Nobuteru Irihata (Japanese: 入畑 (いりはた) 伸照 (のぶてる) Irihata Nobuteru) is the Head Coach of Aobajohsai High.

Appearance Edit

He has black hair, grey eyes, and dark, arched eyebrows. He appears to be short but has a large build.

He wears a tracksuit in a muted turquoise colour.

Personality Edit

He is extremely confident in his team and rather laid back, unlike Coach Mizoguchi. Irihata even allows his teammates to hold the team meetings by themselves and trusts the decisions the captain, Oikawa, makes.



Karasuno High Team Formation ArcEdit

Interhigh ArcEdit

Spring High Preliminary ArcEdit




  • Current Concern: The fact that he's developed a bit of a belly bothers him, but he can't give up on the beer.
  • Nomenclature
    • Nobuteru (伸照)
      • 伸 - Extend
      • 照 - Illuminate
    • Irihata (入畑) - Entering Field


  • "Oikawa has sense, and doesn't lack effort, but when you compare him to the mass of talent named Kageyama that's two years younger than him, Oikawa is an efficient player but not a genius. I can say with confidence that, at this moment in time, the one who is a better setter is Oikawa." -To himself, in Chapter 53/Episode 20


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