"On the Same Field" (Japanese: (おな) 土俵 (どひょう) Onaji Dohyō) is the one hundred fifth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 20th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2014 series.

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Karasuno wins the match and moves on to the next round. As they leave the building, Hinata realizes he’s left his lunchbox, so he runs back inside to retrieve it. He’s left in shock, noticing two boys hitting on Kiyoko. Hinata jumps in, diverting their attention from Kiyoko onto himself. Hinata learns they’re from Johzenji High, and they are among the Top 4 in the prefecture. The Johzenji players leave, allowing Hinata and Kiyoko to regroup with their teammates. Meanwhile on another court, Date Tech wins the second set of their game and also advance to the next round.

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Remembering how Hinata declared that Karasuno would win every game to make it to Nationals, Yoshiki Towada now realizes that he himself was the fool for doubting Hinata and watches as the first year scores the winning point to allow Karasuno to make it past the first round of the prelims.

As Hinata is greatly praised by his team, Mikako Hoshino questions Ikkei if Karasuno would be able to win against bigger opponents in the future. Ikkei admits that being smaller in height does put some players at a disadvantage but it doesn't mean that there aren't other ways to fight back. As the teams are leaving the gym, Ukai is sure that Hyakuzawa will be a great force to be reckoned with in the future.

Despite offers of help from Tanaka and Nishinoya, Kiyoko tells Yachi that she will do a final check to make sure they haven't forgotten anything. As the team is heading out, Kageyama admits that Hinata is getting better at attacks but still needs to work on receives. Tanaka and Nishinoya join in teasing Hinata before Ennoshita calls the two out on not having kept up with their summer homework.

After expressing how excited he is at the chance to face Oikawa and Ushijima, Hinata realizes he forgot his lunch box and hurries off to find it. He quickly comes across Kiyoko being questioned for her phone number by two players from another school. Because Tanaka and Nishinoya are already gone, Hinata rushes forward and puts himself between Kiyoko and the two players. He tries to help her get away but is stopped by Terushima who continues to pressure Kiyoko for her phone number. Hinata jumps between them again, surprising Terushima with the height of his jump and allowing him to see Karasuno's name on Hinata's shirt. Terushima realizes that Hinata is from the school that defeated Hyakuzawa.

Terushima's attention instantly turns to Hinata and Karasuno as the ones who beat Hyakuzawa. He voices how he had been wanting to play the 2 meter tall player but now will not be able to since he was removed from the tournament. Terushima expresses how he believes that games are meant to be for playing around and having fun before it is revealed his team did not have to play in the prelims due to having placed in the top four during the InterHigh. Terushima tells Hinata to play his best as he now wishes to play against him and leaves.

Kiyoko thanks Hinata for helping and presents his forgotten lunchbox. Hinata quickly tries to hide it when Kiyoko notices the wrapping is of cat faces that he tries to play of as belonging to his younger sister. Outside the building, Tanaka and Nishinoya have realized that Kiyoko has been away from the group too long but before they can do anything, the Johzenji team walks by and Terushima stares down the Karasuno players. Tanaka and Nishinoya nearly argue back but are stopped when noticing Daichi is behind them. After Terushima stares at Daichi and the Johzenji team leaves, Hinata and Kiyoko return.

At the Tsukishima home, Akiteru is asked how long he his visit home will be. His mother asks why he didn't want to go to Tsukishima's game and Akiteru answers that he had wanted to but was asked not to by younger brother. Akiteru's about to mention something about Tsukishima's glasses but stops when he hears the younger teen enter the house.

Akiteru asks how the game went. Tsukishima says that Karasuno won and made it past the first round after defeating a player who was over six and a half feet tall. Akiteru quickly sees that Tsukishima believed that Karasuno possibly would have lost to a player that tall before offering his brother a chance to play with his own team.

Date Tech is then shown winning their game against Tenzan High and making it to the qualifier round.


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