"Omnivores" (Japanese: 雑食 (ざっしょく) Zasshoku) is the eighty-fifth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 50th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2013 series.


Leaving in the dead of night, Karasuno sets off on their way to the training camp. They arrive in Saitama, and are greeted by Nekoma. They make their way to the training camp, where they participate in practice matches. Karasuno is rather out of sync, due to them all trying new things. Kageyama's serves are off, Asahi's jump serve goes too long, and Nishinoya's Libero set isn’t synching. After training, Tsukishima makes his way towards the dorms, but is caught by Nekoma's Kuroo, and Fukurōdani's Bokuto.


At midnight, the Karasuno team have gathered together to head to Tokyo. Hinata is excited about leaving at such an hour after he and Kageyama had arrived late to the last camp. Before they depart, Sugawara notices that Hinata and Kageyama are still not speaking to each other.

Several hours later, the team arrive at the camp and are greeted by Kenma, Kuroo, and Kai. Hinata mistakes a steel tower for the Tokyo Skytree until he's corrected by Kenma. Kuroo teases the Karasuno team for continually mistaking steel towers for the Skytree, asking if they have them in Miyagi. Hinata then notices that the camp is being held at Shinzen High. Kenma explains that the training camp rotate throughout the group and the last camp was held at Fukurōdani Academy. Lev appears and greets Hinata while asking if he had grown any. Hinata in angered by the question and states that it's not possible for someone to grow with the two weeks since they last saw each other until Lev states that he grew two milometers in that time.

In their first match, Karasuno will be playing against Fukurōdani. Kageyama sees the chance to try the new quick attack with Bokuto seeing what they are planning and his team prepares for what they think is the regular super quick. To everyone's surprise, Kageyama sends the new set to Hinata but it falls short. Ukai notices that Hinata saw a difference in the set. At the next attempt at the new quick, Kageyama sends the set too far but Hinata now surprises everyone by saving the ball with his left hand. The ball makes it over the net and lands before anyone on Fukurōdani can save it.

Asahi attempts a jump serve but it goes too far and lands out. Karasuno then tries a synchronized attack but Sugawara mistakenly sets the ball too far. Nishinoya also attempts a jump set but had overshot his jump and misses the ball entirely. All of these attempts are witnessed by Nekomata. He's proud to see the team are trying new methods but also sees that they are still off from being able to sync up properly. He also notices that Tsukishima seems to be the one person not giving much effort.

Fukurōdani eventually wins and thus Karasuno must carry out the Shinzen designated penalty of running up the hill behind the school. After the penalty, Hinata and Tadashi watch the match between Shinzen and Ubugawa. They watch as Ubugawa throws Shinzen out of formation with a serve and then perfectly block on their attack. Ukai explains this tactic is called the Serve and Block, one of the best attack methods that can be used.

After the matches have ended, Daichi suggests the team study more video's of synchronized attacks. Everyone but Asahi and Tadashi agree, wishing to work on their serves instead. Tadashi tries to invite Tsukishima to join in serve practice but Tsukishima rejects the offer in favor of turning in for the night.

Tsukishima begins to leave and as he passes the third gymnasium, he gets invited by Kuroo and Bokuto to join in their practice.



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  • In celebration of the smooth production of the anime, a center color page of Karasuno High and Nekoma High team members eating watermelon. The text reads: “Summertime club activities!!”
  • Lev grew 2 mm in just two weeks.


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