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"Not a Miracle" (Japanese: NOT (ノット) ミラクル Notto Mirakuru) is the one hundred sixty-eight chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 36th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2015 series.


After Kawanishi successfully blocked Karasuno High's a synchronized attack, the team starts getting desperate to find a way to extend their reach. Meanwhile, former Coach Ukai arrives and notes that Shiratorizawa Academy has formed a good team. Coach Washijō believes that this match would once-and-for-all settle the question of whose coaching philosophy is better: Shiratorizawa's reliance on individual power or Karasuno's dependence on group strength.


Kawanishi successfully shuts down Asahi's spike and puts Shiratorizawa in the lead. Tendō is irked to see Kawanishi freely switching up his blocking style. He remarks that Kawanishi usually relies on read blocking but will switch to guess and commit blocking if the situation calls for it.

Takinoue surmises that Kawanishi noticed Daichi was in a position where he couldn't join the synchronized attack. Thus, Kawanishi disregarded a spike coming from the right in favor of guarding the left. Shimada and Akiteru add that such quick analysis and decision-making reflect Shiratorizawa's status as a perennial champion team.

Suddenly, a voice rings out behind them wishing that they had dedicated this much effort when they were on the team. The Karasuno alumni are shocked to see their former coach, Ikkei Ukai. As Takinoue nervously makes up an excuse, Saeko informs Yachi that the new arrival is the previous coach of the team and current coach Keishin Ukai's grandfather.

The elder Ukai remarks that Washijō has put together a team full of strong players. On the court, Washijō notes that Karasuno could have saved the last point if they left someone to follow up on the block instead of going all-in on offense. He recognized that, despite the contrasting style, both teams prefer to take points by force. Washijō states that this match is a battle of concepts waged over many years and a perfect opportunity to see whose style is superior.

Meanwhile, Coach Ukai grows anxious as he desperately searches for a way to give Karasuno an edge. With Shiratorizawa covering Ushijima's receives, Karasuno's best chance is to keep the serves to the left and try to make Ushijima hit as much as possible. Tsukishima and Asahi try to stop Ushijima when he attacks down the center, but they are unable to block him. Asahi gets the point back in the next rally and follows up with a powerful serve. Goshiki receives the serve, and Ushijima is given the last hit.

Tsukishima leads a triple block while Nishinoya gets in-position to receive. Ushijima breaks through by force as the ball ricochets off the block. Following Ukai's instruction to take an extra step back as a back defender, Asahi manages to reach the ball on time and passes it back to his teammates. Ukai emphasizes that they could not rely on "miracles" and must work to keep the ball alive consistently starting with that critical extra step.


Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • Ukai's strategy is similar to what Ennoshita did to save the ball during the game against Wakutani.



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