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"On the Same Field" (Japanese: (おな) 土俵 (どひょう) Onaji Dohyō) is the one hundred fifth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 20th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2014 series.


Karasuno prepares to leave the gymnasium after winning their matches. While retrieving his lost lunchbox, Hinata runs into Johzenji players hassling Kiyoko for her phone number. He jumps in to divert their attention and manages to learn more about a potential opponent.


As Hinata scores the winning point, Towada realizes that he was foolish for doubting Hinata's declaration to make Nationals. With the last point, Karasuno successfully advances to the next round. Mikako questions Ikkei if her team can also win against bigger opponents. Ikkei replies that there are other ways to fight back even with a height disadvantage.

Karasuno prepares to leave the gym. Kiyoko stays back and does a final check to ensure they didn't forget anything. Kageyama admits that Hinata is getting better at attacks but nags him about his clumsy receives. Tanaka and Nishinoya join in on the teasing until Ennoshita reminds them of their unfinished summer homework.

Hinata grows excited at the chance to face Oikawa and Ushijima but suddenly realizes he forgot his lunchbox. He hurries off to find it and stumbles upon two guys pestering Kiyoko for her phone number. Despite being intimidated, Hinata rushes forward to protect Kiyoko. He tries to leave with her, but Terushima easily tosses him aside. Hinata jumps between them again, surprising Terushima with his jumping power. Terushima notices the school name printed on Hinata's shirt and recognizes Karasuno as the one that defeated Hyakuzawa. He immediately diverts his attention to Hinata. Terushima complains about the missed opportunity to play the 2-meter player and reveals that his team, Johzenji , is exempt from the preliminaries for making to the top four in the Interhigh. Before leaving, Terushima tells Hinata to give it his all and have fun if their two teams play each other in the qualifiers. Kiyoko thanks Hinata for helping and returns his lunchbox. She comments on the cute cloth wrap, prompting a flustered Hinata to play if off as his younger sister's belonging.

Outside the building, Tanaka and Nishinoya notice that Kiyoko is taking too long and offer to check on her. Just then the Johzenji team walks by and stares down Karasuno. Tanaka and Nishinoya nearly argue back, but Daichi stops them. Soon after, Hinata and Kiyoko return.

At Tsukishima's home, Akiteru says he is returning to Sendai in two days. He wants to attend Tsukishima's game but did not go after the latter showed distaste toward the idea. Akiteru then converses about Tsukishima's glasses with his mom. Later, Tsukishima returns home. Akiteru questions his brother about his matches and finds out that Karasuno won over a 2-meter player. Tsukishima remains nonchalant about this feat, believing that it's natural to lose someone that huge. Akiteru takes issue with Tsukishima's defeatist attitude and offers him a chance to play with his college team.

The next day, Date Tech advances to the qualifier rounds after winning against Tenzan High.



Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • Keishin Ukai foresees Hyakuzawa becoming a great force to be reckoned with in the future.
  • Johzenji made the top four during the Interhigh preliminaries and is exempt from the preliminary rounds.



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