ball to head out. However, Romer was able to chase after and kick the ball back while shouting in Portuguese for someone to get it. Even though he used his native language and most of the players did not understand what he said, they all still knew that he meant to keep the ball going or else they should prepare for the consequences.

Each side continues to put their best effort into their plays but the Jackals eventually claim victory over the match by winning the fourth set. When Hinata is doing his cool down stretches, Romero approaches him and claims that he will not lose to him the next time they face each other. Romero then takes the opportunity to ask Hinata to take a picture with his son, Rubens; although the young boy would suddenly become shy at meeting Hinata[5].


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Romero is a world class ace that is routinely hailed as one of the top players in the world. He has exceptional height and strength and excels in all areas of volleyball.


Post-Timeskip Skills Parameter
Serve Reception
  • Serve: Romero has an incredible jump serve that has a lot of power and speed, making it hard to receive cleanly if at all. He is also able to aim it exceptionally well, targeting specific people and areas of the court.
  • Spike: Romero's control and spiking technique are at a very high level, being able to spin away from the net into a perfect spike of a botched receive. He has been seen spiking through one and two person blocks. Despite his power and technique for hitting, Romero will occasionally use dinks to fake out his opponents.
  • Receive: The defensive skill he possess is just as high as his offence as he is able to receive difficult balls, sending them perfectly to his setter and transfer from his receive into a spike all in one fluid motion. This left both his and the opposing team stunned and in awe of a world class ace. He is also shown to save a ball using his foot.


  • Favorite food: Temakeria (Cone-shaped sushi hand roll)
  • Current concern: Rice is delicious​​​​​.