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"On the Fly" (Japanese: ぶっつけ本番 (ほんばん) Buttsuke Honban) is the two hundred first chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 19th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2016 series.


The battle for the first set rages on and Nohebi is at their set point. Nekoma continues to persevere and they go into a deuce. The two teams go back and forth in a close chase, however Nekoma manages to steal the first set, 26-28.


Nohebi reaches set point first. As Suguru prepares to serve, he and Shibayama stare one another down. Shibayama recalls a moment when he was speaking with Yaku about how one must prove their worth to be on the court and how being the libero on a team known for its defense is a great honor.

Shibayama collects himself and is able to shake off his nerves. Suguru sends his serve directly to Shibayama but is surprised when the first year libero is able to receive it perfectly. With that, Kuroo is able to score and bring the score to a deuce. This does not last long when Kuguri scores in the next rally. Kuguri is noted to have near perfect form and is able to hide where he wants to spike.

Third year wing spiker Numai praises Kuguri's skills to be above his own, though two of his teammates try to tell him otherwise because he had to stay out of the game due to the injury to his hand from the game against Itachiyama. The game once against comes to a deuce and Numai calls out for his team to do everything they can to get them to Nationals.

Suguru receives Kuroo's serve. Kuguri is given the last hit and Lev goes to block but jumped too late. Despite this, he is still able to get his arms in place to block Kuguri and get Nekoma to set point. Hiroo calls Lev's block a fluke but Lev promises that he will block as many spikes as possible.

Kuroo's serve goes out and the score is tied again until Kenma does a setter dump to keep Nekoma in the lead. Sakishima tries a setter dump but is shocked when Lev stops him right away. Lev and Yamamoto begin to approach to possibly get the last hit but Lev is quickly revealed to have been cover for Kenma and Kuroo to execute a back attack.

The back attack is successful and Nekoma wins the first set.


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