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"Obstacles" (Japanese: それぞれの (かべ) Sorezore no Kabe) is the one hundred sixth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 21st issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2014 series.


It's a few days after summer break, and the Karasuno team is practising. Yachi carries a basket of laundry towards the door, when she is surprised to see Kageyama, wearing a very poor disguise. Kageyama then sneaks into Aoba Johsai, to evaluate their volleyball practise. Meanwhile, Hinata discusses Ushijima with Tsukishima. Tsukishima privately joins his brother, Akiteru for a practice with their team. At the end of the chapter a new character is revealed, known as "Mad Dog".


Days after the preliminaries, Ukai announces to the team that they will have free practice. As Yachi is carrying a basket of linen out of the gym, she spots Kageyama walking by in disguise. Upset at how easily she was able to tell that it was him, Kageyama admits that he is hoping to sneak to a particular school in order to observe the team as they practice in order to get a better idea of what the team would be like if Karasuno faced them during the qualifier rounds.

Yachi suggests that Kageyama instead disguises himself as a student attending after school practice as it would allow him to better blend in. Kageyama follows her advice and soon arrives at Aoba Johsai High. Though he tries to act naturally, several of the schools students notice his intense behavior. Kageyama quickly locates the third gymnasium and peers through a window.

Hinata approaches Tsukishima and asks if he believes he can block a spike from Ushijima. Tsukishima says that it would be impossible for him to block one of the nationals top three spikers and the best he might be able to do is a fluke. Because they are middle blockers, Hinata says that one of them should be able to stop Ushijima if they wish to become the best team. Tsukishima remarks how Hinata is already thinking of beating the best school in the prefecture but becomes annoyed when Hinata declares that he will have to stop Ushijima if Tsukishima says he cannot. Tsukishima says that it's one thing if he himself says this but becomes angry when someone else says this. He spokes Hinata's head, causing the shorter middle blocker to have stomach fits, and leaves practice.

Later that evening, Kageyama returns to Karasuno. When Hinata questions what he saw, Kageyama admits that he may not be able to defeat Oikawa. He tells the team that he watched the Seijoh team practice against a college team that had some of their alumni. Oikawa had become the setter for the college team and, despite most likely having just met many of them for the first time, was able to perfectly blend in after only a few plays. Kageyama admits that Oikawa is a setter who is capable of bringing out one hundred percent of his spikers regardless of whether or not he is liked or if the spiker has very unique quirks. Still, Kageyama promises that he will do everything he can to make sure that Karasuno will emerge victorious if they ever face Seijoh.

Hinata runs off while declaring that they will defeat Oikawa. This causes Oikawa to sneeze and get the chills, leading Iwaizumi to threaten to beat Oikawa if he is coming down with a cold.

Tsukishima attends practice with his brother and team. Tsukishima quickly realizes the difference in strength that grown adults have compared to what he's use to. Having been unable to block a spike, Tsukishima is taunted by Go Akaizawa, the wing spiker for the Kaji Wild Dogs. Akiteru steps in and assures Go that his little brother will block him soon enough. Go is not at all concerned about being blocked by Tsukishima, calling him a string bean. Akiteru tries to assure Tsukishima that Go just likes to get people annoyed.

During the next practice, Tsukishima approaches Ukai and asks what is the best method to block someone who is greater in both height and strength.

At Aoba Johsai, Yahaba scolds a player who has entered the gym for the first time in a while. Oikawa steps forward to calm everyone and welcomes back Mad Dog.



Chapter notes

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  • Aoba Johsai has a boys' baseball team.


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