Nohebi Academy (Japanese: 戸美 (のへび) 学園 (がくえん) Nohebi Gakuen) is a high school in Tokyo.

Volleyball ClubEdit

Having made it to the top four in the Spring High, Nohebi is a formidable opponent. Its playing style consists of feints, blockouts, and pinpoint serves that its members are exceptionally strong at. Nohebi also excels in defense and consistency, focusing its tactics on slowly inducing the self-destruction of other teams rather than rushing for a win.

However, the players often trash talk their opponents, but fake politeness and good sportsmanship to win the favor of the referee and spectators. This behavior may be a reason why Kuroo refers to them as snakes ("hebi" also means snake in Japanese); in addition, Daishō uses a snake in an analogy of his team's tactics[1].


Name Position Year Status
Kiyoshi ŌmizuCoach ?Active

Name Number Position Year Status
Suguru Daishō#1Captain / Wing Spiker / Outside Hitter3rd YearActive
Yoshiya Takachiho#2Wing Spiker / Opposite Hitter3rd YearActive
Kazuma Numai#4Wing Spiker / Outside Hitter / Ace3rd YearActive
Kōji Hiroo#5Middle Blocker3rd YearActive
Isumi Sakishima#7Setter3rd YearActive
Sō Akama#8Libero2nd YearActive
Akihiko Seguro#10Middle Blocker2nd YearActive
Naoyasu Kuguri#12Wing Spiker / Outside Hitter1st YearActive

Spring High-Tokyo Representative Playoffs Edit

After placing within the top four during the preliminaries, Nohebi was allowed to move onto the representative playoffs held in mid-November.

For the representative playoffs, Nohebi played at Sumida City Gymnasium along with Fukurōdani, Itachiyama, and Nekoma. Despite losing to Itachiyama in the semi-finals, Nohebi got to play a second match because of Tokyo's allowance of three prefectural representatives (two because of its size and a third because it is hosting nationals). However, because they lost that match to Nekoma, they were not allowed to move on to Spring High Nationals.


  • Nohebi's official banner reads "正々堂々" which translates to "Fair and Square."


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